Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I was awakened prematurely this morning by my wife who told me that I had to get up and see a beautiful sunrise (thank goodness we're in the middle of the winter when the sun rises at what I consider to be a more 'normal' hour). As I jumped into my clothes she reminded me that I had requested her to wake me the next time there was a gorgeous sunrise. She had even brought the camera up with her.

I made some shots out of an upstairs window and then went down and stepped out onto the front porch, sans winter coat, into the -21C / -6F early morning. Within a few minutes I realized further shots would suffer from severe camera shake brought on by hypothermia. So inside I dashed for a coat and toque. I stayed out to get more shots until my fingers were so numb I couldn't operate the camera any longer.

I've never impressed on my wife any of the unwritten rules of photography e.g. carpe diem (see #2 here) but I think the 'learning by osmosis' concept has been at work in our home. She had already made a number of shots of the sunrise in its early stages whilst I was still lost somewhere in dreamland.

Here's a bit of the sequence we were privileged to witness and capture this morning. I hope your new year is off to a similarly auspicious start.

(if patience is truly a virtue then I'm in line to be a saint - this 'only' took 4 hours to post. Starting next week, I hope to be blogging at the speed of light, relatively speaking)

click on photos for a better view


Lúcia said...

This is a good way to start a day, amazing colours!
I wish you and your family a wonderful 2012 Rick! ;-)

S. Etole said...

Amazing how the sky lights up.

Muffy's Marks said...

The photos are well worth the early wake up call.

Cloudia said...

GLAD you woke up, Rick!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Scott said...

Good for your wife and for you. You were and now we are treated to a beautiful sunrise. Hope the frostbite wasn't too serious.

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Rick, thank you for sharing the spectacular, gorgeous sunrise photos.
It's absolutely beautiful.

I have a Inspiration award for you, please claim from my blog when you back in the speed of light stage.
Have a nice day.

Lasse said...

Marvellous shots Rick ! Thank your wife that "starts you up" to see such beautiful sunrise ! ...and lucky for us ! :))

biebkriebels said...

It is worth to get up early!

Su said...

hello my dear friend, i have missed you a lot, but a I had to stop with my blog posts for some time. Now Im back and I came here to say thanks for presence in my blog and for your lovely comments last year. I wish a wonderful 2012 for you and your family.

This post is beautiful, the pictures are so especial, sunrise is so magic.

Hugs from here.


Marty said...

ohlàlà franchement ça valait la peine de sortir de ses dreams pour
faire ces wonderful photos ! magie des couleurs ! really gorgeous Rick !
and after, tout ce temps pour les poster ! I give you la médaille du best photographe in the morning et de la patience !! yes !
Enjoy the last cold winter days !
Bisous de pluie

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Every single shot is award winning, to be sure! I absolutely love the colors, gorgeous! I wish I could take a photography class to learn more about settings, etc, then I could take pics like these! =)

Soraia Brito said...

Beautiful photos! :D

lisa said...

Rick, this is a gorgeous series!
So beautifully captured, and kudos to your wife for waking you!!

Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

Really a wonderful series.

darlin said...

Rick these photos are truly amazing! They are definitely worth getting out of bed for, and ya, even the frozen fingers. It's sure cold there, I don't even want to say how nice it's been here... I don't want to jinx us! lol It's been above zero is all I'm going to say for now.

You take care, stay warm and enjoy your drive back to sunshine! Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones!

Marty said...

joyeux weekend lieber Rick !
merci- bisous de pluie

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Wow, that's all the same sunrise? It looks so warm, even though I'm sure you were freezing. :)

imac said...

Ricks in slumber land? what a great job your DW did my friend,lol.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Wow, wow, wow, Rick. Thank goodness for your wonderful wife. We all would have missed it had she not gotten you up.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hello hello hello you frozen boy.
How are things at your end of the scene. Pretty cold it seems. Blow some snow and icy weather this way pleaaaze. We only have rain, rain, rain and than some more rain.
My oldest is even playing outside in only a t'shirt right now, can you imagine. The birts are making nests (and yea are accually sitting on eggs). The daisies are in the fields so the world is up side down here.

Things are pretty okay after a rocky road. And I hope I'm back again in blog land.
Soft hugs for now and talk soon.
Hoop dat je een heerlijk oud en nieuw gehad hebt met lekkere oliebollen.
Liefs Dag

Here I Am Carrie Carrie said...

Now that is a sunrise I would get out of bed for. So glad you hung in till the end. Amazing the changes it can go through. Well xplornet has rolled out the G4 speeds in our area. But seems I am barely on the fringe of the area covered by the satilite. Prices seem really good. You should check into your area. Also I always resize all my photos before adding them to my blog to speed up loads up. Never have them bigger then 640X works fine for viewing. Anyway good luck and really enjoyed your sunrise.

