Sunday, April 11, 2010

(Day 100) Part II - Tag, YOU might be IT

Well, wouldn't you know it! I got tagged - and I just found out about it late at night, and even though it's late, I'd better follow my orders before the tag police come after me! Can't let that happen - they're all over cyberspace and you might be able to run but you can't hide. for long.

Who got me ? Krista over at Picture Imperfect (see her post for the rules). So I hafta look in my first picture folder and pick the 10th picture and tell the story behind it, and then tag 5 other people (ok, that'll be the really fun part !).

I have a lot of folders with photos - kept on my 1Tb backup drive - and this was the 10th photo in the first folder. It was taken last September on a little country lane only a couple of miles from my place. The fall colours were coming out and I went here several times during the fall as the colours kept changing.

Ok, here are the 5 people I'm tagging:
  1. imac at imac's Photos from the Minds Eye 
  2. Lisa at 365 days, one photo at a time 
  3. darlin at My life for a year 
  4. Scott at The World's Best Photography Blog
  5. joey at THE VILLAGE VOICE 
 Hope you enjoy it too!  ;-)


darlin said...

Arrrgh, you got me! lol Wonderful photo you had for your 10th. Now I have to get out my flash drive, I just wiped my computer and only have two photos on here, the one you sent me and my pic of the day.

This is going to be interesting to say the least and you must forgive me, I'll do this tomorrow. It's late and I really must get in some studies tonight. One day when you're least expecting it Rick, I shall get you back! ;-)

cata said...

Hello Rick, thanks for followiong my blog.
I've got this one is in english aswell:
I like your blog, good photos! I speacially like photos of animals and nature.

imac said...

Hi Rick, thanks for the thoughts of the Tag, hope you dont mind but I'm a no Tag Blog, but I will post and just let anyone who wishes to follow it up, Hope thats ok with you.
Thanks for your visits and kind comments.

Rick said...

@darlin - my previous computer had a 80Gb drive and it was almost full; I bought a 1Tb external drive and put my photos there after deleting ones that didn't meet my criteria. My new computer also came with a 1Tb drive so now space isn't a worry. for a while. :)

You're welcome and I'll look forward to being surprised ;-)

Rick said...

@cata - thanks for your comments and following. I'll check out your other blog too.

Rick said...

@imac - no worries, mate; that's fine with me. I appreciate the photos & stories on your blog - always fascinating. Thank you too for coming by.

joey said...

Yikes, I'm honored but if OK, like imac, might pass on the tag. But thank you, friend ... your entry is lovely.

Rick said...

@joey - that's OK with me :) and thanks for your comment.

J Bar said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Rick said...

@J Bar - thank you - I'll be by for a visit.