Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is There Anybody Out There ?

You might well ask that of me. I'm afraid I've been MIA from blogland for quite some time ... a couple of seasons and a lot of water under the bridge in that time. It was never my intent to update this only once a quarter but you know how sometimes life gets in the way ...

I was wondering which photos to post since my camera hasn't been MIA and I've clicked the shutter quite a number of times since I last posted. I decided to share a few of our new furry best friend who joined our family last August. We took her to a doggy beach and we learned that she's definitely not a water dog - you'll see ...

I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start. I didn't make a resolution to come here on a more regular basis, but I will try ...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn Road Trip

The forecast looked dreary - the next 4-5 days would bring clouds laden with rain and gusty winds. And autumn colours don't wait for the perfect weather forecast. Not only would the light be dreary, the wind would hasten the undressing of the trees.

I've learned through the years that in photography 'carpe diem' is a motto to live by. So, equipment in car and off on a road trip to see what effect autumn had had on areas I'd made mental notes to re-visit when I saw them in summer. I wasn't disappointed - here's a small sample of the hundred and some-odd scenes I captured.

(For some music to put you in that autumn mood, click on the link below).

Friday, October 9, 2015

What I Did On My Summer Vacation or Post #700

Has it really been several months since I was last here ? There have been fleeting moments when it crossed my mind that I hadn't posted anything on my blog but then the busyness of the day prevailed and the thought was swept away. A quote in a photography newsletter lead me to a blog which reminded me of my neglected blog ... and here I am. (And this so happens to be my 700th post).

No I won't bore you with details of the past few months, but I have been fortunate enough to do some work for several clients (one of which featured a number of my photos here). One of the major occurrences during this time was the addition of a new member to our family. Some of you may remember the loss of our beloved Sasha late last year. Through what can only be described as divine intervention, Keera entered our lives in August (after being abandoned on a busy city street, brought into the veterinarian used by the dog rescue run by 2 of our daughters - Finding Them Homes, and a fruitless month-long search for her owner). Through her microchip we discovered that she turns 5 years old this month - we're looking forward to many happy years with her.

So let me introduce Keera to you - as you can see, she is already fitting in very well. (Oh, and I will do my best not to leave such a time gap before I pay a visit to you, and return here).

Friday, July 24, 2015

I Lift Up Mine Eyes ...

It had been another one of those changing weather kind of days - alternating sun, gray skies, a threat of rain followed by more blue sky. Then after dinner the wind kicked up and storm clouds gathered. In no time rain was pelting against the north-facing windows. But as suddenly as the storm had come upon us, the wind blew it southward.

The sudden quiet made me glance out the window and I caught the remains of a double rainbow. I figured since I was outside with camera in hand I might as well also capture some of the summer blooms, freshened by the rain. I was absorbed in catching the raindrops hanging from petals and bees scurrying to gather nectar in the golden hour.

I finally lifted my eyes when I came around the west side of the house and was greeted by a sky in turmoil. Another storm further away had roiled the sky in the west while at the same time the sky in the northwest was trying hard to revert to blue. It made for an awesome sight ...

[Have a listen to an oldie goldie below while you relax here for a few minutes]

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lost and Found

I know from a comment I received last week from a visitor here that I'm not the only photographer who has occasionally (often ?) gone out on a photo shoot, and downloaded the results into a folder with the intent of coming back to review them when time permitted, only to let them languish - sometimes for years (?)

I've been slowly working to get photos from past years catalogued in Lightroom (I suspect this will be a lifetime project). Until I do it's a hit and miss approach when looking for something specific in my old folders. The upside, however, is that I do stumble across photos that I'd almost forgotten existed.

And so I came across a series I shot while in Denver to attend a niece's wedding almost 5 years ago. I dusted a couple of photos off and thought I'd share them with you. The first was shot from a hotel balcony with a 70-200mm lens perched on the railing, and the second with my then newly-acquired 10-22mm.

Perhaps you have some buried in a folder that should see the light of day.