Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day is done

The vast and solemn company of clouds
Around the Sun's death, lit, incarnadined,
Cool into ashy wan; as Night enshrouds
The level pasture, creeping up behind
Through voiceless vales, o'er lawn and purpled hill
And hazéd mead, her mystery to fulfil.
Cows low from far-off farms; the loitering wind
Sighs in the hedge, you hear it if you will,--
Tho' all the wood, alive atop with wings
Lifting and sinking through the leafy nooks,
Seethes with the clamour of a thousand rooks.
Now every sound at length is hush'd away.
These few are sacred moments. One more Day
Drops in the shadowy gulf of bygone things.

"After Sunset"   (William Allingham)

(18-55mm  f14  1/8 sec  ISO200)


Katherine said...

Hi Rick.. what a magnificent burned orange sky, love it & I love the beautiful poem too. Hope you had a good weekend.

darlin said...

Fantastic colors in this sunset, I love it! Are you by chance testing my eyesight? I can hardly read the poem without my nose pressed against my computer screen... I'm not sure where my glasses are and too darn comfy to get up to look for them right now! lol I'll copy and paste it into a document, then enlarge it so I can read it. Have a wonderful evening Rick!

darlin said...

The poem is wonderful, I especially love the closing lines!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The sunset is spectacular.I love to watch how God puts the day to sleep for another night.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

"The Day is Done" - lyrics to Taps. Beautiful.

Scott said...

Awesome sunset.

lisa said...

What a gorgeous sunset Rick.
Truly a sight to behold!

Dawn said...

What a way to end a day!

I'll be driving by those mountains you were used to tomorrow. I'll give them a little wave from you:))

Leslie said...

perfect photo to illustrate this lovely poem.

Carolyn Ford said...

a beautiful day it must have been!

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Fantastic registed moment.
Beautiful sky

Saz said...

What a lovely poem to match a beautiful photo. It is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the colours so much.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Costin Comba said...

What a wonderful landscape.
Amazing sunset
Happy 4th of july, to all american people.

Al B said...

Tennyson its not but I appreciate the sentiment! Not sure why but never see sunsets like that in Brampton. Nice pic and I hope Canon teurns it around quickly.

Rick said...

Hi Katherine - yes, we're blessed with these on occasion - thank you. The weekend was very enjoyable; I trust yours was also.

Thanks Darlene ! Do you have a zoom function ? ;-) Other than the font itself nothing else should have changed - looks ok on my monitor. I agree on the last 2 lines, and also liked the first 2-1/2.

Thank you, Ruth - a favourite pastime of mine too.

I didn't know that Elizabeth, but looked it up and got sidetracked (read the history of it, checked it out on youtube ...). Thank you.

Thank you, Scott !

Rick said...

Thanks, Lisa - one of the benefits of life in the boonies ;-)

Thanks, Dawn. I hope that you also wave your camera at them as you pass by and perhaps even post a few shots of them. again ;-) Enjoy your adventure !

Thank you, Leslie (this was a case of finding a poem to match;-)

It was, Carolyn, and with a stunning ending.

Rick said...

Obrigado, Fábio !

Thanks very much Saz - glad you enjoyed both, and wish you a very nice week too !

Thank you for your visit, your kind words, and best wishes, Costin.

Thanks Al ! I wasn't sure if Tennyson wrote anything to fit the bill, but will check him out next time ;-) We seem to get some pretty sunsets here occasionally - not sure what would prevent them in Brampton. Appreciate you stopping by.

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Very beautiful!

Soraia Brito said...

Thank you so much!

Love this photos, I love sunsets :D

CarreraCaballo said...

I love the way the colors dissolve in one another. Nicely framed and processed :-)



Bitch said...

Give me a sunset together with a poem and you make my day....
The golden hour. A assignment of
all photographers....
Hugs from Greece

Cat said...

Very, very nice. Thank you.

Su said...

Hello my dear friend!

The harmony betwen the photo and the poetry is wonderful...

Today to be honest with you the google translator helped me a little bit to understand everything, but actually poetry sometimes can be understood even in another language... we read it with our hearts.

I love the sun, especially when it goes to sleep at the end of the day... it is a perfect picture in the sky...

I'm going on vacation here, probably getting back at the end of July!

Kisses from here! See you!!!


Hope said...

this sky is beautiful.. we really have been having some beautiful sunset/sunrises lately.. you really captured a beauty..nice to see you again.. been way to long..soft hugs

S. Etole said...

Beautiful color.

Lisa RedWillow said...

I love the words of W. A.
and your Sunset is surreal. Amazing.

Evanir said...

Com enorme carinho
agradeço de coração por compartilhar
momentos tão agradaveis e tão importantes para mim.
Certamente vera essa mensagem em outros blogs
mais isso é tudo que posso fazer hoje.
E jamais vou deixar de agradecer a bondade
de estar sempre no meu blog acariciando meu corção.
Agradeço e reconheço que Deus nunca nos deixa sozinho.
Um beijo no coração,Evanir.

mariiana capela fotografia said...

nice photo!
I love the colors! :o

Soraia Brito said...

Beautiful colors!