Thursday, January 28, 2010

(Day 27) Gone fishin'

The trawler in today's photo seems somewhat shrouded in mystery as it appears to head out of port on its mission to catch fish. We visited Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island a few years ago and saw some of these. This one, however, was sailing off into our kitchen.

(taken with 70-200mm 2.8L IS USM at f2.8 1/40 sec. ISO 800)

(note: I will not have access to a computer over the next few days, but will take daily pictures and will post as soon as I have access again - stay tuned)

1 comment:

MikeeV said...

I like the effect you've created here. It looks like the full moon is hanging low over a fog-filled city as the trawler slowly makes its way back to port.