Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're all kids at heart when ...

... there's a fireworks display. I saw evidence of that tonight when I waited patiently for the show to start. I'd forgotten that the Coconut Festival (I think that's the local version of a Winter Festival without the winter) was on this weekend and one of the features was a fireworks display. Last night I got my reminder when we watched it from a mile away, on our front lawn. I immediately made a note in our daytimer so I wouldn't miss it tonight.

I arrived in plenty of time to get a good spot and get set up. And I watched as young and old arrived with eager anticipation. And we weren't disappointed ! Despite the residue falling on my head and all around me, since I was downwind from the launch site, I stayed focused on capturing my first fireworks shots. There was much clapping and cheering from old and young alike when the grand finale was over. For those few moments, we were all kids again !

(all shots made with an 18-55mm lens, at f11, shutter speed of 6 seconds, ISO100)

click on image for a better view


darlin said...

Wow, I LOVE the last shot, it's so colorful, colorful enough to bring out the kid in anyone!

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Gorgeous fireworks, Rick. The last image is like.. Wow!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These shots are amazing. I especially like the rainbow of colours in the last shot.

Tammy said...

Fireworks are fun. I love that last shot. Looks like multi-colored palm trees.

Lúcia said...

I love the way how you described everything, it's a great chronicle with beautiful images. I'd love to photograph fireworks too! ;-)

Saz said...

Wow! Those are amazing shots! I absolutely love fireworks, and I love getting photo's of them. So much fun!

Helma said...

Hi Rick,

what a colorful series. I think this gets it very clever that you so beautiful fireworks on the photo you captured. Really very nicely done.

Greetings, Helma

Fábio Martins said...

Absolutely gorgeus regists!

Su said...

I really love fireworks, it makes my heart beat fast as it explode in the sky!!! Wonderful colours.
Beautiful pictures!!!

Hugs from here!


Dawn said...

I felt like a kid looking at these....and could even hear the whistle of them as the flew up into that sky. I love being a kid...again!

Farmchick said...

Wow! That last photo has such great colors!

Rick said...

Thanks, Darlene - I did some research before trying my first fireworks photo shoot, since there's not much time to experiment while it's happening. I was glad with the results and it was tough just choosing three. Have a great week !

Thanks so much, Laura !

One of my favourites too, Ruth. Thank you.

Thanks, Tammy - yes, I can see those palms too !

Rick said...

Thank you, Lúcia ! I had a great time doing it. I'd been waiting for an opportunity and finally got it. I hope your week goes very well.

Thanks, Saz ! My first time but I'd been waiting quite a while to get the chance ! Have a great week !

Dank je wel, Helma ! Het ging zo snel voorbij, maar alles is goed afgelopen. Fijne week !

Obrigado, Fábio !

Rick said...

Thank you very much, Su - I don't think I've ever met someone who didn't love fireworks ! Everything worked perfectly. I send you many beijos for a wonderful week.

Ha ha - glad you enjoyed them, Dawn. My only regret is that it's over all too soon - but what a thrill as they're exploding all around. Sometimes it's just great to be a kid again. even for a short while.

Thanks Farmchick - I was amazed too given it was a night shot - but sometimes that makes the colors even more vivid.

lisa said...

Rick, these are fantastic!!
The last one especially, is just GORGEOUS!!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful week ahead.

darlin said...

LOL not much time at all, in the blink of an eye they're gone. Fantastic shots though I must say! Enjoy your week and have tons of fun in that sun.

Marias Teater said...

Beautiful moments.

Ann Nichols said...

These are beautiful shots! So happy to have found you (from Imac!) and happy to be following along in your adventures!
PS Do you know of any St. Nicholas churches - I'd love to link back to your site.

magda said...

Rick, hi
Great photographs!
And when we are children and watch fireworks, shouted aaaaaaaaaa all along and applauding at the end STRONG!
The children's reactions, the whole world are the same.
many greetings

Bitch said...

Great shots, dear Rick!
You can be very proud!!!

Leslie said...

Fireworks always make me feel like a kid again. And these shots are gorgeous!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That's quite a treat to see...for you and for us! I never could master the art of photographing fireworks, but these shots are amazing!

teca said...

