Thursday, February 10, 2011

Down the hatch

This bird (a juvenile cormorant ?) put on a display of fishing prowess for us yesterday. It would disappear underwater in pursuit of fish for what seemed like minutes at a time. I captured it as it surfaced and proudly displayed its catch for us. Then it deftly manoeuvred the fish in its hooked beak and swallowed it.

(70-200mm  f11  1/400 sec  ISO200)


darlin said...

Another fantastic shot Rick. What a great capture to get this bird just before it's lunch... poor fish! The water looks so amazingly, I'd almost forgotten how a body of water looks with everything frozen over here.

magda said...

Rick, hi
You're great photographer !!! caught the moment! Congratulations!!!!!!!

CarreraCaballo said...

And lights off . . . :-/ . . . :-D That is wildlife though!

Great capture :-)



becky said...

Excellent action shot, Rick! I t probably would've taken me one hundred shots to get one like this!

imac said...

Lucky B Rick, caught in time, and right place right time too.

Scott said...

Birds do love their Sushi. Nice shot.

cata said...

Good shot and the fish looks really fresh.

Marty said...

un pêcheur qui ne rejettera pas le poisson
dans l'eau !!! c'est une belle photo Rick !
je te souhaite une superbe weekend et je t'envoie
une tonne de bisous

Farmchick said...


Soraia B. said...

Awesome :D

Jeanne Klaver said...

This is an excellent shot, Rick!

Rick said...

Thank you Darlene - I managed to get a few shots of him (her ?) as he juggled the fish before it (the fish) disappeared. C'est la vie. Have a great weekend !

Thank you kindly Magda ! Nice that the bird took its time.

LOL Joseph ! Pretty scary being a fish with one of these after you ;-)

Ha ha - this birdie was co-operating by not moving around too much - he was totally focused on dinner while I focused on him ! Thanks Becky.

Rick said...

Thanks Stewart - some days more luckier than others ;-)

LOL Scott !! A bird and sushi - I love it. Thanks.

Thanks Cata. Ha ha - it sure was !

And a great fisherbird he was, Marty ! Merci, and I also wish you a wonderful weekend with a ciel bleu and soleil chaud, and plein de bisous !!

Rick said...

Thank you Farmchick !

Thanks Soraia !

Hi Jeanne - thank you.

Marty said...

thank you Rick ! tes mots me font rire !
tu es drôle ! belle journée à toi !
big french bisous

Rick said...

Ha ha Marty - that's my bilingual education ! Merci for the French bisous and many warm bisous from Florida pour toi !