Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready for action !

We were out (relatively) bright and early this morning for a day of fishing in the gulf. My 2 youngest daughters were ready to pull a good catch of fish out of the waters. We joined a larger group on board and were assigned 3 spots near the rear port side of the ship. After sailing for 90 minutes we reached a spot that (to the captain) appeared promising. Down went all the lines and in short order we had landed 4 fish ! (don't ask what they were - other than hammerhead sharks and a few other species most fish in these waters remain nameless for me).

You can see from today's photo that elbow room was at a premium, however, the conditions also made for becoming good neighbours, especially when lines inevitably got tangled. We probably shouldn't have had our early luck because we were skunked the rest of the day. That seemed to be experience of most despite the captain's search for a number of other fishing holes (which all looked the same to me 20 miles out in the gulf). There were a couple of notable exceptions though - a few people did manage to fill their buckets with fish. What still leaves me scratching my head is how fish would choose those lines over the dozens of others that were dangling within a few feet of them, also offering tantalizing bits of squid.

However, the day was definitely a winner - nothing but sun and a warm sea breeze blowing in our faces. Oh, and 8 bite-size filets in our freezer !

(18-55mm  f13  1/400 sec  ISO200)


Sill Scaroni Photographia said...

The blue sky and sticks to fish, in peace of mind.
Beautiful photo !

Marty said...

quelle journée ! Les lignes sont si près les unes des autres que je comprends qu'elles
s'emmêlent ! belle journée de pêche avec un ciel si bleu ! le printemps est arrivé en France aussi et c'est merveilleux ! je t'envoie des bisous
bleus, plus que tes poissons lol !!!

magda said...

Hahaaa, 8 fish-sticks !!!!! Very nice !
Many cane, many fishermen!!
Experience, however the sea, wonderful!!!!

Tammy said...

Blue skys, family and fish nuggets...what more could one ask for :)

darlin said...

There really is still blue! :-) At least you caught a few fish, I wonder if they knew that you were Canadian and if that had anything to do with staying away from your lines? Just a theory! lol See why I'm back in school! Beautiful shot Rick, it's so gorgeous there... but I don't have to tell you that! Have a fantastic weekend!

Dawn said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL shot! I want that on my wall.....(I think the blue makes me rather "swoony"...we don't see that much here;)

I have to just ticks me off. In all the years I've tried it out...never a bite. But happy for you all of course;) tales...;);)

Rick said...

Obrigado, Sill ! Yes, very peaceful. Have a wonderful weekend !

Merci, Marty ! Yes - skies of blue and calm seas as well as happy people on board made for a wonderful day ! Many warm bisous for spring pour toi !

LOL Magda - yes - 8 (small) pieces ! But lots of fun for all. A good weekend to you.

The formula for a perfect day, Tammy ! Thanks.

Rick said...

LOL - yes Darlene, blue skies and no snow ! Not sure if the fish knew we were Canadian - we tried to avoid saying "Eh !" Thanks, and have a great weekend !

Ha ha, Dawn - perhaps I should have recoloured that background white so it would look more familiar ;-) You might like my yesterday's fish tale better. Have a wonderful weekend !

becky said...

sounds like you all had fun. i don't fish much anymore. i still eat them, but i would just feel sorry for them when i'd reel them in!

Rick said...

Ah but Becky - you'd be missing the excitement ! I think that's the reason a lot of people fish - the anticipation when the rod bends and you don't know what's at the end of the line !