Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At journey's end

After 2,519km / 1,565mi and a few days of settling in and getting things ship shape, we were ready to take in a quiet evening at the waterfront.

(I did manage to capture a few images of our journey down here, although the pixels were flying by at 120kph / 75mph - I'll include a few in an upcoming post).

To satisfy my own curiosity, I tested our internet download speed here ( Turns out it's 433 times faster than our connection back home ! I think I'll be able to start catching up on visits :-)


Marty said...

oh mamma mia ! soooooooooooo beautiful ! merveilleux skies !
des couleurs magiques ! tu es au paradis ? Edens' world ! quelle chance to see that ! I wish you a wonderful life there and I hope many so gorgeous images qui embellissent la journée ! merci Rick
big bisous dorés

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

biebkriebels said...

Beautiful, such sunsets we don't see here very often. I don't live near the sea. That internet connection of you must be very frustrating! I would explode if I had to deal with it, don't have the patience for it to wait so long. Wish you good luck with it.

Lasse said...

Breathtaking images !

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With images of such beauty around you it might still be hard to get on the internet.LOL

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Lovely! Enjoy your stay. :)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I'm loving this collage idea! The water is just beautiful.

Bitch said...

Wonderful the shadows mixing with the nature!!
Hugs from Athens...

Fábio Martins said...

Wonderful set Rick. Great images

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Those are really nice Rick! We have swapped you have high speed and I have dial up, so now I will not be posting as many photos! Have fun with your new internet! And keep the good photos coming!

Farmchick said...

I love the golden hue of these shots.

cindyzlogic said...

Super beautiful views, Rick!!

darlin said...

Wow, wow and more wow! I'd give my right arm to be sitting on that beach watching the sun go down. You've captured the sunset in your usual magnificent manner, the colors are splendid.

And to think it only took 1565 miles to find a good internet connection!

Have a wonderful weekend Rick!

imac said...

Away again my friend??lol.

Superb shots Rick.

Leslie said...

what a lovely mosaic of sunsets!

difusosreflexos said...


I know nothing about your technique, surely my husband would :)
but I can definitely tell you that your photographs are amazing!!!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Ana Sofia

Saz said...

Wow Rick, what lovely shots!! I love all the colours.

Have a great weekend!!

lisa said...

Now that's quite a difference in speed Rick!
These photographs are pure magic.
What a wonderful way to unwind!

Hilda R.B said...

Wonderful mosaic of sunsets! Great job! Have a nice weekend in the beautiful sunset!

becky said...

Back in Florida? I love sitting by the ocean at sunset...
except we don't have one here! Enjoy it!

Rick said...

Bonjour Marty ! Merci for your kind mots ! Yes, we have returned au paradis - no snow here and the only ice we see is in our boissons ;-) We come to this place frequently, avec Sasha, to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. I hope your fin de semaine is going very well with the bisous chauds I send you !

Mahalo, Cloudia ! Aloha from the sunshine state.

Hello Marianne, en dank je wel. Yes, the sunsets here are glorious to behold - we live about a 10-minute drive from here so we come here often. We have a fantastic internet connection here - and our connection back home is going to be changed to satellite when we return. It was VERY difficult to live with it. Fijne weekeind !

Thank you, Lasse !

Ha ha - I agree Ruth; I spend almost all my time outdoors here (although we did get 3" of rain yesterday - 'liquid sunshine' ;-) Thank you.

Rick said...

Thank you, Nancy, and we will ;-)

Thanks, Elizabeth - I'm experimenting with some free s/w I found on the internet.

Hi Monika - thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. Have a wonderful weekend !

Obrigado, Fábio !

Oh I can feel the pain, Kyria :( Yes, our internet down here is just a joy to use - bye bye frustration ! Now it's just time that holds me back, but posting is relatively fast !

Rick said...

Thank you, Farmchick - it's amazing that these scenes actually occur and they're sooc.

Hi Cindy - thank you very much !

Oh you're going to be posting sunsets like this very soon, Darlene (do you have to stand upside-down to capture them down under ? ;-) And yes, it was worth driving 1,565 for a super internet connection - oh, and the weather is pretty nice too, as a bonus ! Have a great weekend !

Thank you, Stewart; yes, our annual trek down south to escape -30C, snow, ice ...

Thank you, Leslie - these should look familiar to you; wonderful to be here !

Ana - thank you so much for your kind words; I think God just puts me in the right place to get these shots (Ansel Adams). I hope your weekend is a very good one.

Rick said...

Hi Saz ! Thank you - the sunsets here can be quite amazing ! I trust your weekend is going well.

Oh Lisa - you can't imagine the lack of frustration now in using the internet - blogs load in seconds (isn't that the way it's SUPPOSED to be ?). Thanks you for your kind words - it's a wonderful place/way to just sit and unwind.

Thank you so much, Hilda - and we will enjoy them !

Hi Becky - yes, looks like we just managed to escape the cold and snow. Nothing like enjoying a sunset by the quiet water - (almost) as good for the soul as hiking in the mountains ! I'll gladly share the ocean with you. Hope you're having a marvelous weekend.

BlueShell said...

Hi...I am very happy because you liked my pictures.
But here...your pictures are very special becuase you are a true artist.
Those are just amazing, man!
Thank you so much.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Very nice photos. I like the colors in them.

Our internet connection varies all over the place too.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

stunning, rick!

absolutely stunning!
love all of those bright orange sunsets!!
it's really hard to pick a favourite!


ioan moldovan said...

These photographs delight heart! Congratulations!

Rick said...

Thank you very much, BlueShell ! I hope your week is going well.

Thank you, Abe. The internet used to be a 'nice to have' - now it's pretty much indispensable; frustrating when it doesn't deliver.

They were awesome, Betty - thank you. All I had to do was pull the trigger ;-)

Thanks, Ioan !

Lúcia said...

Woowwww great shots Rick!
I'm sooo envious! ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Lúcia ! And no need to be envious - I'll share ;-)