Saturday, January 30, 2010

(Day 29) Backyard 'pet'

Hotels advertise all sorts of specials to attract business. We were looking for one that allowed pets, and found more than we bargained for. What wasn't advertised was the 'extra' special (not sure if this was advertised it would attract or repel business). I found this in a ditch right behind the hotel. I'm sure it was watching me as I angled closer and I managed to get a couple of shots before it suddenly turned and thrashed in a frenzy of water to get away.

(taken with 70-200mm @ f8.0 1/125 sec ISO200)


Katherine said...

Oh yeh Rick...he has a very interested look in his eye .. I just had a vision of what YOU may have done if he started thrashing and running toward you!! Lucky Day for you Rick!

Rick said...

@Katherine - he sure was a big fella for these parts - around 8' long. I sure hope the 10' head start I would have had would have got me to safety (I could have cleaned out my pants later !). Lucky day indeed ... but I got the shot ;-)

Katherine said...

It would be PPP Duty of a very different kind...Ha! ha! ha! You would be then known as Tricky Ricky Poopy Pants!

becky said...


Rick said...

@Katherine - LOL! As long as all my body parts were still intact, I wouldn't worry about my dignity !

@becky - cool, huh !

darlin said...

You posted this in January? Why haven't I seen this before? hmmm I guess I wasn't following your blog yet back then. Well I am now so here's my comment, no darn way would I stay in a hotel where this creature was the backyard pet, nope, not me. I'll stay in the cold, freezing snow before I'd set foot outside my room! Mind you I could always leave through the front door! :-)

Great close up shot of your new buddy Rick, now it's possums your contending with. Did you manage to get them under control now?

.... back to my regular scheduled program, cheers!