Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cribbage for Christmas ??

Christmas 2009 is already in the history books (and I missed the midnight deadline, however, I consider a post on time if it is still done prior to the 'real' end of the day).

What can the connection between cribbage and Christmas possibly be ? Well, for the cribbage aficionado (who call the game 'crib'), the photo below represents a perfect crib hand (29 points !). And Christmas day is 'perfect' when it celebrates the birth of the Saviour of the world with family. The perfect gift for an imperfect world.

And to cap off this Christmas evening, my youngest daughter and I played a few hands of crib, after everyone else retired, which is something we don't often get the opportunity to do (no, neither of us got such a rare perfect hand). Too soon it will be time to part ways again as the family scatters to various places, however, good memories were and are still being made. Make the most of these celebrations so they can be treasured.

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