Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Ain't Goin' Nowhere

I live in a country that converted to metric 35 years ago. Unfortunately we didn't convert to metric time so we could have 100 hours in a day. It's been a roller coaster month since I last posted here. During that month

  • I relived a lifetime of memories as I kept vigil with my family as my father passed from this life into the next [I don't tell you this to elicit words of sympathy – he almost reached 89 years and was ready to be welcomed into the New Jerusalem]
  • Sasha was diagnosed with diabetes and I've become fairly adept at giving her a daily insulin shot [a side effect of her condition is that she can no longer accompany me on photo shoots – which were a rare occurrence in the last month anyhow]
  • in support of my daughters' dog rescue team I've been researching government requirements to set up a charitable organization [and you thought completing your income tax return was complex !]
  • I got an early Christmas present [Adobe Lightroom] and have been dabbling in learning its features. One of the prime reasons for getting it was to tame my rapidly-becoming-disorganized library of thousands of photos – a task that will likely require some months still

Thanks to all of the kind folks who dropped by and left a comment. Why don't all of you relax in the sunshine, get your mind off wintertime, and flop down in the easychair (click on the link below the photos to give it a try).


S. Etole said...

So beautiful, Rick. I'm sorry for your loss but rejoice with you that he was heaven bound.

Linda said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Rick. Your photos are gorgeous.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Lovely warm post Rick. My father-in-love left this life in March, nearly 86 and totally ready too.
100 hours in a day would be useful but I would be so tired by bedtime.....

Katherine said...

Dear Rick,

I was saddened to read of the loss of your father. He must have been a wonderful man to have raised such an outstanding son. A son whom can see the beauty in the world that surrounds him & that reaches out to help others, such as with the setting up of the charitable organisation that you are speaking of. These photos are stunning, I especially love the photo of Sasha.

Thinking of you of you and your family at this time. You shall be in my prayers.


Hilde said...

Hi Rick! thanks for visiting my blog. so I come and give a look to yours! your post is awesome, love the dog and the sun peeping above the skyline. nice effect with those sunrays!
I scrolled throughout your other pages and sa so many beautiful pics. that's the kind of photography I love myself, we're on the same trace.
So, I will follow your blog, I'm fan!

BTW, what's your nationality? your name suggests your from the Netherlands. Is that correct?
I'm livng in Belgium and native language is Dutch. but I write in english and sometimes even in spanish, because so I reach a larger public.
greetings from Belgium, Hilde

ju-north said...

So sorry about your dad. It does make it in one sense a bit easier when you think they have had a full life (My mum died at 96) but you still miss them.
I have LR and love the editing. Can recommend a course by Kim Klassen on LR.

biebkriebels said...

Oh, you have a lot of snow already! We are expecting end of the week the first snow here. First we have to brave a second storm as we had a few weeks ago. Keep our fingers crossed.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm very sorry of your loss of your father but it is comforting for you knowing that you will meet again in the New Jerusalem. And poor Sasha. What a shame. Such a beautiful dog. We had a nice snowfall on Sunday but it's slowly melting away which makes for much better driving conditions. Nova Scotia and PEI got walloped yesterday though. Glad it wasn't us. But it will come no matter. Blessings to you and your family for the Christmas season.

darlin said...

Rick, first off thank you for sharing my favorite band, I HAD to turn up these speakers so I can feel it and wow, touching. I haven't listened to the NGDB in some time now.

Huge hugs sent your way, I hope you're listening to the music, no I hope you're feeling the music as well... letting it caress your soul and massage your heart.

Kick back yourself and enjoy that new program. When are you heading out to Florida or are you this year? It seems late in the year for you. Oh wow, I just caught a glimpse of your slideshow, WOW! Beautiful stunning collection, one which I've been blessed to follow as you're posted the photos, most of them anyways.

One day at a time, one photo at a time and one song at a time... now this is what living really is all about isn't it?

