Monday, March 5, 2012

To those who've slipped the surly bonds of earth

My son and I were up at the crack of dawn to make the 4-hour drive to the Kennedy Space Center this past week. [I'm not a shill for paid attractions, but if you haven't been here, I'd add it to your bucket list]. KSC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. One day is not sufficient for a space enthusiast to see it all, and I can only give you a glimpse of what we saw and experienced. A glorious sunset capped off the day as we left the center. (perhaps I'll share some more of our KSC visit in between guests, when I hope to resume visiting you too)

(click on photo for better view)


darlin said...

Rick you're shots are stunning, it was worth getting up so early for something such as this experience! Breathtaking sunset! ... now to catch up my blog, with all that's been going on I'm a wee bit behind.

Have a fantastic week!

magda said...

My dear friend Rick,
Amazing and so interesting photos of your trip!
The last photo is so nice, so romantic!!!
I wish a beautiful week!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can only imagine how thrilled Jake would have been to visit this place.Actually this was the one place he dreamed of visiting some day.He loved all things space and even got to meet Jim Erwin,one of the astronauts who walked on the moon.Lovely pictures and thanks for the memories they brought.

LĂșcia said...

First shot is amazing, the light couldn't be more beautiful!
Have a good new week Rick! ;-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos especially the sunset. My husband would love to visit this place. Have a great week! Pamela

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That is an amazing place. I visited with my parents as a teenager. I don't remember much about it, but I remember that I was VERY impressed. Beautiful shots.

Marty said...

I'm sure that j'aurais aimé visiter le KSC, Perhaps tu m'aurais tout traduit in French ?? Yes ? cool!!!!
I think it's an interessant and impressive place !!
le sunset is truly wonderlleux !!
(new word!!) or merveiful!!
wish you a great week Rick and to help you to spend these hard days...I send you a lot of
french big bisous

biebkriebels said...

So exciting to visit this. I have been in the space museum in Washington and seen the original space suits and and other real supplies. Loved it.

imac said...

YUP - wanna see more Rick.
Really fantastic shots my friend.

Dawn said...

These are WONDERFUL! I have never been...I think I will view it from your captures instead.

osmar said...

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Stephanie said...

Those are magnificent shots. Especially the third shot of the sunset.

Michelle said...

Beautiful shots. I admit I have never been there.

joyce said...

I'd love to see that....I'm a space fanatic!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

I'm not a space enthusiast, but was surprised when my mom recently said she was. She'd love to go to astronaut school--who'd a thunk that? Anyway, your pics are great. I especially like the sunlight on the first.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a place I've not visited, and it looks amazing Rick.!
Your photographs of it are wonderful!!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Oh my goodness.. wow. Rick. Fantastic. I love the first one. Someday perhaps I may see a view like this with my own eyes but for now Im sure loving your view.
Thanks for that.