Sunday, January 17, 2010

(Day 16) The golden elixir

My introduction to the golden elixir came at a pre-Christmas lunch courtesy of my manager at work at the time. I'm not sure how prevalent the practice of taking employees out to lunch is these days but twenty some odd years ago it was still an accepted way of a company personalizing a thank-you.While I was not fond of liqueurs in general, the golden elixir and I struck up an acquaintance that has lasted to this day. It was a frequent companion on many business flights (remember when business class actually provided some 'extras' ?) and to this day, memories flood the brain when the scent of the elixir floods the nostrils. Funny how smells can have that effect.

So I made this my photo subject for today as I imbibed the golden elixir.


Anonymous said...

Can relate to this one :)

MikeeV said...

Which was better...taking the picture? or polishing off the subject?