I'll stop here, offer my condolences and replay that song one more time... 'cause I can. Again hugs sent your way.

Leslie said...

I know you didn't ask for sympathy, but I do empathize with your loss (having lost my mother this year at nearly age 84.) But as you say, it is a blessing that we had them with us for so long, and that we have the hope of our separation being temporary.

And your sweet Sasha! I'm sure you miss her on those walks. Our own dog, Lady, has recently been diagnosed with early renal failure and some lung problems, so we are dealing with her changed health status as well, and I can empathize with this, too.

Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas, filled with the light of hope and love.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sorry to hear that you had to say good-bye to your Dad,but you will be together again someday.Your pictures,as always are gorgeous.I am sure you will love your new editing program.Stay warm and enjoy the snow.

Manu World said...

oh, so sorry ur dad passed away.
(mine too...but about 14 years ago.)

anyway, again u past some lovely shoots.
looks freezing, hey.

MARTY said...

je suis si désolée pour ton papa! c'est si triste de perdre ses parents...
tes images sont très belles Rick, toute cette neige c'est impressionnant !
prends bien soin de Sasha !
big bisous envoyés avec un rayon de soleil

Lisa Gordon said...

I am very sorry for the loss of your Dad, Rick. The fact that he had a long life, and your memories of him, bring comfort to you, I am sure.

Wow!! Looks like lots of snow! We had just enough to make Thanksgiving Day travel pretty miserable, but it's all gone now, and today, although dark and dreary, felt really quite spring-like temperature-wise. All of that is about to change however, over the weekend.

Your photographs are wonderful! I especially love the last one. Something about the texture of the wood and the snow is really beautiful.

Take care, my friend, and I'll see you when you're back here again.

Stephanie said...

Sorry for your loss, Rick. Lovely images and love the song.

Buttons said...

I am sorry you had to say goodbye to your Dad Rick. Hug B

Helma said...

Hallo Rick,

allereerst nog gecondoleerd met het verlies van je vader. Hij mag dan wel de respectabele leeftijd van 89 jaar hebben bereikt maar je kan ze nooit missen..

Ook heel jammer dat Sasha insuline moet gaan spuiten en ze niet meer mee kan op je foto tochten.

Dan ook alvast een kerstkado en daar moet je nog mee leren omgaan.

Ik ben in ieder geval heel blij weer wat van je te horen.

Groetjes, Helma

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

What a blessing to have your father for so long. Praying you find peace and joy in those memories of him. Good luck with Lightroom. I use Capture NX2, but understand they are similar. Always love your beautiful pics.

Bob Bushell said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather, a great loss. The pictures are really superb.

Magia da Inês said...

Olá! Essas fotos estão deslumbrantes. Amei a primeira, linda demais!

Sinto muito pela morte do seu pai, mas ficam as boas lembranças no coração.

☾♫º°•.¸Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

J'adore tes photos , ces paysage sont somptueux, bravo pour ces superbes plans!

© Piedade Araújo Sol said...

the photos are very beautiful.
mourn the death of your father.
a good week.
a kiss


teca said...

Receive my warm hug for your father's passing to the Way... My mother also left these days.
Much peace, love and saudade in the heart.
Flowers, friendship and beijos.

fus said...

How wonderful winter photos. congratulations

a hug


ladyfi said...

So sorry to hear about your father.

Love that first shot!

Seijastiina said...

So beautiful pictures!

Halinka said...

Cudownie!!!!! Pozdrawiam

Connie Smiley said...

You have my sympathy about your dad, Rick. It's hard to see them go. Sad for you, happy for him.

Your photos are wonderful, as always, but I wouldn't want to take a seat at your place right now.

Have fun with Lightroom. It took me a while to get comfortable with it, but it's a great program.

Kleine Waldameise said...

Traumhafte Winterlandschaft. Davon können wir hier nur träumen. Nur auf den Bergen ist etwas Schnee.

Liebe Grüße