Sunday, December 11, 2011

All earth to Him her homage brings

1 The ends of all the earth shall hear
And turn unto the Lord in fear;
All kindreds of the earth shall own
And worship Him as God alone.

All earth to Him her homage brings,
The Lord of lords, the King of kings.

2 For His the kingdom, His of right,
He rules the nations by his might;
All earth to Him her homage brings
The Lord of lords, the King of kings. [Refrain]

3 Both rich and poor both bond and free,
Shall worship Him with bended knee,
And children's children shall proclaim
The glorious honor of His Name. [Refrain]

Composer: William H. Doane, 1834-1915


Farmchick said...

Great words and a great perspective on this photo.

petrolin50 said...

This photo brings light from the sky. As is characteristic for this period of time. The light is almost Ethereal. A great photo. Also a good idea with the adjusted photos as old. Have a great. Sincerely, Peter.

Marty said...

tu vois, Rick, this is an image comme j'aime ! de l'espace, you can see si loin (sisi), a wonderful sky and une impression incroyable de liberté !And now, give me a horse please et je cavalerai jusqu'au bout de l'image, là where there is that amazing bright light !! but that's only a dream, je ne sais pas monter à cheval!!!!
de mon rêve je t'envoie les bisous
sur le dos du cheval... and I wish you a wonderful new week !! bye

ioan moldovan said...

Exceptional photo!

Fábio Martins said...

Wonderful regist. I love it

Katherine said...

Hi there Rick .. I hope my comment finds you and your family happy & well. This is a gorgeous picture Rick, such great depth & natural beauty. I love the beach .. I can just imagine walking there...Ah, the peace & serenity!

Saz said...

Rick, that photo is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the words that you have put with it. Stunning.

S. Etole said...

Remarkable ... just remarkable!

Lúcia said...

It's like a dream!
Have a good new week Rick! ;-)

lisa said...

A beautiful photograph for a beautiful song.
Your work is truly magnificent Rick, and it is always such a pleasure to visit you here.
Have a great week ahead!

teca said...

That photo is very beautiful, honey!! It gives me a feeling of spaciousness, of infinity, eternity...
What wise words have this composition!!!
I wish your week is wonderful with peace of mind, love and understanding. Joy, joy!
Many sweet beijos and friendship.

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Rick, wow... I really love this photo, excellent, gorgeous and beautiful.
Ok, I make you a nice cup of hazelnut coffee with less sugar and give you extra serving of my oreo coffee cake for sharing this fantastic photo and song. Is that fine with you? LOL
This song for you,one of my favorite

You Are My Strength

When I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
seeking YOU as a precious jewel
Lord, to give up, I'll be a fool
You are my all in all
Jesus, Lamb of God
Worthy is Your Name
Jesus, Lamb Of God
Holy is your name

Taking my sin, my guilt, my shame
Rising again, I bless Your Name
You are my all in all
When I'm down, You lift me up
When I'm dry, You fill my cup
You are my all in all

Have a nice day.

Scott said...

This is, of course, gorgeous. I don't remember seeing much HDR from you in the past. Am I just getting old a forgetful or am I right. Great job.

Dawn said...

The words and the image go hand in hand. Just beautiful...I love the light.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Amazing, Rick. Just amazing. :)

nacasadorau said...

So beautiful Rick...
Both text and photo.

Have a nice week.


darlin said...

Rick you've done it again... impressed the heck right out of me! Your photo is stunning, I want to walk down that beach and listen to God talk to me... that's exactly what I want to do, one day!

Have a fantastic week. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll get back to you over there in the near future. :-)

Leslie said...

a glorious shot.

imac said...

Such a sense of feeling in this wonderful shot Rick, and your words proclaim so.

Rick said...

Thank you, Farmchick ! Have a great week.

Thank you very much, Petr ! The sunset became even more beautiful as the day waned.

Ha ha Marty - yes, it would be merveilleux to ride 'into the sunset' ! Rien to stop you for beaucoup de miles !! Dreams become vrai ! Merci for the bisous - I send you more from le pays de la lumière ;-)

Vă mulţumesc, Ioan !

Rick said...

Obrigado, Fábio !

Thank you for visiting again, Katherine, and for your nice words and wishes. Yes, there was truly peace and serenity there near the end of the day and before real tourist season. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a terrific (and slower) 2012 !

Thank you very much Saz. Hope your week is off to a good start !

Thank you, Susan.

Thanks, Lúcia - yes, we walked there in a dream ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you for your very kind words, Lisa. I appreciate your visits and comments, and viewing your always superb artistry.

I hadn't really realized those aspects of the scene, teca, until you mentioned them - I think I was focused too much on the colours; thank you ! And thank you for your faithful visits - beijos and more beijos my friend !

I think that's a very fair exchange, Amelia ! (I do have the recipe now ;-) And that too is a very favourite song of mine (I had the tune running in my head as I read the words). Have a wonderful week of Advent !

Thank you, Scott. I have done some HDR in the past but I keep it to a minimum. Occasionally I find a scene that I like to experiment with - I made both HDR and non-HDR shots at this beach, but this one won the (in-my-head) contest. Oh, and as long as you wake up every morning you're never too old !

Rick said...

Thank you very much, Dawn. It was just one of those scenes you can be mesmerized by (once you have the shot, of course ;-)

Thank you, Lisa (nice to 'hear' from you again).

Thank you, Nancy !

Hello Ná and thank you for your visit and your nice comment. Have a great week !

Rick said...

Hi Darlene - thank you. I suspect you'll be walking down a beach like that in the very near future and you'll be sharing your captures with us. Looking froward to it ! I guess you have a hectic (hopefully short too) time now to wrap up the semester. Have a productive week !

Thank you, Leslie !

I appreciate your kind words, Stewart !

magda said...

My dear friend Rick
What wonderful songs for us in Christ is born!
That brings true love on earth!
The wonderful picture of you, shows the wonderful light of the coming of our Savior!
Have a wonderful day

Cloudia said...

unreal shot, Rick!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

darlin said...

Rick two more exams at the UofA, then to finish up a correspondence course and that's 7 courses down, two to go! I actually have the two here that I'm going to start, they sent them early with the holidays and maybe I'll take a look at them as soon as this other stuff is out of the way. It's getting so close, I can feel it now! Enjoy your week! Thanks Rick.

Bitch said...

A wonderful image for these Advent days!!!

CarreraCaballo said...

Do I need to mention that this a flawless HDR?




nacasadorau said...

Thanks Rick, for paying me a visit and left that lovely comment.
I'll have the opportunity of wishing you a Merry Christmas, I hope ...
In the meantime, enjoy its spirit.


Rick said...

Hello Magda - I wish you and yours peace and joy this Christmas season, and throughout 2012. Thank you for your visits and comments, and beautiful photo series.

Mahalo, Cloudia ! Aloha from the Sunshine State !

Wow - the end is in sight, Darlene ! One final push to the finish line ! Glad to hear your week is going so well !

Thank you, Monika !

Well I do appreciate that, Joseph ! I hope all is well - will be over for a visit soon.

Thank you too Ná for your visits and kind words. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas !

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an amazing shot!!! Julia