Friday, November 11, 2011


I've mentioned in earlier posts that we lived out west near Calgary, Alberta for about 15 years where on more than one occasion the weather changed from the depths of winter freezing (-30C/-22F) to balmy (21C/70F) in the span of a day. That welcome weather contrast was due to a phenomenon known as a chinook (an Indian word meaning 'snow eater').

I think our children back home would welcome a chinook today. We received a couple of photos from one of my daughters this morning - their first, and early, taste of the season to come. I put a couple of photos of what we've had to 'endure' this week beside hers. Perhaps I'll wait a few days before I mention this post to them. (Well, maybe not).

Note: I experimented last week with a new view offered by Blogger. While I liked the many different ways photos and posts could be presented, many people found it difficult to post comments, and I haven't been able to see some of the information widgets. For now I'm reverting to my old (and familiar) template.


S. Etole said...

Interesting contrasts in these scenes. How different the weather is from one part of the country to the other.

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

I'm so sorry you've been unable to straighten out your blog problems... what a mess!

However, the endurance of such weather must make the torture easier! heheheee
I wouldn't mind 'enduring' such weather, skies and temps! =)

No Snow In Southeast Missouri... Please!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Do you think that perhaps your family in Canada will be booking flights soon? LOL

Scott said...

This old format may not be as interesting, but it sure is easier to navigate. Great job on the seasons montage.

darlin said...

You are a cruel and mean man Rick! LOL This is hilarious... only because we don't have the white stuff on the ground yet. I'm sure your children are not going to appreciate this one wee bit, get the guest rooms ready!

Your sunset photo is stunning and the beach looks so inviting even with the threatening big greyish cloud hanging overhead.

Have a fantastic weekend! Oh and thank you, I never knew that Chinook is a Native word nor what it meant. It's one of those words I grew up with and never questioned the meaning of it.

Cloudia said...

truthfully, I am grateful to face no winter like I remember growing up!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Lúcia said...

Everything is so beautiful covered in white, but I don't think I could survive in a hard winter! I'm a spring/summer person; in fact I'd love to go for a walk in that beach right now.
Have a good weekend Rick! ;-)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Well, I gotta say that I like the familiar format. Too funny with the contrasting pictures!

Farmchick said...

I like the contrast, but I think I would pick the sunshine version.

Fábio Martins said...

I like your simple template ;)
and your photos today... more in the right, of course :P

teca said...

You always presents us with wonderful images! Wonderful, honey!!!
I liked the new look of the blog, but if it's to please most... come back to normal! :))
I'm sorry I don't always come as before... I've been so busy, honey.
Many sweet beijos and a warm big hug to my lovely friend!!!!

Riet said...

Oh my , ja dat is een verschil Rick. We hebben dat hier ook wel vaak, vooral in de zomer.Vandaag b.v. 30 graden morgen 15 graden c.
We mopperen wat af. hihi
Fijn weekend!

lisa said...

This looks like the weather we had a few weeks ago! It came very early this year, and is hopefully not an indication of things to come!

I think Dynamic View could be nice, but Blogger has some things to work out first. Comments are definitely difficult.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

LOL, personally I find your side of weather more tolerable! The snow is beautiful when I enjoy it in front of my computer.

Soraia Brito said...

I have no idea what flower is :p

Great shots! One from each season :p

cindyzlogic said...

Quite the contrasts!

imac said...

WOW Rick, thats certainly a change - looks like the other side of the World. Isnt it a pity that we cannot transport our selves in an instant.

darlin said...

I spoke to soon, we now have the white stuff on the ground. ;-(

Rick said...

Amazing how winter can change to summer in 1,500 miles, Susan !

I was just experimenting with new features offered by Blogger, Tricia - some I liked, others I didn't but I was able to revert with no problems. Thankfully we passed the 'endurance test' ;-) Forecast is for 86F tomorrow. Hopefully the snow will stay away from Missouri for a while !

LOL Ruth - our 2 married children & families have already booked !

I found the same thing Scott - some interesting changes but overall too confusing. Thanks for your comments.

Oh, I was just playing with their heads, Darlene ;-) btw - the guest rooms are ready and the 2 married ones have already booked. The big cloud looked darker than it was - nothing came of it. As for 'chinook - I assume that's because they're rarer around Edmonton. Hope your weekend was a very good one !

