Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Day 230) Putting on a show

We dropped by our son's home this afternoon, after a lengthy walk through a greenbelt area that connects various parts of the town we live near (well, 25km/15mi). No one has lived there since May when the renovations started. The water in their above ground pool is a rather murky shade of green, a Virginia creeper has crept over the entire gazebo, and plants in the small veggie garden are at least 3 feet tall ... and they're not veggies ! My son has tried to keep the lawn cut on a semi-regular basis and has pulled out the odd weed so the place doesn't look totally overgrown.

Some of the plants, in addition to the Virginia creeper, seem to be doing just fine without any fuss and attention. I found this one - I think it's a hibiscus - blooming profusely even though no one was there to enjoy it - at least until today.

(all photos were made with an 18-55mm lens, aperture of f8, ISO200, and shutter speeds of 1/800 - 1/400 sec)

Oh, and while we were there, I made a few photos of the renovations. You might recall what the demolition scene (third photo on this page) looked like; here's how it looks today looking down the front hall into the kitchen at the rear and living room off to the left. I'll post the results when they're (hopefully) done in another few weeks.


marty said...

I enjoy this beautiful Hibiscus - tu as fais de très belles photos !!
et les travaux avancent bien et vite - ce sera
une magnifique maison je pense !
plein de bisous Rick !

MedaM said...

What a lovely finding this Hibiscus! I like your photos very much.

CarreraCaballo said...

The Bloggeroos are renovating! I guess I should also rip off a wall or something, or else I won't be able to catch up with you guys - LOL

Nice flower pics - I like the Black & White one, the light makes it look transparent :-)

Have a nice day :-)



Rick said...

@marty - merci beaucoup marty! My son, his wife, and his son are all looking forward to moving back there - they've been living with us these past months.

Have a lovely Thursday, and lots of bisous pour tu ! ;-)

Rick said...

@MedaM - thank you kindly Meda! I'm lucky I went over there and saw this.

Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - want me to come over and help ? I'm VERY good with a sledgehammer! ;-)

Thank you Joseph - I really liked the b&w too - I thought it made the flower stand out even more.

A wonderful Thursday to you!

p.s. did you give your wife the camera again ? :)

joey said...

Hibiscus are fun to photograph :) Good job, Rick.

CarreraCaballo said...

LOL - Sledgehammer or Yoga For Men :-D

No she did not get the camera, YET! LOL ;-)



darlin said...

LOL I'll help you as well Joseph with my girly drill! :-)

Rick the house looks amazing, now that's some serious renovations! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results, it's going to be stunning!

I love the flower, now if someone was tending to it lovingly I wonder if it would grow so beautiful? I wonder if the Hibiscus will grow in the city... I'm going to have to attempt to plant some next spring, they're lovely!

Wonderful shots once again Rick, love the b&w.

Roberto M. Alves said...

Here in Brazil we have hibiscus of many colors, but I had never seen white before. Very beautiful. Great shot. Thank you for sharing.

greetings from Roberto

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

white Hibiscus? i never see..i have red,pink and yellow! :) regards

imac said...

Love the photos Rick, but I wouldnt like the job on the house(too much like hard work lol.)

CarreraCaballo said...

@ Darlin

Like always - You gave me the chuckles :-D

Back to Topic: I guess "White Hibiscus" might originate from the Mediterranean Region, I recall seeing lots of them in Italy (Isle of Ischia), Spain (Isle of Mallorca) and back home (Beirut - Lebanon)!!!

Rick, your thoughts?



Rick said...

@joey - yes, I'd never seen one like this, although my son had mentioned it before.

Thanks joey!

Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - LOL!! What's the url of your wife's blog ? ;-)

Rick said...

@darlin - I can see it now - a crowd of bloggers descending on Joseph's house, tools in one hand, camera in the other ;-) !!

The actual renovations are being done by professionals - my son is the general contractor. Still a lot to be done but progress is visible.

Sometimes plants seem to thrive when we neglect them. You can always try to grow this, but I suggest in a large pot and take it indoors for the winter.

Thanks Darlene!

Rick said...

@Roberto M. Alves - yes, I've seen some marvelous shots of the hibiscus down there, but also never white.

Thank you Roberto!

Rick said...

@Costea Andrea Mihai - maybe I should harvest some seeds if this plant is so rare. Thanks for stopping by Costea!

Rick said...

@imac thanks mac; I wouldn't want to do the renovations either - I think my true calling is in demolition ! ;-)

Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - hi Joseph; the only white one I've ever seen was the one at my son's place. Of course, I'd like to go to Italy, Mallorca, and Lebanon just to check for myself ! ;-)

CarreraCaballo said...

Next Summer, you can tour or sail the Mediterranean - QUEST FOR THE MYSTERIOUS WHITE HIBISCUS!

Could become a Best Seller :-D



Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - LOL!! Aye aye, captain !