Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunset at the harbour

"Inspirational Blog Award"

I very recently received this award from Amelia at Amelia's De-ssert and there are a few ‘rules’ attached, which include answering some questions about myself. Now if you like dessert (ok, put up your hand all those who can honestly say they don’t !) then you need to check out her blog. Not only will you see photos of mouth-watering treats but she’ll also give you the recipes. And she posts some great photos to go along with her witty anecdotes. Thank you, Amelia !

Here goes:

1. What makes you laugh, smile or giggle?

A humorous situation in real life, a funny story about our human foibles, a great cartoon (I’m partial to Dilbert), and of course Foghorn Leghorn TV cartoons !

2. What are your dreams for your future?

See (and hopefully photograph) more of this beautiful creation and meet people in far off places – it reinforces my view that we all have the same desires and needs.
Enjoy watching my grandchildren grow up.

3. If you are going on a cruise, where would it be and why?

Unfortunately the idea of a cruise doesn’t appeal to me. I’d feel too regimented – I want to be free to explore a place on my own for as long as I want (or can) without being part of a crowd and being compelled to return to ship.

4. Where would you spend your vacation and with whom?

My wife and I have discussed a possible vacation with Ireland as a potential destination. Wales, England and Scotland also beckon. Given unlimited funds I’d like to take my whole family somewhere exotic (and warm, of course). There’s a lot to be said about sharing an experience like that.

5. If given another life, what life would you choose ? Your life now or your past?

Of course there are very good experiences in the past that would be good to relive, but I’m happy with the circumstances I find myself in.

6. Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn't get?

At a young age I wished to become a pilot. At a later time I got as far as completing ground school but life events took over and I pursued a completely different career.

7. Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but you still chose to move on?

I took a number of assignments in my career that I wasn’t too sure I could successfully handle going in, including a couple of relocations. Being somewhat of an obstinate sort I couldn’t let failure prevail. I know that I had a lot of help, especially from above – any success was definitely not attributable to me alone.

8. Is there someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration?

Yes, my wife has stood beside me all these years.

Now for the hard part: I also have lots of favourite bloggers but the ‘rules’ say I can only choose eight for this award. I realize that not all of you do the blogging award thing – I will not be offended in any way if that’s your preference. Hopefully anyone visiting here will come and visit you:

1) Marty at Marty

2) Darlene at My Life For A Year

3) Leslie at Let A Joy Keep You

4) Cloudia at Comfort Spiral

5) Lisa at Lisa Gordon Photography

6) Betty at Cut and Dry

7) Elizabeth at Magical Moments

8) Dawn at Just~One~Life

Of course, in keeping with with Scott's Sunset Sunday theme, I also wanted to show you what the sunset at the harbour looked like last evening.

(10-22mm  f14  several different exposures  ISO100)


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Stunning photo Rick and a good read. I agree with you about the cruise ship and many other points too. My 16 year old son longs to be a pilot, will see what happens.

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Rick, thank you for your compliments and kind words.
You absolutely deserve this awards as all your photographs are excellent and well taken. It gives me inspiration to improve my skill too as mine still rusty.
And glad that you enjoy my recipes and my childish witty anecdotes.LOL
Anyway I'm a person with sense of humor, always smiling and laughing to keep me young.

I like all the Q & A, I should awards you a A+, no 1 you like cartoon? Hahaha at least I got another member who share the same interest as me.

And today photo is really extremely gorgeous,beautiful and spectacular. 2 thumbs up for you.
Your photography skill is really excellent. Keep up the good work.
Have a nice day.

Cloudia said...

what a smashing shot, Rick.
Like your answers.

*Blush* I'm touched and grateful at your nomination of my blog. thank you most sincerely for a lovely gift.

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Oh my, Rick -- this shot is amazing. :)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Congrats on the award and thank you SO much for passing it along to me! :) This picture is...really I can't think of the right word. It's just so beautiful! You should make a calendar with some of your favorite photos...I would totally buy one!

Scott said...

This is a beauty Rick and the HDR really brought it out. The reflections are so clear and nice. Great job.

