Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ho hum, another sunset - NOT

It's a rare evening in southwest Florida when there isn't a sunset to be captured. So as often as circumstances permit, Sasha and I head out in search of a new venue. She, of course, could care less as long as she comes along for the ride. I usually try to make mental notes throughout the week of places where we encounter a beautiful sunset and I'm not able to shoot it at the time (usually to my chagrin).

Earlier this evening we pulled over along an expressway just before the causeway over the Caloosahatchee River (no - I didn't ignore the 'No Parking' signs ... because there weren't any). Here's one of the scenes I captured.

(10-22mm  f9.0  1/400 sec  ISO200)

click on photo to enlarge

You might also want to wander over to Scott's blog for a look - he's the originator of the Sunset Sunday theme.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Once again you have captured one of God's beautiful goodnights.Love this scene.

Dawn said...

Absolutely lovely. I feel like I was there....I can even hear the waves.
Thanks for the link- a great theme to start off a new week with!

Chris said...

Nice and it's good to see photos taken in the moment. I'm going to work on that theme more.

Scott said...

Really nice. To me it is really hard to beat a sunset reflected in the water.

S. Etole said...

Especially nice, Rick ... the cloud formation looks like wings.

darlin said...

The beautiful glow of the sun setting in the distance is so beautiful, I miss the sunsets here!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh how I love to play along with the sunset theme from Scott...yet time isn't on my side at those hours and the sunset isn't eigther.

But you've done a great job here my friend. Do explore the area for more so we can go with you like Sacha on your trips. ;-)))
Hugs Dag

Gabriela Pana said...


Leovi said...

I love this pretty picture with a sound delicious and excellent frame. It really is sublime sunset. a hug.

Tiago Braga said...

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julia said...

Un cielo de una extrema calidez y suavidad.
preciosa fotografĂ­a.
Un saludo.

Bitch said...

Hi Rick,
a beautiful sunset and a nice begin of a new week..

Soraia B. said...

So beautiful. I love sunsets :D

Cat said...

Wow, another tear jerker!! God doesn't disappoint does He?!

Rick said...

Thank you Ruth !

Hi Dawn - it was a great place where I could even drown out the noise from the expressway. Feel free to join in the Sunset Sunday fun.

Thanks Chris - I have a 'store' of sunset shots in case I don't get a chance to make one. Look forward to seeing yours.

Thank you, Scott - and I agree !

Rick said...

Thanks, Susan - I see that now that you mentioned it.

Darlene - hopefully yours will return by springtime - jk ! Thank you.

Hi Dag - you'll need to stay up a little later then to capture a sunset ;-) But I'll take you along with Sasha so you can enjoy ! Groetjes.

Thank you Gabriela !

Rick said...

Thanks for your comment Leovi !

Very nice shot there, Tiago - you're definitely in the running to win !

Gracias, Julia !

Hello Monika - nice to hear from you. Thank you, and I hope your week is going very well !

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia - you can never have enough sunsets !

You're absolutely right, Cat !

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh...definitely a NICE one!

Rick said...

Thank you Carolyn !