Rick said...

Hi Lúcia - it certainly was (and I didn't even mind losing some sleep ;-) Thank you, and I wish you and your family a wonderful 2012 too !

The transformation was marvellous to see, Susan !

I agree Muffy ! Thanks for dropping by.

Me too Cloudia (the alternative would have been worse ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Scott ! And the frostbite was temporary, and worth it !

Hello Amelia, and thank you for your nice words, and patience, and the award - I shall be over shortly to receive it (now that I'm back in the land of access !).

Hi Lasse ! LOL - yes, she does start me up, daily, and I thanked her for allowing me to see that sunrise too. We've decided to turn it into wall art. Thank you.

Dank je wel, Marianne ! Ik kom ook bij jou op bezoek nu dat ik weer een snelle internet heb.

Rick said...

Hi Su - I too have been away from blogging for a while due to being back home where our internet connection was very poor. Glad to have found your blog also last year - I will come for a visit shortly. Thank you for your visits and I wish you and your loved ones all the best in this new year !

Bon soir Marty - I'm back after a long voyage - where le soleil shines beaucoup and the internet is vite ! Merci for your kind mots. I did enjoy les derniers jours d'hiver - now I send you many bisous blanc mais chaud !

Thank you Tricia ! I think your photography is marvellous - now that I have a good internet connection again I shall be over shortly. All the best for 2012 !

Thank you Soraia ! Feliz Ano Novo !

Rick said...

Hi Lisa - thank you for your nice comment - I'll be sure to pass this on to my wife. Happy New Year !

Thank you Michelle (nice to put a real name to a face ;-)

I'm not even sure if you're still in this hemisphere Darlene (but I'll be over to find out, soon). Thank you, and a happy new year to you too ! I'm hoping my wife is catching the photography bug (then I can pass on my Rebel XS and look for my next camera ;-) We're back in the warmth, although we enjoyed our time in the winter wonderland. 'See' you soon.

Bonjour encore Marty - ou la la, c'est dommage with so much pluie ! Perhaps some sunshine bisous will cheer you up !

Rick said...

Nice to hear from you Elizabeth - yes, all the same sunrise, and looks were quite deceiving since it was bitterly cold. Hope to visit you soon.

Yep - happens to the best of us Stewart ;-) And I'll pass on your kind words to the better half !

Thank you Laura, and yes, she gets the credit for getting me out of my warm bed ;-) AND getting the early shots.

Hi Dag - yes, I've been seeing that you've had lots of rain over there; hopefully the dikes hold ! Not sure you'd want a blast of winter though since Holland would become a skating rink :( I'm back in the sunshine state for a while - perhaps you'd like me to send some warmth your way - consider it done ! Glad to hear you're back in blog land - I shall visit soon, as I'm catching up. En ja, natuurlijk heb ik oliebollen gemaakt en onze kleinzoon heeft er ook van genoten (some traditions have to be passed on !). Ook nog een gelukkig nieuw jaar gewenst !

Hi Carrie - yes, I did not grumble at all at being forced out to see this sunrise ! Xplornet won't (or can't) tell me when 4G is coming our way. I worked out a deal with them to get satellite when we return from Florida - supposed to be 3Mbps but I'll wait & see (meanwhile we get 25Mbps here in Florida !!!) - that compares to 0.05Mbps we currently get back home - worse than dial up ! I always resize photos to about 1200x900 but at home that still took 10-20 mins to upload ! Thank you again, and 'see' you soon !

Helma said...

Werkelijk schitterende foto's. Ik hou heel erg van luchtfoto's en deze zijn echt prachtig.

Groetjes, Helma

magda said...

Rick, amazing photos!!!
The red EAST in conjunction with the snow, it is magic!!
I read the instructions on the photo. Some of tiro.Thank you very much!
a hug

Leslie said...

Wow! Thanks for waiting the 4 hours for this to post, so we could share it!

Soraia Brito said...

So beautiful! *.*

♥ Lisa RedWillow said...

Love each of these Rick .

Rick said...

Dank je wel, Helma, en ik heb mijn vrouw bedankt omdat zij mij wakker heeft gemaakt. Fijne dinsdag !

Hello Magda and thank you for your kind words. Yes - magic from the east - although it was bitterly cold. Greetings.

Thanks, Leslie. I'm glad I now have access to a VERY fast connection - frustrations over. for now.

Thank you, Soraia !

Thanks Lisa - you should be seeing lots of these in Hawaii ;-)