Friday, September 16, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs ... Part I

It's true. Our thermometer registered 2C/35F this morning !

Despite our reluctance to acknowledge the changing of the seasons, the signs are everywhere. I wandered around the yard today looking for them. In fact I found so many, I decided to split the results into a couple of posts.

You might enjoy this whilst viewing today's photos.

[internet update: I don't want to bore you with the whole saga, but I'm sure my name is well-known at my ISP. Almost daily discussions take place between the ISP engineering group, field ops and level 3 experts. Fortunately (?) I'm not the only one in the area who suffers from internet issues. Several equipment problems have been addressed with the wireless tower, and this weekend (I'm told) a major component is being replaced that is supposed to resolve the issues. In the meantime I try to find periods when the connection is working in order to post and to visit as many of you as possible. Evenings are especially bad when it becomes almost completely unusable. I remain hopeful, although my patience is becoming razor thin. Postscript: I started this post at 7:00 pm ... it's now 8:05 pm; am going to remove a video I was trying to embed and just give you the link]

(all shots made with a 60mm lens with apertures ranging from f5.0 to f8.0, and shutter speeds of 1/400 to 1/60 sec)


pumpkydine said...

Glad to hear you might be getting some help with your connection issues! I have noticed the signs down in this part of the world also. Been bogged down with work, so all I have been able to do is notice them as I drive by. 35 degrees is nippy on the buds! Great shots and loved the song.

S. Etole said...

We've had our first hard frost this week. Your autumn photos are lovely.

Soraia Brito said...

Beautiful colours!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THese are beautiful signs of the changes which are happening.

lisa said...

These are beautiful Rick!
I sure hope your Internet gets fixed soon.
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Wow Rick! 35?!! I guess you are not in Florida anymore! That's pretty cool. Actually, I am in Missouri and we got down to the 40s the other night. I guess Fall has Sprung?

Those are great photos! I can't wait to see what you find for us for Autumn!

teca said...

The video is very funny. Cool! :))
And the flowers... ahhhh... especially the daisies are gorgeous! I love daisies!
What a joy to spend here...
Beijos doces, honey, and a nice weekend.

BlueShell said...

It's true what you say about signs and about seasons. I liked the Video ( funny).
I hope they can find a solution for your problem. And the fotos...LOVELY...all of them.
Tnank You for your comment.

ju-north said...

Lovely autumnal shots!

CarreraCaballo said...

Very beautiful set of pictures, but as you have said despite the fact that we are trying to neglect the arrival of fall, we can see its signs all over. It is coming for sure, but the bright side of it: "Without fall and winter there are no spring and summer!" :-)



Saz said...

What gorgeous photo's. I love them, also it really is a shame about your internet! That is ridiculously slow!

Scott said...

Yep, it's coming. Not so bad though. A change of seasons means new photographic opportunities. Good luck with your ISP issues.

darlin said...

Your shots are truly stunning Rick, the last one has captured fall in its finest form. I feel for you with your internet issues, I must say that you sure have determination, I don't know if I would have waited an entire day for a post but thank you for your patience and sharing your amazing photos with us.

I hope the replaced part resolves your internet issues BEFORE you head out to Florida for the winter! Joseph made a good point, without winter and fall we'd have no spring or summer to look forward to! So true, BUT winter doesn't have to last so darn long!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fábio Martins said...

I like the focus in all pictures! Nice day to photograph :)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Beautiful. Love the berries. And another good song too.

Marty said...

ah la la ! pas cool internet chez toi! c'est très énervant ! cela ne t'a pas empêché de nous offrir des photos magnifiques ! je trouve la première vraiment superbe, mais les autres aussi !
je t 'envoie un sac de bisous- j'espère qu'ils ne resteront pas
accrochés à la toile !!
super dimanche à toi

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photos. Great job!

imac said...

Love the pics Rick.
Hope you soon get your probs sorted very soon my friend.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

You'll probably have snow before our fall is in full color. We had a cool front that came through and the temp went down to 58F at night. It was great and lasted a couple days. Today it was hot and humid again. Maybe we'll hit 35F by December. Have a great week.

Leslie said...

our signs are much more subtle - the shadows are different, the sun a tiny bit less strong. sometimes in the mornings we have just a hint of a cool breeze (haha, by cool i mean 70's instead of 80's.)

i love the daisies - they are so friendly.

petrolin50 said...

Thank you for the opportunity to share your photos. They are very nice. The entire blog to me almost like a single theme. That's great. Love sent from the other side puddle Peter.

Rick said...

Thank you Randy. I'm getting a lot more traction with my ISP - I'm hoping the attention will get the problems fixed. soon ! Hopefully you'll be able to get out and share some of the beauties of creation from your neck of the woods.

Oh, winter is on its way, Susan - but each season brings its own (photographic) rewards. Thank you.

Obrigado, Soraia !

Thank you, Ruth. I hope to come by soon to see what you've captured.

Rick said...

Hi Lisa - thank you for your nice words. My internet issues have got my ISP's attention - work has been done on the wireless tower but more remains (as do my speed issues).

Oh that's also getting down there Kyria; we're back into the low 70's during the day and around 52 at night, but we have had a couple of good frosts already. Florida - I can see it coming ;-)

Ha teca - so glad you enjoyed the video and song, and photos. And as we prepare for fall, you must be getting ready for a beautiful spring. Warm hugs and beijos, meu amigo bom !

Thank you, BlueShell - another of my favourite songs that I was reminded of when I wrote the post. I look forward to visiting you later today as my internet permits. Beijos !

Rick said...

Thank you, Julia - it's high time I came over for a visit - been having really bad internet problems. still.

Guten Tag Joseph - nice to hear from you, and thank you. You are absolutely right, and each season brings its own beauty ! Hopefully I will 'see' you tonight.

Thanks Saz. Yep - took me a while to convince my ISP that they had serious problems. They're working on it - but it IS painful !

Hello Scott - I agree totally - new things to discover and capture with each change of the season.

Rick said...

Thank you very much, Darlene ! The weekend work didn't resolve the issues (I wasn't even able to post for the past few days). I'm in almost daily contact with their LVL 3 who keeps me informed on progress ... we will also be discussing a credit. I agree with you & Joseph - the change of seasons is beautiful and offers new opportunities. Hope your week is going well.

Obrigado, Fábio ! Yes, the light was very nice even though in the middle of the day - I even had to use a tripod and slow shutter speed for some shots.

Thank you, Elizabeth - some days the shots remind me of songs (mostly 'oldies') and other days it's the other way around.

In my youth I would not have had this kind of patience, Marty, although it is very trying ... Merci beaucoup - I hope to visit this evening. Your bisous made it here fine ;-) and I send many more to you, with a hug !

Thank you for visiting, and your nice comment, Hilda !

Rick said...

Thank you, Stewart - you can't imagine how much I'm hoping this gets resolved - hopefully before we trek to Florida (where I get to enjoy 8-10Mbps download speed !!).

I suspect you're right, Laura. Wow - ALL the way down to 58 ! Soon you'll be bringing in the brass monkeys (perhaps that expression is only known up north where it gets real cold i.e. 30 below zero !).

Ha ha - I hope to be down enjoying those 'cool' breezes before everything freezes here, Leslie. Thank you !

Hello Peter - very nice of you to drop by for a visit and leave a nice comment. I'd like to come over to your 'place' for a look too. very soon, I hope.