Monday, March 7, 2011

Double delight

I drew the babysitting assignment this evening (that's probably a misnomer - child sitter would be more appropriate I think), whilst the others went shopping (you might recall from earlier posts where shopping fits into my priorities). So I had a few minutes to review the shots I made today and show you our wonderful granddaughters who are staying/playing with us for the next 10 days. Oh yes, their parents are too.

I will have to use moments like this, when there's a lull, to post, respond to comments, and visit you - so I expect that to be sporadic over the next 10 days. (In the meantime I will sneak over here occasionally and have a peek at your comments ... shhh).

(both shots made with a 60mm lens at f5.6, ISO100 and shutter speeds of 1/125 and 1/800 secs)

Hailey - 6-1/2 going on 18

Lilly - turning 4 in April


Cicero Sings said...

Two cutie pies to keep gramps on his toes! They look like characters.

Soraia B. said...

They are so pretty! :D

darlin said...

Rick both of your granddaughters are adorable! I can see you having so much fun over this next ten days, they'll keep you busy I'm sure... in an awesome way! I love the way you've captured the girls, these photos are wonderful.

Scott said...

Aren't grandchildren the best?!?! That bottom one looks like she's got some attitude going on. Really cute!

Dawn said...

Very sweet! I am sure you're having a great time...and they look like it as well:)
Love the shades:))
(Your new header is beautiful- so nice to see color like that! It's still so white here.)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh so cute.The last picture looks like there could be a little attitude,but even that is cute.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

You are going to have the most fun 10 days! Enjoy! (Nice blog make over too, maybe one day I'll get more creative with mine!)

S. Etole said...

Perfect little models for you to have fun with!

Your banner photo speaks ... beautifully.

magda said...

Aaaaaa Rick,
It is both dolls!!!!
To rejoice, be happy and lucky!
lovely girls !!!!
Greetings to all family !

Soraia B. said...

Thank you so much :D

Katherine said...

My they're growing fast Rick! What beautiful little ladies they are. I'm sure they'll be getting spoiled silly by their granddad over the next 10 days & that is as it should be. That's a grandfathers job, I reckon!
Have a wonderful time. Cheers Katherine

Leovi said...

Excellent portraits with a beautiful light in the shadow line. Greetings.

CarreraCaballo said...

One day, I will also have some of those :-D
Nice colorful pics!



Bitch said...

Beautiful ladies..
I can see who is going for shopping in a few
years, haha.

teca said...

Children are all good! Delight in the body of people! It's joy and excitement all the time, isn't it?
"Good luck" with those beautiful girls! :))

I love the hibiscus from the top of the blog. Simply magnificent! Very red indeed!

A huge beijo to you and the whole family.

Tricia said...

Ahhh the big sun hats & big shades remind me of Greta Garbo & Ava Gardner... (in Ava's accent) those girls are movie stars! =)

Tammy said...

A couple of real cuties. I loved your previous banner photo of the snow scene, but I must admit, I've had enough of the snow this year. The flower is a delightful change.

Marty said...

comme elles sont adorables et jolies ! je pense que tu vas passer des moments merveilleux avec tes petites filles ! je te souhaite tout plein de bonheurs Rick ! je crois que tu es un papy
génial !!! je t'envoie plein de bisous et à tes
petites merveilles aussi !!!

jasmin said...

lieber Rick, schöne Fotos...
ja die Kinder bringen Leben in den Tag,
viel Freude und sich selbst wieder Erkennen,
herzlichst Jasmin

imac said...

Real cute Rick - nice choice too, Hate shopping myself.

Love your new Header my friend.

(pop over to see my Header Post)

Jeanne Klaver said...

ADORABLE! Lucky you!!

Rick said...

Thank you all for your comments ! I'm sure I've read them several times. As many of you know from experience, life with grandchildren is grand (ever wonder where that name came from ?). We're enjoying our time with them and every day has its highlights.

I'm trying to find a slice of time here and there to post and perhaps even to make some visits. We have another 4 days that I'm sure we'll make the most of, then a couple of days to 'rest up' before our other 2 daughters arrive for a week of frolicking in the sun.

Thank you again for your visits and comments.