Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Started

Where to start ... where to start ...

Ever get the feeling you could elevate your photography above the 'snapshot' level - you'd seen photos you considered great, and you might even have taken a few yourself, but not consistently, or with an awareness of techniques that would deliver those better results more consistently ?

That's where I was earlier this year, and after having similar nagging thoughts at other times, I finally acted on it by enrolling in some evening photography courses this fall. Shall we say that things started to come into focus (yeah - bad pun, but true anyway). The mystique around digital cameras, knobs, buttons, settings etc started to be unravelled. Before long, f-stops, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO etc etc went from concepts to tools to be used to create. Now - I'm not saying that it's now all intuitive and hardly requires a second thought when shooting. That day may arrive, however, I'm still at a stage where a fair bit of conscious effort goes into thinking about appropriate settings i.e. it doesn't come quite instinctively yet. But more progress on this front in just a few months than over the years before ...

So - having renewed my efforts to improve through some formal education, I also started searching the web for all things photography related - and there is a huge amount of it out there. As I meandered through some sites I came across the idea of doing a 365 photo project i.e. taking/publishing at least 1 photo each day for a full year. I haven't started yet. But I'm leaning in this direction. I want to be sure I'm serious before I start.

The second thing I started was this blog. Never blogged before but have read lot of blogs. I'd like to keep it related to photography.

Two learning experiences for me - how to create an effective blog, and how to improve my photography. My intent is to use this blog to publish 1 photo per day, once I commit to it. We shall see - stay tuned.



Katherine said...

After seeing your 300th post it made me think what your first would have I went-a-looking and look what I found... I found Christmas! This is a delightful picture and with Christmas literally just around the corner.. it's a lovely reminder of the wonderment that Christmas brings. A beautiful first post Rick!!

Rick said...

@Katherine - wow, we've come a long way, haven't we ! Your comment also made me go back to my early musings - little did I know what I was getting into ! But - I have to say that it has been very rewarding. I have met some incredible people online who have loads of talent and from whom I have learned. Many fellow bloggers have provided encouragement and have been very faithful in visiting and commenting - and I include you among them - and that has kept me inspired ! I've also learned a lot about photography, and that was one of the primary goals.

Thank you Katherine for getting me to look back - and thank you for being on the journey with me.

I hope your week is going very well !

Katherine said...

Yes i did go back a bit of a way didn't I & I am glad that I did. I enjoy each of your posts & the words that accompany them. Some people you meet in life are good for your soul & I believe that you are one of those people. Your positive outlook on life coupled with your humour make your blog a lovely place to visit.
I too have found creating my blog rewarding on so many's a place where I can create, a great place of support & it has opened my world (even if it is only in cyber space & my mind)
My week has been chest infection is starting to clear up now thank goodness & I'm looking forward to the next few weekends. There is lots happening over the next month.
Hope your week is traveling along well too... cheers Kath

Rick said...

@Katherine - good to hear things are on the up ! That will make for pleasant weekends. Now - go easy !

darlin said...

Hi Rick, I came back to see where it all begun for you and as I look back I'm glad you started up the P365... if you never did I would never have 'met' you.

Now look at you, how many posts later, and you still show up from time to time which is fantastic to see you and hear from you. Your photos have always been astounding. I never realized that you took a few photography courses, this is something I've been toying with the concept of doing as well. I just might yet, but time will tell.

Enjoy your weekend!

Rick said...

Hi Darlene - I'm catching up on comments and though I've stopped responding to them (time constraints) I had to respond to yours.

Yes, in the fall of '09 I signed up for a couple of creative photography courses at a college about an hour drive from here. The emphasis was on creativity vs technical details (which you were supposed to experiment with). Overall a very good investment of time and $$ - I would recommend it.

Great to hear from you. Happy New Year !