Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Day 93) Emerging spring

Do you know what the definition of a Canadian spring is ? It's the 15 minutes between winter and summer!

One week ago it was -14C (7F) overnight. Today we hit 30C (86F) ! Records for high temperatures that have stood for 64 years were broken. I broke my own (unofficial) record for the earliest date to wear shorts! :)

Plants that were staying protected under the soil are now scrambling to take advantage of the warmth. Today's photo shows the rhubarb emerging in the garden. At this rate we'll be eating it in a few weeks.

(60mm  f8  1/160 sec  ISO200)


Scott said...

LOL! That looks like a lizards head exploded. Of course I've never tried to grow Rhubarb, though I have tasted it a time or two. Nice shot with great color.

darlin said...

Scott where might you be from? I think that every Canadian was introduced to rhubarb in their infancy! lol I am serious when I say that we make tons of stuff out of rhubarb, lets see, there's rhubarb relish, rhubarb pie, jam, help me out here Rick... it's late and I've had tons of fresh air today! :-)

I hear ya with the temperatures, although we haven't made it up to 20 yet here, I'm almost jealous but not quite, that's pretty darn hot for April. Great photo once again! I can taste the rhubarb already... my fav. strawberry rhubarb jam.

Rick said...

@Scott - ha ha! It does look a little weird up close like that. LOL! Good imagination. Amazing how that unfurls into a leaf wide than 12".

Rick said...

@darlin - yep - it's almost a staple up here! Just plain cooked rhubarb is great too. I wash and slice up a bunch of stalks and freeze them - great during the winter (helps remind us of spring :) My fav is strawberry-rhubarb pie - with some ice cream.