Friday, March 18, 2011

Warm memories

We were glad to hear that our most recent visitors had made it safely home today. They also reported that the weather had improved significantly from what they had left behind. Temperatures had reached a balmy 8C/46F and snow was rapidly disappearing. Our last day together was spent near Sanibel Island where we had to 'endure' 29C/84F. I hope that memories of scenes like the one below will keep them warm at least till spring arrives there.

(10-22mm  f14  1/250 sec  ISO200)


darlin said...

Rick this photo is absolutely beautiful! The day looks like it was a perfect day for spending time out on the beach. The baby blue sky and clear water makes me want to pack a suitcase and head out to the airport... it's tempting some days, real tempting, especially when I see photos like this!

It's good to hear that everyone made it home safely and they arrived to springish weather, soon this winter will be nothing more than a distant memory, I hope! Enjoy! :-)

magda said...

Your phoro is very nice, with spring-flowers, blue scy and sea !!!
Have a nice weekend!

Katherine said...

Glad to hear your family are home safe n sound! Love this pic Rick ... we've not been getting too many blue skies of late..but when things improve.. I am so heading for the ocean!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

The water is beautiful. It's exciting that the weather is finally warming up around the country. I'm ready to get out and about again. :)

imac said...

What a wonderful shot Rick.
Memories of summer are now fixed in my mind.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is beautiful and sure to warm the hearts of those who spent time with you there.

Cat said...

It was a balmy 84F here yesterday! I love it!! Beautiful perspective in the photo Rick! Have a great weekend.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohh do wrap that sunshine and warm weather and send some over to Seattle were I'll be in a couple of weeks. Last time I was there we had goreous weather so much more fun exploring than when it rain.

Everything okay at your end of the woods?
Bye Dag

becky said...

84 is right around the perfect temperature for me! Though 46 isn't half bad either for this time of year... signaling spring is on the way for most of us! We had a hi of 70 yesterday which was QUITE lovely! Will you go "home" for summer?

Tammy said...

Thanks for the warm up. we actually had a couple of nice days in the 50s. We'll be getting cold again this weekend, but soon we should have more warm days than cold.

CarreraCaballo said...

Wow, what a perspective, actually a photo that frames itself . . . Beautiful!



Soraia B. said...

Great photo :D

Lisa RedWillow said...

Your photo is beautiful. I love your location. I have so much snow in my yard and can not wait for spring.

Rick said...

Thanks, Darlene ! It was a glorious day - our last together with our visitors down here. I think you owe it to yourself as a graduation present to go somewhere warm, no - HOT, during the winter after your grad. That photo of your snowbanks was downright scary ! Have a super weekend !

Thank you, Magda - it is a very beautiful place.

Ah, if I had my druthers I'd send you some of this beautiful warm and sunny weather ! Hopefully it clears up soon there, Katherine - will look for your ocean photos !

Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, in certain areas spring has sprung - in others it's still lurking around the corner.

Thank you, Stewart - can't be too long now.

It sure did, Ruth - spoke with our daughter today - she envisions herself on the beach, while she climbs between the flannel sheets !

Rick said...

Thank you Cat - 84 is such a great temperature ! Nice to hear you're having that too - should be a great weekend there too - enjoy !

All is well here, Dag ! Got everything packed yet ? We'll send some nice weather out west so you can really enjoy yourself there (you will, regardless of the weather !). Have a great weekend.

Thank you, Soraia !

Thank you, Lisa. Spring is just around the corner, full of promise. Soon the snow will just be a cold memory. Welcome back, and thanks for taking time to stop by.

Wow Becky - 70 must feel great after all that cold ! Yes, we're planning on heading back in under 4 weeks - hopefully the snow has melted back there too ! ;-)

You're welcome, Tammy ;-) Hopefully some of those 80's temps are headed your way soon !

Thanks Joseph. The place was very photogenic - I'll share some more from here soon. Have a wonderful weekend !

Kyria said...

Beautiful!! I love this! The clouds are amazing!

darlin said...

Rick I couldn't agree more that once I graduate a portion of my first winter should be spent where it's HOT! I'll just them them "Rick said so!" lol

Rick said...

Thanks, Kyria !

LOL - seriously though, I think you should treat yourself !