Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emblems of Autumn

An Autumn Thought
  by: Albert Laighton (1829-1887)
They're speeding on--the weary winter hours;
These are thy emblems, thou departing year:
The falling leaves, the fading of the flowers

Laid by fond Autumn on the Summer's bier.

Soon will the song of lingering birds be still,
The streamlets lose the music of their tone;
For hid with pallid brow behind the hill,
stern Winter waits to mount his glittering throne.

Well, let the flowers decay, the dead leaves fall;
Hushed be the birds, and stilled the streamlet's flow;
Let hoary Winter cast a blight o'er all,
And bind his withered brow with wreaths of snow.

We know that May will come, and glad rills play,
And flowers along their emerald borders bloom;
Though our next spring-time may lie far away
In some fair clime of light beyond the tomb.

Autumn is creeping in, we've had frost several times, and the wood stove has banished the chill from our home. temporarily. Here's what autumn is starting to look like in our neck of the woods.


Katherine said...

Hi Rick...and WOW, these images of Autumn are breathtaking. It's been such a long time since I've taken time out & blog. I decided this afternoon to have a look and my blog and realised that I have only added 4 entries to my blog this year and it is Sept!! I guess this is a good indicator at how hectic life has been for me this year. Anyway it was lovely to visit and to see these spectacular photos! Hope all has been well in your world? Cheers Kath

Lea said...

Beautiful autumn colors, Rick! Your photos are the best description of the fall season. They can even be used to design calendars :) My favorite is the last one.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Gorgeous fall color! We are still a good month away before we see this in my neck of the woods. Enjoy!

biebkriebels said...

Wow, such beautiful colours!

Muffy's Marks said...

Isn't this a beautiful time of year to be lucky enough to own a camera and capture our colorful gift of Autumn? Enjoy the colors to the fullest!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,autumn is the forerunner of winter,but oh the beauty it shows.I love each of these scenes and can almost mell that special fall scent.You mention a wood stove,I remember fondly the warmth of a wood fire. Ahhh,those are special memories.

Sharon M said...

Beautiful! We haven't gotten to this point yet, but I think it's soon.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you have way more colors than we do?

Lúcia said...

We don't have many beautiful trees that turn red when autumn comes, I think it's not cold enough for them...
Lovely colours! ;-)

Rosemary said...

Autumn is looking pretty wonderful where you are! The tree in your last shot looks like its just burst into flames.

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos and scenery Rick. You seem to be a bit ahead of us here in New Brunswick. Enjoy!

Cheri said...

Stunning! You are very blessed to see God's colors so brilliantly displayed. Great photos!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Beautifully captured autumn hues Rick.

klea said...

gorgeous colors ! love autumn !
beautiful header Rick

Michelle said...

Gorgeous shots and great color. I love the red in that last photo.

darlin said...

So I have to wait til May now do I? I want it to hurry and get here this year, but I don't want it to arrive... make any sense? I didn't think so. May is my birthday, it's a milestone birthday and one I don't want to have, BUT if May brings "flowers along their emerald borders", bring it on!

I love the reds you get so much more of in Ontario, you've done an absolutely magnificent job of capturing Autumn at it's finest.

I can smell the wood stove from here, makes me want to have one put in here as well but no room for one, not yet anyways. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get that wood burning fireplace yet... I'll keep the dream alive, I know they come true!

Have a wonderful week Rick! How much longer til you take a drive south?

joyce said...

Love the one of the field, and also the brillliant red maple leaves, in your header also...we have no maples in our area, I do miss that blazing red colour.

Marty said...

hello Rick ! Ilove autumn pour ses couleurs et ses parfums de terre
humide ! tes images are sooooooooo
beautiful with these amazing colours!
it's such a plaisir de venir ici !
je te souhaite a great oktober
and send you so many orange and red bisous

Amelia said...

Hi Rick, wow.... love all the autumn pictures. All look so gorgeous and beautiful. You're an excellent photographer. I especially love the beautiful header.

Enjoy your autumn. Have a nice week ahead, regards.

Lisa Gordon said...

Rick, the colors in these photographs are absolutely gorgeous. Truly beautiful fall images.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi ya you. Great fall colors...put me in the middle and you wouldn't find me back. Great orangy flavory colors. Warm you all up inside.
Thanks for sharing your fall.
Hugs Dagmar

imac said...

You certainly have Autumn colours there my friend,,All I can say is - had a blogging break, but now back in Harness, and reviving my blog.

Scott said...

Autumn is an exciting time of year when we get to see so meany beautiful colors in nature. You have created some wonderful images.

I've been away getting new photos, but I'm back and hope to be by more often.

Thanks for keeping up the good work.


Magia da Inês said...

Adoro a beleza dessas fotos, são grandiosas... queria vê-las de perto...

Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

°º✿Beijinhos do Brasil.
º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

Gary Loucks said...

I've been looking over your site and absolutely love it. The photography is grand. I hope someday I can get this good. My site is Gary's Outdoor Wandering's2 and I appreciate you joining. Keep up the sensational work. Love it. GLL