Friday, September 7, 2018

They Walk Among Us

We feel blessed to be able to live in a rural setting. No city hustle and bustle here. We are pretty much surrounded by woods through which we've maintained a trail where our dogs can run freely as we walk along with them.

We've often wondered what sort of wildlife might be found out here. A year ago I received a couple of trail cams which I installed to help answer our curiosity. Over the months, as I took the camera cards out to see what was captured on them, we saw a variety of wildlife - coyotes, skunks, raccoons, deer, etc - as well as people and dogs.

Then as I reviewed one of the cards recently, I got a large surprise, captured on one of the cams only 200 yards behind the house ... have a look:

Although we've lived here for 15 years, and we'd heard rumours of sightings in the area, this was our first actual evidence of their presence. We do pay a little more attention on our daily walks now !


Ruth Hiebert said...

Yikes!! Yes,do be careful.You,nor the dogs don't need to tangle with some of those critters.

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow. That was a surprise for sure. Our property backs onto open field and we see lots of deer and the odd fox but the past 10 days we've had a very healthy looking coyote passing through.