Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(Day 243) A macro view

I always thought that to take a macro view of things was to step back and look at the bigger picture - as in macro-economics. It seems a little strange to me that in photography a macro view means to get in close and look at the details.

The calendar tells us that summer is waning, even though today the thermometer climbed to 33C/92F again. The weather people are forecasting a high of 16C/61F for Saturday ! I decided that I'd better take a stroll around the gardens again and capture those late summer blooms before they succumb to fall weather. I'm glad we're able to take a macro view of plants and flowers which reveal details that the unaided eye (at least mine) doesn't see.

(60mm  f14  1/200  sec  ISO200)

this portulaca must have come up from re-seeding - I haven't planted any here for 2 years! There are now about 6 plants with varying colours. I noticed that the hotter the weather and the poorer and drier the soil, the better portulacas do

(60mm  f14  1/25  sec  ISO800)

I only planted morning glories once, and they too keep re-seeding themselves. This one found its way through the rocks
(60mm  f14  1/5  sec  ISO200)

this is actually a weed and the flower is less than 1cm / 1/2 inch in size, but it looked photogenic

(60mm  f3.5  1/100  sec  ISO200)

these are phlox, just waiting to unfurl their petals

(60mm  f22  1/10  sec  ISO200)

and here's a bouquet of phlox (still in the ground though)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for the beautiful bouquet of flowers.A Macro lens is a great 'toy',and I don't get to use mine often enough.
✾ Ruth ✾

becky said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying them before they're gone. I love the color in the morning Glory & how it contrasts with the rocks... really makes it stand out. I love the weed, too! Isn't there beauty to be found in just about everything?! Thanks also, Rick, for the nice comments you left on my blog. Sometimes it's hard to follow one's dreams... silly things like work & having to make a living get in the way... maybe we don't get to do it ALL, but balance sounds nice, doesn't it?
ps- i could never forgo the sleep... i'd get too grumpy!

Carolyn Ford said...

I think it's sad that some beautiful flowers are considered pesky weeds. Thank you for lifting it up to be admired...such a beautiful yellow. Your Morning Glory is situated in such a rocks which lend nice texture for a photo. What a nice garden you must have all around your yard. We have had such HOT weather lately that my poor plants are just starting to recover. Hopefully this next wave of heat will not be so cruel!

Riet said...

Je bloemen en macro foto's zijn prachtig Rick. Heb een fijne dag!

darlin said...

Now these are my kind of flowers, they come up regardless! Wonderful macro shots Rick, it is rather odd that they are called macro, micro would be more like it. It seems in photography that some things are called opposite of what they should be, here I thought it was just me but now I realize it's not just me! WHEW... now I can go to bed!

These photos are a great way to see out the summer and welcome fall, we've already dipped down in temperatures here. It's almost time to shake out the winter quilts or plug in the electric blanket... okay I might have exaggerated a tad bit but in a few months it's going to happen so I might just as well start to psyc myself up for it!

Have a wonderful day Rick!

jasmin said...

Beautiful your last flowers faces, with us, it is pretty cold, sitting outside is not possible, yesterday I a few branches with red berries for autumn decoration for the load brought,send a little heat and sun here ... warm greetings from Jasmine

chasity said...

so many wonderful flowers...
your captured each of them beautifully.
i especially like the potulaca.
the lighting is perfect.
it looks so luxurious.

i always feel so blessed after you visit my blog.
your words always find a way to soothe my soul and give me renewed encouragement.
you have a good heart rick~
it shows in your words and photos.

many blessings to you~

Hope said...

isen't always such a blessing to see flowers pop up out of nowhere at times.. and in the most unusual places.. your "portulaca" as you call them.. I call them moss roses. is beautiful.. love the center. looks like its on fire. same with the morning glory. they are so tiny, yet hold such beauty.. I love macro..there is always something new to see..and such an abundance of life within each flower..and such detail. it always amazing me when one gets close up and personal, what one can see.
I have even been known to use a magnifing glass over the lens of the camera so I can get even closer.. someday I will get a stronger lens.. "smile"
its nice meeting you.. and I do so enjoy seeing what you have captured.
soon the flowers will be gone.. then I guess we can try to see what ice holds?
have a great day.. and thank you for your kind words over at Essence Of..

imac said...

All grand shots Rick, but that morning glory on the rocks is a winner my friend.

Rookie said...

beautiful shots

joey said...

Enjoyed the garden tour, Rick. Your weather sounds like ours! Happy September :)

Rick said...

@Ruth's Photo Blog - you're welcome Ruth :) Yes, a macro lens opens another dimension for us - since we weren't gifted with the eyesight of an eagle! Hope to see you use your macro lens some time.

Rick said...

@becky - thank you Becky; I just couldn't let summer fade away with all these blooms. I discovered that morning glory by accident - it was almost hidden. And beauty can be found all around us - if we search it out and really 'see'.

I think the trick to life is to make your dream(s) your 'work' - for then it isn't a 4-letter word.

And about sleep - check out how Winston Churchill managed.

Rick said...

@Carolyn Ford - I think some of my prettiest flowers this year have been 'weeds'. This one looked so nice against the rocks I decided to leave it there after I made a few photos of it - I'll probably pay the price next year as it spreads its seeds. Certain parts of my garden are also starting to look bedraggled - I have to search out the little gems.

It was 92 here again today but supposed to rain and get cooler by Friday. Hopefully your weather will also cool off soon.

Rick said...

@Riet - dank je wel Riet! Wij vertrekken morgen naar Griekenland (Rodos) en er is een kans dat ik daar geen internet heb. We hopen over drie weken terug te zijn.

Rick said...

@darlin - thank you! It hadn't really dawned on me either why this is called 'macro' photography till I thought about it yesterday. Maybe it's because you're taking something small and making it bigger (?)

I think we're getting a reminder this weekend that summer's coming to and end - lots of rain and much cooler temps! Not gonna be a lot of happy campers (literally) this long weekend.

Have a good one Darlene!

Rick said...

@jasmin - danke Jasmin. It is getting much cooler here too on the weekend, and rainy. Hopefully your weather warms up a bit so you can still enjoy outdoors - we'll send you some of ours ;-)

Karen said...

A lovely collection of late summer blooms. They're all beautiful and I'm already a bit melancholy that soon the flowers will be gone!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

I have had frost already at my place, but the beauty of the flowers are still shining thru. I love your closer look at your special flowers.

Katherine said...

Colour lifts the soul doesn't it Rick .. I think I really need to plant some more colour in my garden. Your floral beauties photograph so perfectly. Nice Pics Rick!