Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Built for the weather

This is Sasha, our Samoyed. Unlike me, our dog loves the cold winter weather. I can endure it, provided I've bundled up properly, but she is in her element. In fact, in spring, when the sun has almost finished its task of clearing away the last remnants of snow, Sasha will find that last little bit that has survived somewhere in the shade and claim it as her own.

As we're nearing the end of 2009, I'm having to think of my commitment to the 365 photo project for 2010. I'm leaning towards going for it - although I've only run this trial for less than 2 weeks so far. I think the challenge will be in finding subject(s) to photograph on a daily basis, Perhaps I'll choose a theme from time to time and try to explore it. Decision deadline will be Thursday night. Hopefully I'll get a few followers who will provide encouragement.

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Anonymous said...

She actually looks white there, I am shocked