Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ode to my beloved

I knew the dreaded day might come,
Hoped I'd be spared, somehow,
To disappointment I succumb
And to chagrin I bow.

Technology is wonderful
When all works as it ought
But when it fails and comes up null
I'm really happy. NOT !

It started off so peacefully
Towards the end of day
A sunset, glowing beautifully
't would make my post Sunday.

Some shots were made, they were sublime,
The clouds began to shine
When suddenly, 't was like a crime
An ERRor 99 !

I stared at it for just a sec
This couldn't be for real,
Was this the end ? I had to check
If this was a big deal.

I turned it off, I turned it on,
The error wouldn't leave
That it was by now still not gone
I just could not believe.

Tonight my Canon's in the mail
I hope all will be well
I'll update you on this sad tale
When there is more to tell.

I will be relying on my archives for the next little while (at least I HOPE it's only a little while !). 

(The last of my Quebec City posts - I think. Both shots made with a 18-55mm lens at f8.0 and f5.6, shutter speed of 1 sec, ISO200)


Katherine said...

Oh no.. not the Canon! Sorry to hear that.. I hope it will be fixed and returned to it's rightful place soon. I will say however that your poem is magnificent .. and the photos that you have posted of Quebec City are beautiful! Cheers Kath x

joey said...

So enjoyed the pics, Rick ... a dream vacation for me someday. Happy July and hope all goes well with your camera :)

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh darn, Rick! I thought you were talking 'computer'...not 'camera'!!!
SO sorry! Your archives did you well, however! Beautiful scenes!

darlin said...

Noooo not the Canon! I also thought you were writing about your snail paced internet.

I loved your poem...see that's the writer in you! Now the book? ;-) Okay I'll stop with that and get on to the shots.

The shots are surreal, the way you captured the water in the first shot is amazing, the water looks so alive. The second shot, the color is beautiful and I love the way you have the building just off center in the background. More of your amazing work. I don't mind one bit seeing shots that you have tucked away, I'm sure you have plenty more where these came from!

Happy Canada Day Rick and get well soon to your Canon!

Riet said...

Wat een mooi gedicht Rick maar een triest verhaal.Mijn zoon moest een nieuwe canon kopen omdat de andere stuk was. Hopelijk kan de jouwe wel gerepareerd worden.Ik heb voor alle zekerheid altijd mijn compactcamere bij me en daar fotografeer ik ook veel mee.
Je zal vast nog een hoop prachtige foto's in je archief hebben waar wij van kunnen genieten.
Wij gaan twee weekjes naar Engeland op vakantie. Ik ga kijken of ik van daar uit nog kan bloggen met mijn notebookje.
Hartelijke groeten van Riet

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With all the internet problems you've been having,I thought that was what you were talking about.I hope the Canon come back SOON,behaving better than ever.Great shots.

Leslie said...

Oh no! You've certainly been having your share of problems with technology lately. I hope the camera hospital can fix up your baby... and in the meantime, these archived shots are terrific!

pumpkydine said...

Oh you just sent shudders through my mind! I was just thinking the other day what would I do if something happened to my travel companion? Hopefully it will only be a case of shutter fatigue and not a more serious problem! Ha Ha! Great shots as always!

Andrew Etchen said...

Happy Canada Day!
I hope to visit Quebec City someday. I've been to Montreal dozens of times.

Very nice photos! You seem to have captured the water shots perfectly!

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Interesting pictures. The night shots are not easy

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Lol! So sorry for all your frustrations, but I really enjoyed your poem. Heartfelt is the best poetry!

jasmin said...

hallo Rick, ja die Technik ist ein Problem,
wir leiden alle, große und kleine Probleme, auf meinem Blog geht die Übersetzungsfunktion nicht? mein PC hatte den Geist qualmend in diesen Tagen aufgegeben, aber er war schon länger krank,
oh wie traurig alles da aussieht, aber Geduld… gibt Schlimmeres
viele Grüße von Jasmin
und Danke für die dunklen Fotos.....aber ein Lichtblick kommt.....

CarreraCaballo said...

This is a unique technological ode.
You made it simple: Instead of complaining about it! How about poetry? . . . :-D



Jeanne Klaver said...

That has happened to me before, too. :( I look forward to viewing shots from your archives. These are gorgeous!

Saz said...

What lovely photo's, and what a lovely little poem! Shame about the canon though!! Hopefully you'll get it back pretty quick. (:

Marty said...

que c'est triste un canon qui ne tire plus !!! mais tu vas trouver une solution rapidement parce qu'il y a plein de gens qui attendent tes posts chaque jour !
bon weekend quand même !
des bisous en forme de boulets de...
canon !

lisa said...

Oh no Rick!!
I DO know how you feel. This happened to me last year with my Nikon. I wait all year for the balloon festival here. Last year, mine "died" after the second shot. :-(
Hope it's back in your hands soon my friend!

Su said...

What a sad "real" tale, I had to read twice to understand, what a pitty, I hope you can fix it some how... Anyway, even the sad tale, I can tell you, that the poetry is beautiful...

Thanks for your visit and kindness!

Hugs from here!


Rick said...

