Saturday, February 18, 2012

A momentary pause

Hello faithful bloggers,

Our winter abode in the subtropics has become a magnet for friends and family. Our popularity has risen in direct proportion to the local temperature. I have surfaced briefly to let you know I'm still here. While I have still found opportunities to make photos, opportunities to visit and post have been limited. I do hope to visit you over the next few days before our next guests arrive and I fade from blogland like the sun at the end of the day.


Michelle said...

Enjoy your friends AND the temperatures!

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Rick, good evening to you. Oh.. so many friends paying visit, no wander you MIA. So am I welcome if I happen to be in Canada for holiday?LOL

Nice sunset picture, very gorgeous.
And your new header is a excellent capture, very beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend. Regards to you and family.

Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous sunset in the south. Enjoy your vacation and your company. We'll still be here in the frozen north. :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Enjoy time with your friends and family. Get lots of pictures and share them as you are able.

BlueShell said...

LOL...are you going to fade? Oh, please...don't!
Come on...I'm sure you can manage to come here and post for us...Ok?

A big hug, with lots of admiration and friendship.

Hilda R.B said...

Wow!! This was beautiful. Like to wake up from a dream....
Greetings from Hilda

Stephanie said...

That is a gorgeous sunset. Enjoy your company. I hear you about being busy. I am just getting in at 12:22 am Sunday morning to post my comments on yours and others.

darlin said...

Rick your photo is stunning! I love the HDR so much so that I think that's going to be my next study!

Thanks for stopping by, I was about to send out the military... but decided against it. Would they really take a Canadian visiting Australia seriously when I said "I have a blogger friend who is MIA, he's from Canada and wintering in Florida"?. That would confuse the heck right outta them! lol If that didn't the next few sentences would without a doubt! lol

Life is amazing isn't it? There's so much to see and do in this world and it's unfortunate that I'll only put a wee dent in it. I think that I've been bitten by the travel bug, mind you this is only a month into this trip, 3 and a bit to go.

Have a wonderful time with your guests, take care and see you when we see you again. I'm also going to be MIA most likely for 5 or 6 weeks, that's for tonight's post though.


ju-north said...

A wonderful image which carries all the warmth of the sun in it!

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Gorgeous image!
I'll be down tomorrow
well in my dreams, anyway.

magda said...

Hi Rick!
This is art-work and fantastic!!!
I wish you to be rejoice your family!
Many greetings
Have a wonderful week!

Verbal verification in the comments, that much harder, with two words that are not distinguished.
Please, you can remove it? Thank you!

biebkriebels said...

Beautiful photo, I like your new header too. Well that must be funn to have so many people around. Don't worry about the blog, we will wait and see.

teca said...

OK, honey!!!!
I'll always be waiting for you!!!
Many sweet kisses, a warm big hug and love, much love and friendship.

See you as soon...


Lúcia said...

Have a good time with your loved ones Rick! ;-)

lisa said...

Rick this is pure magic!
Truly a magnificent image.

imac said...

Most enjoyable to see friends and rellies Rick, enjoy your time together my friend.
As to this shot, is a very big WOW.

Tiago Braga said...

amazing colors, wow :O

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...


Marja said...

You see these palm leaves a lot here as well Groetjes

Bitch said...

Taking care of friends and family is important.. Don't bother with your blog.. It will not disappear!!!

Your header with the pelican's is like the visitor can touch them...


Marty said...

these are the couleurs I need just
aujourd'hui ! warm, warm !
beautiful image and I comprends that your friends remplissent ta maison !
c'est wonderland chez toi !
Profites de tout !
life is wonderful !
bisous gelés de France pour te rafraîchir si tu as trop chaud !!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

my hat's off to you, rick!

that is superb! i love everything in this picture.

happy week!

becky said...

Hiya Rick! Haven't been by in while, so thought I'd stop over & say hi. Glad to see your still at it! & Sasha, too!
( I scrolled down quite a bit :))
My digital SLR is in the shop! :( I've only got my point & shoot- that sucks! Anyhow, hope you are well- enjoy family & friends!

Leslie said...

well, that's a lovely photo, and i hope you are enjoying your visitations... the weather has certainly been worthy of winter visitors this year!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I want to go there...

ioan moldovan said...

Wonderful photo!
Many greetings from Romania!

Rick said...

Thank you, Michelle. We are certainly enjoying both !

Ha ha Amelia - I have surfaced this evening just to reply and to make some visits. You are welcome in Canada but I won't be back there for a while yet. Thank you for your nice comments - I hope your weekend is going well !

Thanks Pamela - things are warm here and the company is welcome. I send warm greetings your way.

Thank you, Ruth; I'm sneaking some non-family shots among the others ;-)

Hi Isabel - hopefully I was only fading from blogger and not otherwise ;-) I found a little time this evening to visit and hopefully post. Thank you for your kind words and friendship - have a wonderful weekend !

Rick said...

Hello Hilda, and thank you for your nice comments. Greetings from the warm south.

Thank you Stephanie. I found a little time this evening to respond to all the comments. You were burning the midnight oil ! I appreciate your visit and nice words.

Hi Darlene; I hope you find some time to try out HDR - a tripod and some software are all you need. Ha ha - I've come up for a bit of air (while MIA ;-) I'm glad to read you're enjoying the down under experience (actually I'm also a bit jealous). I'm going to try to make some blog visits as well this evening - hope to catch up with you. Enjoy your weekend - whatever day it is there now ;-)

Thank you Julia - I hope things have warmed up a bit on your side by now)

LOL Laura - I hope your 'trip' was a good one. Thank you !

Rick said...

Hello Magda - thank you for your nice comment. I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend. Thanks for the tip about word verification - I noticed blogger has made it much more difficult so I removed it. Let me know if it's still a problem.

Hallo Marianne en dank je wel. We're enjoying our company (which includes our grandson !). I hope to make some visits. soon.

Olá teca. Maravilhoso ouvir de você. Obrigado por suas palavras agradáveis e sua amizade. Abraços e beijos.

Thank you, Lúcia.

Thank you so much, Lisa !

Rick said...

Absolutely true, Stewart - and we are enjoying ! Thanks for your kind words.

Obrigado, Tiago !

Thank you Lura - enjoy your weekend.

Dank je wel, Marja. Liefs.

Hello Monika - I found a few minutes to write here - will try for some visits too. Thank you for your nice comments, and enjoy your weekend too !

Rick said...

Merci Marty ! J'espère que tu are not too froid anymore. We have beaucoup de warmth ici so I will t'envoie some! Bon weekend !

Thank you, Betty ! I hope you had a good week and that your weekend is also turning out well.

Hi Becky - thanks so much for visiting and for having a further look. I've been a bit busy entertaining and haven't had much time to blog. or visit. I hope your DSLR gets well soon (although a P&S will do in a pinch). Hope to 'see' you at your blog soon.

Thank you Leslie, and yes, we are enjoying all the refugees from the north (we can empathize). And yes, this winter has been above average - for which we too are thankful.

We always have room for a few more Elizabeth ! ;-)

Thank you Ioan ! Warm greetings from a snowbird in Florida !

Scott said...

Beautiful shot. Hosting guests can be fun, but also can be tiring and expensive. Of course that usually depends a lot on the guest to. ;^) It's always good to see you when you get the chance to drop by and comment and when you get the chance to post. Have fun.

Hillary said...

This is awesome!!