Rick said...

Ah, you're very blessed to be in Honolulu, Cloudia - but you can appreciate it more since you know the alternative ;-) Aloha !!

I always enjoy a good old-fashioned blizzard, with tons of snow, Lúcia. But by the next day I wish it were all gone and there'd be beach weather again. We've voted for beach weather in winter time now. Thank you, and have a wonderful week !

I agree Elizabeth - I went back to the KISS principle ;-) We too preferred the scenes on the right.

Thanks Farmchick - I totally agree !

Thank you, Fábio, and that's the scenes I prefer too !

Rick said...

Thank you so much, teca ! I appreciate your visits and warm words - and I understand about being busy. It does take time to make visits and I always enjoy it when people take the time to drop by. I send many beijos to my friend in the south who is wisely enjoying the warmth of spring !

Ja Riet - op het weer kun je nooit rekenen - en misschien net zo goed ! Maar toch liever dagen met 30c dan met 15c ;-) Fijne week !

Oh I hope you're back to 'normal', Lisa - the winter is long enough as it is without an early start to it ! I agree on the Blogger changes - nice but not quite working; thought I'd chance it. Have a great week !

Ha ha Karin - I agree totally, although I do enjoy a good winter storm. for about a day !

Rick said...

I think it might be a star jasmine, Soraia. Obrigado ! Have a great week.

Yes indeed, Cindy - just glad we're on the right ;-)

It might as well be on the other side of the world, Stewart - the one we're NOT on ;-) It's worth the 2-day drive !

Just saw your last note, Darlene - hope I didn't jinx you !

darlin said...

Thank you Rick, it was a productive weekend, sort of. I didn't mind the snow one wee bit, I didn't leave the house after I got in on Friday. Do the kids have the entire winter booked? I sure would if I had parents in Florida! They'd have to kick me out kicking and screaming. And we sure don't get many chinooks here, I love when we do though.

Nah, you didn't jinx us, we were about due for this stuff to hit the ground. I'm surprised that Calgary got snow before us this year, generally it's the opposite.

magda said...

Wonderful photos Rick and strong contrast!!!!
I love all seasons, except in very hot summers!
I send you warm greetings and my wishes for a good week!

Leslie said...

I love the way you placed that long stretch of snowy highway beside the long stretch of empty white beach (gorgeous beach shot, by the way - love the perspective.)

As for Blogger dynamic views, I like that nice clean look (and appreciate those of you willing to be guinea pigs for the rest of us!) But I like your original template, too.

Rick said...

Hi Darlene - they've each booked 2 weeks - in the new year. If they didn't have jobs to go back to and kids to raise, I'm sure they'd stay ;-) I remember getting 15cm of snow 1st week of Sept one year, and quite often we had it on Halloween too ! Hopefully it's melted in Edmonton by now !

Thank you, Magda ! I don't even mind hot summers (although 45C is getting way up there ! Have a great week !

Thanks, Leslie - I thought side-by-side was the best way to show the contrast. And we loved walking that long beach (Fort Myers). I really liked some of the new dynamic view features but I think it still needs some work. I'll check it out again in a while. Thanks for stopping by.

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Marty said...

retour à l'ancien blog ? why not !
cool !!
entre les images hot or cold, mon choix est vite fait ! HOT if I could!!!
wish you nice warm days ! here l'automne se termine et le froid arrive !!!
french cold bisous for you because perhaps it's too hot chez toi !!!???

nacasadorau said...


Why don't I feel too chocked by the differences pointed out???
Portugal being such a small country, lately has presented us with summer days and all of the sudden the worse winter showers with even hail :(

Magnificent photos.


PS. I love keep changing templates :)

Rick said...

Merci Marty - I liked some of the new features but I think some things still need to be fixed - so, back to l'ancien blog ;-) Ah yes, we too choose the hot, although we will be back in the froid during Noël ! Thank you for the cooling bisous - since you are probably feeling un peu frais, I send you bisous chaud !!

Hello Ná ! You are lucky to have had summer so long, but alas, now comes the winter season - perhaps it won't last too long. Obrigado, and have a wonderful weekend !