Alas yes, Katherine - the Canon no longer fires and is in sick bay. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great Sunday.

Thank you joey - I hope your dream comes true; you are sure to enjoy it.

Thanks Carolyn; no, the computer is behaving well (it's only a year old).

Ha ha Darlene - the internet is starting to have more good moments than bad - may be the best I'll get till they upgrade the tower to 4G. LOL - I figured that after my internet issues I didn't want to write another bad news post, so I tried to keep it a bit tongue-in-cheek. Thanks for your nice words - I'm a bit cheered up ;-) QC should be on your bucket list. Have a wonderful Sunday !

Rick said...

Ik heb er een beetje lol mee gehad Riet, maar 't was toch wel een trieste zaak. Toen ik m'n DSLR kreeg heb ik m'n compactcamera doorgegeven aan een van mijn dochters. Die heeft sinds een andere camera gekocht, dus volgende week hoop ik mijn oude camera terug te krijgen. Ik wens je een fijne reis naar Engeland - en dat je ook je blog bij kunt houden. Veel plezier, en dank je wel.

Thank you very much Ruth - I hope the Canon lives to shoot another day too !

Thanks so much Leslie ! Have a wonderful Sunday !

Thanks Randy - I've put out an APB for my P&S, which one of my daughters has; hope to have it in my hands in a week and will see what I can do with it. I suspect it to be a shutter issue too.

Rick said...

Hi Andrew - me likewise - been to Montreal many times (mostly on business) but I think QC has it beat - you'd love it too. Thanks for your nice comment.

Thank you Fábio ! You're right about night shots, and a tripod is almost indispensable.

Ha ha, thanks Elizabeth - it was a bit of a shock to my system.

Guten abend jasmin, und vielen dank ! Yes, I agree that there are many worse things in life than technology failures. No problem about the translation function - I was able to understand your comment quite well (my Dutch helps ;-) I wish you a peaceful Sunday !

LOL Joseph ! Yes, I won't challenge any of the great poets (Robert Frost is a favourite) but I thought it a better way to tell the tale ;-) Enjoy your Sunday !

Rick said...

Hi Jeanne - I was hoping to be exempt from camera problems, but ... If it can't be fixed I'll have a great reason to get a new one ;-) Thanks for your visits and very nice comments.

Thank you Saz ! I'm trying to get my old P&S back in a week - tough to live without a camera ;-)

LOL Marty ! I certainly appreciate all the support and encouragement from all mes amis in blogland, and of course, from you ! Merci pour les bisous and I send you canon-less bisous and best wishes for a happy dimanche !

Thank you Lisa - that must have been very frustrating; I only have to watch some beautiful blooms (calla lilies) go by without being able to capture them (wait till next year !).

Thank you Su - yes, it was sad when I realized what happened. I hope the repair shop can repair it, quickly. I also hope all is going well for you. Many beijos for you !

Lori E said...

Such a sad, sad tale of woe. Sigh.
On the bright side when my camera had that error they gave me a whole new camera because it was cheaper than to have someone fix it.

Dawn said...

Haha...Oh I am so sorry for laughing- but your poem is absolutely priceless!!!!!!!
(I too thought you were talking internet. I daresay I would have written an ode as well...had it been my camera;))
Nice archive captures- beautiful.

teca said...

Ah... I'm so sorry, honey...
Despite the problem, you still had a great spirituality to make a poem. How beautiful you are! ^,^
The posting of photos are breathtaking.
See you next post with good news then. ;)
Have a wonderful week, honey.
A warm hug, many sweet beijos and love ... much love!

Rick said...

Yes, a sad moment it was, Lori. I don't think I'll be as lucky as you because my camera is not under warranty - I think I took the maximum 100,00 shots the shutter is rated for over the 2-1/2 years I had it - hope they can repair it though.

LOL - thanks for commiserating Dawn ! And thanks for the nice comment.

Obrigado teca ! I had a choice to be angry or philosophical - I chose the latter since in the overall scheme of things it isn't that important. Thank you for your visit, and your (always) encouraging comments and warmth. Hugs and beijos - and I hope it's not too cold there !

darlin said...

Rick, Herb switched the internet over to a 4G service and it was slower than molasses! We called and had them switch it back to the 3G and it worked like a charm. They're not set up for the 4G yet so obviously the guys in town don't have a clue that what they're selling to the farmers is useless. Good thing the stick was free with a one year contract or I would have taken it back and gotten Herb's money back! Are you currently using a 3 or a 4G stick? Just curious is all.

Rick said...

We're on a 3G fixed wireless access. Bell tried to sell me on the 3G stick but the data download costs are prohibitive, and of course, no speed guarantees ("... but our customers are experiencing 6Mb download speeds ..." - yeah, right !). I think that the bottom line is that the tower is congested every evening - when everyone is on it - and it slows to a crawl (what's slower than a crawl ?). I'm still waiting to hear when they're going to upgrade the tower ...

Soraia Brito said...

Great photos !

magda said...

Hahaaa, ooo Rick, i'm so sorry!
But your photos are fantastic, colorful!!!
I wish you a happy summer,why am away from the Internet, until September.
Sorry about that.
Many greetings