Sunday, February 13, 2011

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There are few scenes more glorious than a sunset. A sunset can gild any setting, even a suburban one. Scott started a Sunset Sunday theme one year ago - feel free to join in by posting a sunset on Sunday. Note that the sunset does not have to occur on the Sunday (as I mistakenly thought at first). I have 2 shots to share today - the first was made yesterday evening from our front lawn. The second was made 2 weeks ago as I was scurrying back to my vehicle to avoid a parking ticket.

May there be just enough clouds in your life to create a glorious sunset !  (author unknown)

(18-55mm  f6.3  1/25 sec  ISO200)

(10-22mm  f8.0  1/30 sec  ISO200)


The Whimsical Gardener said...

WOW! I don't know if you saw my recent post about sunsets sometimes making me cry...I have a feeling that second sunset would have brought me to tears! Beautiful capture.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The perfect title for this post.God really does a great job of closing the day.

José Ramón said...

Qué imágenes más fantásticas.
Un Cordial Saludo desde Creatividad e imaginación fotos de José Ramón

Rick said...

Thank you Cat (I still have to make it over to your blog to read your post and pick up my award ... manyana ;-)

He sure does - like a little reminder at the end of each day re: whose world this is. Thanks Ruth !

Gracias, José. Thank you for your visit and kind words !

darlin said...

Ahhhh to see a beautiful sunset, even if it is through your lens, makes my heart full of gratitude. The beauty we are blessed with touches me immensely, I have another day to be grateful for and the sunsets remind me of this... I'm a bit odd, some people find this when they retire for the evening, for me it's in the Creators handiwork as you so eloquently put it. Fantastic shots Rick! Thank you. :-)

Tiago Braga said...

Amazing colours, wonderful!

CarreraCaballo said...

The second photo left me without words!

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Rick :-)



Bitch said...

Beautiful sunsets, again!!
Have a lovely week..

cata said...

Marvelous skies! Congratulations for the photos.

Rick said...

Thank you Darlene ! Sunsets always leave me in awe.

Obrigado Tiago !

Thank you Joseph - I trust your Valentines Day was rewarding !

Monika - thank you for your visit and kind words. I hope your week is likewise wonderful.

Gracias Cata !

becky said...

I love that quote... and you know I love myself a beautiful sunset. Nice job, particularly the 2nd one- gorgeous!!

Tricia said...

Beautiful shots... especially the 2nd one, I thought it was Bora Bora for a second! =)

magda said...

Amazing sunset photo, Rick !!!
Very romantic !!!

Marty said...

les couleurs de la deuxième photos sont
renversantes ! un moment exceptionnel !
bisous dorés Rick

Rick said...

Thank you Becky !

Ha ha, Tricia - thank you (I've never been to Bora Bora - nor Oklahoma ! ;-)

Thank you very much Magda !

Marty - merci beaucoup. I hope to visit you soon, but leave some bisous chaud in the meantime !