Very beautiful pictures of fireworks! A true art!
Beijos, honey! Lots of them!!!!
Warm hug and love.

ioan moldovan said...

Very beautiful colors! Wonderful fireworks! Congratulations!
Many greetings!

Hilda R.B said...

Fireworks is always so difficult to got in the photo. You made it so beautiful! Great series from you. Have a great week to you.
Greetings Hilda

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i was literally wowed at these images!
superb shots, rick!

what an adorable post!


chasity said...

wow. wow. WOW.
those make me feel very happy :)

joey said...

Totally impressed, Rick ... great shots!

Marty said...

un grand moment de bonheur et de couleurs ! I love feux d'artifice very much et je ne les manque jamais ici! à LYON ils sont
wonderful !!! tes images sont magiques et j'aime aussi la foule de gens very happy !!!
à bientôt Rick. je t'envoie des bisous qui pètent comme un feu d'artifice !!

Soraia Brito said...

Beautiful photos!! I love them :D

Rick said...

Thank you very much, Lisa !

Ha ha Darlene - yep, gone in a flash - I like your sense of humour ;-) Hope your week is going well too ! (It's been 30C here the last few days ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, Maria, and for your nice words !

Hi Ann, and welcome - I appreciate you stopping by and hope you come by more often. I left some info on a St. Nicholas church on your blog (very interesting blog).

Hi Magda - yes, you are so right - everyone, young and old, applauds fireworks and for a few moments can forget about the day's worries ! Thank you, and have a wonderful week !

Rick said...

Thank you very much, Monika !

Thanks Leslie - I don't think anyone can not smile at a fireworks show.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I did do a little research before I tried it, and the tips I read worked quite well (I listed my camera settings, and a tripod is essential).

I'm glad you enjoyed them teca, and thank you ! Your spring must feel like daily fireworks, with its own beauty and colours. Many beijos and wishes for a great week !

Rick said...

Thank you kindly, Ioan !

Thank you, Hilda - perhaps I enjoyed beginner's luck ;-)

Thanks, Betty - I'm so glad many people enjoyed them - I had a blast ;-) shooting them !

Thank you, Chasity - and your comment makes me happy ! Nice to hear from you - I need to 'come over' for a visit.

I appreciate your very kind words, joey !

I think there was a lot of bonheur after the show, Marty, judging by the reaction. Merci pour your kind mots. You will have to show me some of les feux d'artifice (artificial fire ?) from Lyon one time ! Ah, and I do enjoy those fiery bisous ! When they stop smouldering I'll be able to t'envoie some too ! ;-)

Obrigado, Soraia !

Elisabeth said...

Hi, what a wonderful photo and tale too... I love fireworks coz are exciting... and, as you told, they bring back children!

nacasadorau said...

Great shots, Rick.
The colours are absolutely amazing, and although I consider fireworks total waste of money, I have to agree that for a few moments we can't avoid gazing at the sky and just feel wowed.

Have a nice weekend

jhopes70 said...

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jasmin said...

Rick, sehr schöne Fotos, of course, special event, it is art for the eyes, which should not be forgotten, even if it only lasts a short time, we are not thinking about the money ....
The eyes and indulge your senses

what would life be without the little miracle ........... and beautiful colors.

viele Grüße von Jasmin

ebru özgün said...

I loved it a lot better than I always shot. :D

imac said...

Such fantastic show my friend.

Rick said...

Thank you for your visit and nice comment, Elizabeth !

Thank you, Ná ! Yes, on the one hand I agree, with all the financial need there is, however, sometimes it's also good to just enjoy what has been provided and forget about worldly cares for a few moments (just like children can !). Have a super weekend !

Thanks for dropping by Guy, and your kind words !

Danke, Jasmin ! Yes, sometimes it's good to indulge in whimsy - and fireworks are surely that ! As long as we can still see with the eyes and wonder of a child. Hertzliche Grüße !

Thank you for your kind words, ebru - I loved yours plenty well !

Thank you kindly, Stewart !

ebru özgün said...

merry christmas Rick!!

Rick said...

And a Merry Christmas to you too, Ebru !