Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to the future

My plan to go out and shoot some more autumn colours has been temporarily shelved. Our weather has taken on a decidedly autumn character - cold, blustery winds, rain, and sullen gray skies. So I decided to peruse my archives and came across this shot to mark Sunset Sunday, taken on the other side of summer.

(10-22mm  f8.0 1/30 sec  ISO200)

For more marvelous sunsets, visit Scott's blog.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That's beautiful Rick! It looks like a painting! I love all your sunset shots. This one has a great refection and the composition is very well done.

Soraia Brito said...

Great colours! I love the photo :D

Tricia said...

cool editing, Rick... love the color =)

teca said...

Hey! Genial, honey! Super cool!

Beijos doces, a good week and love... much love.
Warm hug.

Su said...

Hello my dear friend...

you know, I really love "sunset's time"... If I could I would stay all afternoons just watching this perfect moment between sun and sky... It´s a gift from God, every day...

Wonderful shots!

Hugs from here!


pumpkydine said...

Wonderful capture Rick and I love the HDR affect!

Marty said...

tu as choisi une très belle photo aux couleurs d'automne ! ici c'est encore l'été et il fait très chaud (28°C)
on n'a jamais eu si chaud en octobre et c'est merveilleux ! alors ce sont des bisous tout chauds que je t'envoie ce soir avec plein de rayons de soleil ! je te souhaite une super belle semaine et un peu de chaleur !

Saz said...

Wow, what a lovely shot. It looks so peaceful and calm there Rick!

Riet said...

Prachtig Rick. Ik kijk altijd met plezier naar je foto's

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Oh, I love this. So serene.

Farmchick said...

Perfection that looks like a painting.

Cloudia said...

love your shots

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

/ )

> < } } ( ° >

darlin said...

Well hello stranger, hmmm, let me rephrase that... because I highly doubt you're any stranger than I am! lol How the heck have you been? Is your internet giving you grief again? Silly question eh?

This photo is a MUST frame, or better yet have it put onto a canvas... and send it to me! :-) It's so amazing what you do with your photos Rick, I'm extremely impressed and still hope to get half as good as you are one day when I have time to focus on something other than studies.

Have a fantastic week, I hope the rain lets up for you long enough for you to get more of your autumn shots in.

imac said...

Wonderful shot Rick, also love your Autumn (Fall) header shot too.

Dawn said...

This is amazing. Loos almost surreal!
Your fall colors look glorious from here. The wind we've been getting has been making all our colors fly!

tipper said...

So pretty! I thought it was a painting at first-love the light you captured!

Tim said...

The weather is mostly rainy here, too. One does what one can. :)

Bitch said...

This photograph is really like a very beautiful painting!
Greetings from very sunny Greece!!!!

Avery said...

Rick! I've gone through all your post since I was last here, in March!
I'm so impressed and am going to try to get back to blogger in addition to my website.
Had to stop by! Love your work.

nacasadorau said...


Luckily Autumn in Portugal, and a bit everywhere in Europe, was postponed and it's even better than last August ^.^ ...

Huge Hug.

Carolina said...

Hi Rick!
The picture is wonderful and your paintings too. I really like the browns, the reds and golds.
Best Regards. =)

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Rick the composition on the is excellent. What a perfect scene. It almost has a painted effect to it. Now that the weather has changed with more rain and clouds I have more time to spend on the internet but also now due to weather my speeds have slowed a bit as well. I can forget even viewing videos again. I do all my blogs on Windows live writer on my computer then just upload them to the internet. I also resize all my photos to 640X that I put in my blogs so the blogs upload much faster. Anyway hope your issues get resolved.

magda said...

Wonderful picture, Rick!!!
Like a a painting!!!!
Many greetings

Rick said...

Thank you, Kyria ! I have a soft spot for sunsets ;-)

Obrigado, Soraia !

Thanks, Tricia (Photomatix).

Teca - thank you for your warm friendship and kind words ! Warm beijos for your warm spring !

Thank you Su - your visits and very nice comments are always welcomed. I trust you are well. I too try to find that time at the end of every day to enjoy the sun marking its end. Many beijos and wishes for a good weekend !

Rick said...

Thank you, Randy - I keep experimenting with HDR - seems to add another dimension to some scenes.

Marty - merci for your very nice mots, and warm bisous and wishes for heat. You should know that you have much power since it will be 26C here tomorrow !! ;-) I hope your warmth lasts long too and if not, I send you very warm bisous. Have a very bon weekend !!

Thanks, Saz - it is a very pretty place (and historic too ! built by an Englishman [obviously mad !] back in 1832).

Dank je wel, Riet - en ik mag ook met veel plezier jou fotos bekijken, vooral van Nederland ! Fijn weekeind.

Thank you, Elizabeth - hope you don't mind I made and posted another one of a different place along the same Rideau Canal tonight.

Rick said...

Thank you, Farmchick (if only I could paint like that !).

Hi Darlene - the good news is that the rain and dreariness did let up (thanks !). The bad news is that the only solution for our internet is to wait for the satellite launch and subsequent hookup - but in just a few weeks I'll enjoy 15Mbps (vs 0.05 !!!) - in Florida ! We have some very picturesque places around here (who doesn't ?) and it's a pleasure capturing and sharing them. Hope you have a great weekend - without a lot of homework !

Thank you very much, Stewart (I'm very overdue for a visit to 'see' you).

Thanks, Dawn ! Yes, the maples sure glow nicely here this time of year. I hope you've captured some of your flying colours too ! ;-)

Hi Tipper - thanks for dropping by, and your kind words !

Rick said...

Hi Tim - hope your weather has improved (ours has). Yes - it's still possible to make some cool shots, even in rainy weather.

Thank you Monika ! You live in a beautiful part of the world !! Have a great weekend.

Hi AVERY !!! Very nice to hear from you again ! I hope you're doing well. Thanks for dropping by, and leaving such a nice comment. I will come over for a visit soon to see what you've been up to (as my internet permits :(

Oi Na, thank you. Nice to hear you're also enjoying a beautiful autumn. Many beijos, and have a wonderful weekend.

Rick said...

Hello Carolina - thank you for visiting, and your very nice comment. I wish you a great weekend !

Thank you Carrie ! Oh, I can so empathize with you on your internet issues - our speeds have been so slow that dial up would be better :( I hope to be able to make some visits later tonight.

Magda - very nice to hear from you and thank you so much. Have a beautiful weekend !