Monday, December 21, 2009

Soaring with eagles

While I didn't get my post up to make the daily midnight deadline (got home late tonight after a 450km drive - 280 miles), I did manage to take some photos today and have posted one below.

One of my daughters has been developing a talent she wasn't even aware she had. Through her career in community nursing she comes into contact with many people, a lot of whom have amazing life stories. One of these people had been a wood carver (primarily water fowl), and had taught this skill to many students. Health issues and a dwindling supply of motivation had put an end to the enjoyment he used to derive from his carving talents. A divine hand brought my daughter and him together and when she expressed a real interest in his work he asked if she wanted to learn. That was over a year ago. Now not only has his health recovered, but his love for carving and passing on his skills has rejuvenated his spirit - a veritable transformation has occurred with huge benefits for both him and my daughter.

And below is the latest piece of work she's turned out, under his watchful tutelage, and of which we are the grateful beneficiaries.

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