Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday bloomer

One of the traditions my mother started quite a number of years ago was to give each of her children and older grandchildren (those with their own home or apartment) an amaryllis for Christmas. These came with a pot and potting soil - just add some water and watch them bloom, usually within 6 - 8 weeks.

Since this was to be our first winter in Florida, we naturally brought our bulb with us, and I promptly planted it outdoors. Within a couple of days, the stem that had started to sprout in the box had straightened, and yesterday the bulb started to open. Given that its natural habitat is also sub-tropical, I foresee a trip to the nursery soon to get more of these beauties.

(ps - our visitors are exploring the area on their own today, so I have some time to post, respond to comments, and perhaps make some blog visits)

(70-200mm  f10  1/160 sec  ISO200)

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I like to join in Scott's Sunday Sunset theme by posting a sunset shot. For today's contribution, I'm posting this 'pelican at sunset' shot:

To see Scott's Sunset Sunday shot, have a look here.


Marty said...

what a wonderful flower ! the colours (or colors I don't know !!) are amazing !
je pense que cette fleur se trouvera beaucoup
mieux en Floride, dans son milieu naturel !
elle est magnifique !!
et le sunset est une pure merveille !
bisous dorés

Soraia B. said...

Wonderful photos :D

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The flower is spectacular,but not to be outdone by the sunset.Wow,those are amazing colors.Thanks for your visit to my blog and for being an encourager.

CarreraCaballo said...

Very contemplative tradition, and a stunning Macro :-)

This beautiful sunset makes me only jealous . . . LOL



Katherine said...

Que Bonita! Two very beautiful photos Rick .. I really do need to see me some beautiful sunsets with my own eyes and try and remember how beautiful this world can be again.
We have had such devastating weather here in QLD in recent months.

Tricia said...

Ohhhhhh so beautiful! I love love love deep dark rich sunsets... just look at that sky! Fantabulous!!! =)

Soraia B. said...

Thank you :D

S. Etole said...

Beautiful, rich colors in both.

imac said...

Blooming great shot Rick.
Also that red sky.

Dawn said...

Love the color of that bloom....and that sunset is Pure Gold.

Scott said...

Well that bloom is great but the sunset is stunning. Glad to see you get a little rest to share with us.

Rick said...

Merci Marty; if the flower we currently have is any indication, I think they will do very well here ! Bisous des couleurs pour toi (color is US spelling; colour is Canadian).

Soraia - thank you for your visit and comment.

Thank you Ruth for your kind words. You too have been an inspiration.

Ah Joseph - we each live in places with their own beauty, and you've always captured yours very well ! (btw - I used my long lens to get the flower shot ;-)

Rick said...

Yes, Katherine, I've seen lots of your rough weather on the news. Hopefully the worst is behind you now and beautiful sunsets will reappear. Thanks for visiting and commenting again.

Thank you Tricia - the constant change of the sunset itself was spectacular throughout the hour I was there.

Soraia - you're welcome ! ;-)

Thank you Susan !

Rick said...

Thank you Stewart !

Thank you so much Dawn !

Yes, we're very appreciative of having great company - it was nice for them to get a day to themselves, and it gave me a chance to get caught up. somewhat. Lots more touring around over the next few days so time will again be very limited. Thanks for your comments Scott.

darlin said...

Joseph (don't mind me Rick, I want to chat with Joseph for a second!)... we don't have to be jealous, Rick's company is leaving soon and we could do a road trip or in our case an AIR TRIP and go to Florida to visit Rick, I'm sure he'd LOVE that! lol

Rick, yes now I'm talking to you... the amaryllis is stunning and I can see why you want to plant more. How high do these grow?

The sunset is stunning, a piece of paradise captured by one of the best photographers I've had the pleasure of meeting, even if only here on Blogger. Your photos match your disposition, they can be bold, soft, gentle, warm and humble all wrapped into one.

Have a fantastic week Rick!

Leovi said...

Really two beautiful, but I prefer the warm tones of the sunset spectacular.

magda said...

What wonterful Flower " Amaryllis : !!
Very nice gift to your mother!
Your photos with flower and sunset , just fantastic !!!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Both are equally as stunning in their own way! My Amaryllis haven't started to bloom just yet. Anxiously awaiting.

Tiago Braga said...

teh sunset, its brilliant! the coulors, its so so nice, like gold!
Let me invite to pass in to my place , hope you like my work, and somehow my work can inspire you. enjoy it
Hugs from Portugal

Barefoot from Heaven said...

What a beautiful gift your mother brings you every single year. and do enjoy it outdoors this time.

Oooo you sunset is so soothing.
Happy week my friend Dag

CarreraCaballo said...

Yes, Rick it is absolutely true what you have said . . . but have you ever heard about this small green person that lives inside us and keeps whispering . . . LOL

Darlene, that would be a great BLOGGER PARTY under the FLORIDIAN SUN :-D



Leslie said...

I can't believe I have no Amaryllis bulbs or blooms! I'll have to remedy that. This one is gorgeous.


great photos

Rick said...

Darlene - I'll keep the door open and the coffee ready ! ;-) The amaryllis is a real showy flower - some grow to 60-100cm but ours have been mostly around 30-45cm. Thanks for your kind words !

Thank you Leovi !

Thank you Magda - these are very easy to grow - indoors and out !

Thank you Karin - I hope you'll post some photos when they do bloom. Good luck !

Rick said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment, Tiago. I'll certainly be over to your blog to have a look.

Thank you Dag - yes, it's always special watching the gift grow and enjoying the colours; we replant them every year too, after a dormant period. Thanks Dag, and I hope your week is already going well !

LOL Joseph - I think that little green man works for the nursery ;-) The weather is right for a blogger party !

And so you should Leslie - just find a little spot in the garden and plant a bunch of them (and share your photos of them, of course !).

Thanks for your visit and comment Cimpoaca !

darlin said...

I could totally get into a blogger party, BYOC, bring your own camera! ;-) The location is perfect as well! We seriously should plan something, pick a time and place and get a bunch of us together, that would be a blast! Next winter? This way we have lots of time to plan, save, get caught up on homework, etc! :-)

CarreraCaballo said...

You can bring your homework with you, Darlene. We will set up a study-desk just for you! On the beach :-D



Rick said...

Edmonton in February ! Indoors. With heaters blasting ! ;-)