Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We had one of those weather days where it wasn't sure whether to rain, shine, be cold, be warm, and almost everything in between (except SNOW !). Our temperatures jumped around from 13C/55F to 24C/75F and back and forth between these points. The sun shone brilliantly, if briefly, through the odd patch of blue. We had dark, threatening skies which morphed into dull grey skies which then unloaded on us. Let me show you instead of blathering on.

(I won't regale you with more tales of my internet woes. Suffice to say that upload 'speeds' are 6x faster than download speeds, and for the technically inclined, a simple ping consumes 129 ms ! I believe that my dial-up service of 5 years ago ran faster.)

(10-22mm  f11  1/400 sec  ISO200)

 (10-22mm  f11  1/640 sec  ISO200)

 (10-22mm  f8.0  1/25 sec  ISO200)


Laura~Pretty Pix said...

What a fantastic sky, all versions of it!
Beautiful images, Rick. Thanks for sharing your crazy weather day!

Ever Green Tree said...

Wow! You have captured the varying moods of the sky, clouds n greens beautifully.

Riet said...

Beautiul photo's Rick. I love love the last one with the flowers.
We had the same weather yesterday, a bit of sun a bit of rain only not warm, just 18 degrees C.
Have a nice day

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You managed to get some amazing pictures,even in less than ideal weather.

Katherine said...

Threatening skies, yes! But what amazing photos .. absolutely awesome. Your property is just gorgeous Rick & those flowers are beautiful.

Tiago Braga said...

Olá, peço muita desculpa pela intormição! Só o estou a fazer, porque é algo importante para mim, pois o prémio em questão é uma surpresa para uma amiga :D
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Muito Obrigado mesmo :D

Krista said...

Rick, these are fantastic! Our weather is like that every day - it bounces around between temperatures and conditions. It can be hot and sunny one minute, blowing and snowing the next. That's what we get for living North of 60! ;o)

Marty said...

quel ciel ! impressionnant ! on dirait qu'il va nous tomber sur la
tête !!! Je trouve tes photos
vraiment très belles !
belle journée ou soirée, je ne sais pas !
bisous à toi cher Rick, et sans nuages !

CarreraCaballo said...

The 2nd HDR is stunning and I like the halo around the front tree ;-)



Cat said...

Beautiful use of that lens! How nice to have some variety in your weather...not so here...just hot, hot, hot!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Wow! Powerful photos.

magda said...

Very aristic photos Rick!!!
Beautiful nature!!
Many greetings

imac said...

You dont see many skies like that Rick, magic.

Fábio Martins said...

I love the three pictures. Amazing quality :)

Soraia Brito said...

Amazing photos! :D

Thank you so much! No, it's not mine :)
I'll try to keep my blog updated :D

teca said...

What beautiful pictures!
Here is a beautiful moon! Tomorrow'll be full moon!
It's cold here! Brrrrrrrrrr...

Did you miss the little stamp I left you? Tale it:
I love your blog. :)))

See you, honey!
Warm hug and many sweet beijos.

Rick said...

Thank you so much, Laura ! I've been trying to come for a visit but my internet is so slow as to be almost useless - anything with photos to display - forget it. I have (another) call with my ISP tomorrow.

@Ever Green Tree - thank you for dropping by, and your very nice comment. (I'm trying to visit your blog but may have to wait till my internet gets fixed).

Dag Riet. Thank you for visiting! Yes, our peonies are in full glory at the moment, and smell heavenly. I hope your weather gets a little warmer soon - it's almost summer . Fijne woensdag.

Thanks Ruth - I did have to dash back in a couple of times to keep the camera dry.

Hi Katherine - I appreciate your visit (and will come see you as soon as my internet can). We truly feel blessed living out here in the 'boonies'. I trust you're doing well !

Rick said...

Hello Tiago - I'd love to help out but I can't load very much due to my internet issues. Good luck.

Thanks, Krista - I can relate from my time in Calgary (although I suspect you have even more of it there). I never did get used to having 4 seasons in 1 day - sure made gardening a challenge. But the scenery more than compensated !

Merci Marty ! LOL - it DID eventually fall on our heads ;-) (rain). These were all daytime shots as we went from bright to dark, and back. We had sun later today so I'll send you some blue sky bisous to enjoy !

Thank you Joseph; we had such a range of light that I had to try some HDR (must have been an angel behind that tree ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you Cat - I love the ultra wide angles it can capture - still learning how to use it. I'd like a bit of consistently warm/hot weather now so our pool heats up ;-)

Thank you very much, Elizabeth - we did have powerful-looking skies !

Thank you Magda ! (still thinking about your Netherlands series).

Thanks Stewart - I think the weather people call that 'variable cloudiness' ;-)

Cloudia said...

Yes, the web can be maddening;
but as long as it brings me wonderful posts like this one I'll bear with it :)

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral




Rick said...

Obrigado, Fábio !

Thank you Soraia. (I'll bet you wish it were yours ;-)

Ah teca - thank you so much ! Yes, I did see the Sunshine stamp. I'm having really bad internet problems - I can hardly load blogs so I can see photos - my own can take over 20 minutes to load. Thank you for the award - I will try to get and post it as soon as my internet is fixed. I send you many beijos to warm you up in your cold weather.

Tricia said...

Love these shots with that AWESOME & OMINOUS sky, the roadway, all that GREEN, & the HDR halo... sooo cool! =)

I'm terribly sorry you're having so many problems... I wish I could help, but that isn't my expertise!

Michelle said...

That second photo is incredible! Sorry you're having trouble with your internet connection. I hope it's resolved for you soon.

Saz said...

Wow Rick, what gorgeous photo's! Hopefully you'll get that internet connection fixed soon!

Jeanne Klaver said...

WoW! I need to get a new lens. These are absolutely beautiful!

Evanir said...

Muito feliz em encontrar seu blog
pois faço homenagens no meu blog é maravilhoso quando tenho varios Paises para homenagear.
Já estou seguindo você deixando convite para conhecer o meu sera um prazer receber você beijos linda noite,Evanir

Scott said...

Great captures and best of luck on the resolution of your web woes.

Cloudia said...

still worth a look :)

Franja said...

Unos cielos espectaculares!

Arti said...

These are some great shots, loved the sky... Wonderfully captured! Hope your internet problems vanish soon!
Have a nice day Rick:)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

Hi Rick,
i truly love the misty look of those photos!

beautiful captures! great composition, too.

hope your weekend is going super.

Rick said...

Thank you Tricia; still working the internet issues - they're intermittent which is what makes it so frustrating.

Thank you Michelle !

Thanks Saz - I sure hope so ! ;-)

LOL Jeanne - that's my ultra-wide and I created an HDR image - thank you.

Evanir - thank you for visiting and following, and your lovely comment (I may have to take up Portuguese ;-)

Thank you, Scott - on both counts.

Thanks Cloudia. Aloha !

Gracias, Franja !

Thank you very much, Arti !

Thanks Betty - had a wonderful weekend ! Have a great week.