Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reflections in fading light

I'm not sure what it is about reflections that captivates some (most ?) photographers. Perhaps it's the symmetry when that's what is captured, at other times it could be what the reflected light does to the colours, and at yet other times it could be the wonderful distortions made to the reflected image. In this case I found a perfectly still, mirror-like reflecting surface in the fading light of evening  - not even the slightest breeze was present. The scene also reflected the perfect peace and calm of the moment - as though the busyness of life, and even time itself, was suspended.

(18-55mm  f11  1.6 sec  ISO200)


Katherine said...

Perfect Reflection! A fabulous image Rick! Have a wonderful weekend :)

magda said...

So calm, amazing photo-reflections !!!

imac said...

Nice one Rick, doest the heart flip, when you find it so still as this.

Regina d'Ávila said...

Um perfeito reflexo.
Inspira calma, paz..
Linda imagem,
Super abraços,
Regina d´Ávila.
Obrigada por sua visita. Adorei!

CarreraCaballo said...

Crystal Clear, Lovely . . . Now which one is the reflection . . . :-D



darlin said...

Rick I am one of those photographers you speak of and I'm WOWED by this photo. My heart danced when I spotted this on dashboard and I couldn't wait to come and see the full photo! It could be a combination of the beautiful scenery, NO SNOW, the lighting is perfect for this shot and naturally the crystal clear reflection. I looked at the building and it's not much to look at but that's the last thing I noticed. You're good! ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Joseph do you also ask yourself that when you look in the mirror? LOL Cheers!

Leovi said...

Superb reflexes, imperturbable as a mirror.

Carolyn Ford said...

Now...that IS peaceful! It's a perfect mirror image! Nice one, Rick!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing photo.I love the peace this shows.

Marty said...

comme un miroir, pas un souffle de vent !
calme et tranquillité ! j'aime cette image !
bisous bleus Rick

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Looks perfectly serene. You're right about reflections, they make some of the most beautiful photos.

CarreraCaballo said...


Honestly, a few times I did . . . Or was it the me inside the mirror who asked the me outside the mirror . . . Wait, it was the other way around . . . I think I must go to bed now . . . Or wait, first I have to stop by the mirror . . . LOL


Joseph (Inside . . . Outside the mirror)

Rick said...

Thank you, Katherine. I hope your weekend is a good one !

Thanks, Magda !

Thank you, Stewart; yes, the heart skips a beat or two when all is calm and peaceful like this !

Obrigada, Regina - thank you for your visit and lovely comments; muitos abraços e beijos !

Rick said...

Danke, Joseph; tough to tell, but the reed and cattail in the lower foreground give it away !

Thank you very much, Darlene ! (I think what sold you on it was NO SNOW ! ;-) This was one of those rare moments when nothing moves - literally "all is calm".

Gracias, Leovi !

Thank you kindly, Carolyn !

Rick said...

Thank you Ruth !

Merci, Marty. One of those quiet moments when all you can hear are your own thoughts. Warm spring bisous pour toi, Marty.

Thanks Elizabeth. I find them fascinating and can't help but make a few photos when they present themselves (kinda like sunsets - can you ever have too many ?)

becky said...

Excellent reflection. Amazing when the water gets so calm like that!

darlin said...

Joseph, careful you don't go to far into the mirror, you might never come back out! lol

Rick said...

Becky - thank you; right place, right time ;-)