Saturday, December 3, 2011

(Belated) Phriday Phun

Well, the phun was all had on Phriday - it's just that I didn't get phinished with the photos until past midnight (EST) - although it's still Phriday to the west of us. (Scott started the Phun Phriday posting - you may want to check him out).

We visited Fishermen's Village in Punta Gorda this afternoon. While my wife browsed through the many shops there, Sasha and I dragged ourselves away and scouted the surroundings for some photo ops.

You wouldn't think that a place that bills itself as 'Fishermen's Village' would post signs like the one in this photo, would you ? Perhaps that's false advertising aka 'bait and switch'. I mean, what's a fisherman to do ?

Now being from up north I happen to know that Santa gets around via sleigh, but I've wondered how he does that in Florida where snow is as rare as a politician (anywhere) that can balance a budget. I discovered his secret and I'll share it with you here. Shhh - don't tell the kids.

Well, after all that time wandering around in the sun, I couldn't tell if my eyes or my camera were playing tricks on me in this last shot.

I hope your Phriday was phun too.


BlueShell said...

Hi, my friend…good morning: what are you doing in a Saturday morning…so early: what time is it there? Here, in Portugal: 06: 45m ( a.m.), of course.
I’m not in bed because I am a teacher and I have papers to see. So many that I have to work in order to save Sunday to rest and to go out, do you understand?

I enjoyed your early visit…but…go back to bed…and …well, you know…sleep…or do something else…LOL…
Nice to “see you”
Thank you! fishing??? strange ...indeed!!!

The photos are exceptional!
The plants reflecting on the water… fabulous!…no, your eyes are good…don’t worry!

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Rick, looks like it's a fun trip to the fisherman's village. But No fishing allowed?? That's funny.

All the photos look excellent and beautiful. I like the 3rd photo looks exceptionally beautiful with the plant reflecting on the water.

Have a nice weekend.

LĂșcia said...

Porbably Santa uses a boat to deliver all the gifts in Florida.
I like the cube, very creative!
Have a good weekend Rick! ;-)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

A boat in florida sounds like a good idea to me! Wonder if Santa needs extra help this year...

Riet said...

NOw Rick dit is een geweldige tijd om in Florida te zijn en Santa neemt het er ook even van. Wij vieren Sinterklaas dit weekend. Heb je daar wel van gehoord.?
Fijn weekend nog!

Farmchick said...

I really like the pop of red in these photos.

lisa said...

A fisherman is to quite simply pull out his trusty camera!! These are great shots Rick!

imac said...

Great shots Rick, but didnt you know - that Santa flies high in the sky?

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Love the effects you added to these photos. Never seen the 2nd one before. Looks like it was a lovely day down at the docks. Oh how perfect right now while I am commenting I have you slideshow going right next to it. It always catching my eye and hard to leave. I know I have said it before but I really do love your slideshow. Well have a wonderful week in the sunshine and warmth. I still have lots of snow but on a good sunny day can still have lunch on the south facing deck. Also have my greenhouse to escape to.

magda said...

My dear friend Rick, hi
Your photos are wonderful!!!
What beautiful place!!!
Have a nice week!
Many greetings

Scott said...

You did have some Phun this Prhiday didn't you. I enjoyed those. I have been totally lax on my Phun Phridays and haven't posted one in months.

teca said...

A place to fish you can not catch fishes... hum ... how strange... ^,^
Well, but I still think that when Santa Claus can not go sledding, he fits all circumstances. I think he will arrive by boat... :))

Have a great week, honey!
Many beijos, warm hug and love.

Soraia Brito said...

I miss going to the marina :b
I like the last photo :D

S. Etole said...

That's an interesting view in that last shot.

Rick said...

Hello BShell ! It was only 01:14 am when I posted this ;-) I'm a night owl. You are up very early to work - that is dedication ! Ha ha - yes, that sign made me smile - I wonder what someone was thinking when they created it. Anyway, I did get to bed right after posting. Thank you for visiting and I hope your Sunday was restful.

Hi Amelia - yes, it was a lovely place to stroll around (and for my wife to shop !). I doubt that whoever put the sign up caught the humour. Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you, LĂșcia. I think you're right about Santa ;-) Have a great week.

Ha ha - I think you might have to join a long line of potential Santa's helpers, Elizabeth ;-)

Rick said...

Nou Riet - ik kijk even naar buiten en "zie de maan schijnt door de bomen ...". Ja zeker heb ik van Sinterklaas gehoord. En Zwarte Piet ook nog ! We genieten samen van het heerlijk weer in Florida (28C en zon vandaag) maar over 2 weken zijn wij weer terug in Canada - daar was het 27 graden koeler ! Fijne dinsdag Riet, en bedankt voor je bezoek.

Thank you Farmchick !

Yes, Lisa - and leave his fishing rod behind ;-) Thank you very much !

Thanks, Stewart - well he might elsewhere, but it appears that down here he rides the waves ;-)

Rick said...

Hi Carrie, and thank you. I've been doing some experimenting with some s/w and found this effect interesting. Thanks for your kind words about the slideshow (I look at it myself occasionally to remind me of where I've been). Apparently the weather is a little above normal down here right now (we're NOT complaining ;-) but we'll be back into the snow and cold in a couple of weeks. I hope you're having a great week.

Thank you, Magda - it is beautiful here, when back home it's cold and rainy. Have a wonderful week.

Thank you, Scott - I hadn't posted one in a long time either, but was inspired by what you used to do (maybe you should consider another Phun post).

Ha ha - yes, I thought it was quite a funny sign too ! And looks like Santa knows how to get around, no matter what ! Thank you teca - I hope your spring is still sunny and warm and I send you many warm beijos !

Hi Soraia - perhaps opportunities will return soon ;-) Obrigado !

Thank you, Susan (there was a bit of sleight of s/w involved ;-)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

those are gorgeous shots!
love that marina...looks so inviting!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I'm loving those colors! Also the reflections in the second and third photos are great!

Rick said...

Thanks, Betty - it was a great place to take a stroll. Hope your weekend is going well.

Hi Kyria - the sunshine really brought out the bright colours. Thanks for stopping by.