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Oh, I'll take your cruise if you don't want it! LoL!
Congratulations to all & I love your photo... WoW! =)

Stephanie said...

Stunning shot, dramatic clouds, reflections and the coloring of the buildings.

Lasse said...

Really great shot. Congrat to the award!

imac said...

This is just amazing Rick.

imac said...

Rick - if you decide to come to the UK drop me an email...

Saz said...

Wow Rick. What a lovely photo.

And congratulations! Nice to hear something new about you. (: You truly deserved the reward!

darlin said...

Rick I've learned some new things about you, you're as interesting as I thought... in a good way naturally! Thank you for passing on this award, I'll get back to it tomorrow night when I can breathe again, after this final final. I'll be taking two courses with me, but no finals to write in neither course... woohooo!

Your photo is breathtakingly beautiful, keep them coming please. I can use the sun over here. Winter has arrived and it's nasty.

Have an awesome week!

♥ Lisa RedWillow said...

This is amazing. I adore this shot the processing is stunning.

Rick Thanks .
Gods Speed also. :)

magda said...

Oooo reflections, colors, sky, all are like dream!!!!
Congratulations !!! also for the premium of Amelia!!!
Many greetings and a hug

Leslie said...

Hey! Thanks for nominating me! Even though I don't do the award thing, I will say, just like a Hollywood star, "It is an honor to have been nominated." :)

Oh, and my favorite comic is Calvin and Hobbes :)

Leslie said...

p.s. That harbor shot at sunset is phenomenal.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

hi rick,

congrats on your well deserved award!
nice to hear something new about you.

and i'm so proud and grateful for thinking of me and passing this lovely award on to me.

thank you so much indeed.

as for your hdr photo of a harbour, aw it is incredibly stunning!!

Rick said...

Thank you, Karen. I hope your son pursues his dream - perhaps he'll be piloting one of those sub-orbital planes in the future.

You're welcome Amelia and thank you for those lovely recipes. I like your sense of humour, and I've always believed the saying that those who take themselves too seriously aren't taken seriously by others. Ha ha - yes, a good cartoon can always put a smile on my face. Thank you for your kind words of support. Have a great week Amelia !

Mahalo, Cloudia. I always look to your blog for an inspiring word or witty phrase or a little piece of wisdom, and of course for those pictorial reminders of my couple of trips to Hawaii. You are most deserving. Aloha !

Thank you Nancy.

Thanks Elizabeth, and your always poignant stories, accompanied at times by your own music, are richly deserving. [btw - I've ordered a large print of this shot to put in our living room; thanks for the calendar idea]

Coming fron an HDR expert, I really appreciate that Scott. I'm still learning the craft.

Rick said...

LOL Tricia - the next time I win a free cruise, I'll let you know ;-) And thank you for your nice comment.

Thank you very much, Stephanie.

Thanks on both counts, Lasse.

I appreciate that Stewart. We're just at the 'talking' stage (although that sometimes leads quickly to a plan) - I would certainly get in touch.

Thanks, Saz !

Ha ha Darlene - I appreciate you taking it easy on me. And of course you're most deserving of this award - you write from the heart and you're an inspiration to all those out there doing a 365; you're into your 4th year ! By the time you read this your final final will be final (whoohoo for sure !). Thank you for your kind words over the past couple of years. Don't worry - in a few days that cold will seem like a bad dream as you wipe the perspiration (my daughter told me that women don't sweat) off your brow. Enjoy your last few days before the big adventure !

Rick said...

Thank you, Lisa ! I'm learning more about how to use Photomatix. Look forward to seeing your Hawaii shots. soon.

Thank you, Magda ! I look forward to the shots of your next trip - always a treat. Greetings from Florida !

You're most deserving Leslie - your posts are always so heartfelt and accompanied by thought-provoking words. I too am a fan of Calvin and Hobbes - much wisdom to be found there. And thank you.

Thank you, Betty - your blog is an inspiration to me and many others as I see often from the contents and the comments. So nice to have made your 'acquaintance'.

Hilda R.B said...

Truly beautiful sunset. So great reflection.
Have a nice week to you.

Rick said...

Thank you, Hilda. I hope your week is going well.