Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing Mr. Highly Versicolour

Well, actually his formal name is hyla versicolor, or more commonly gray tree frog, but his formal name derives from the fact that he can change colours from gray to green to almost white to blend in better with his background. These little guys only measure 5cm/2in. but you wouldn't know it by the loudness of their croak - I guess the females of the species are a little hard of hearing, or perhaps that's selective hearing.

I found this one last evening just outside the front door, trying to impress the ladies.

(70-200mm  f13  1.6 sec  ISO200)

click on photos to enlarge
Today I spotted this one on the bridge over our pond.

(60mm  f13  1/20 sec  ISO200)

We had a staring contest - I think I won when he jumped onto my shirt.

(60mm  f13  1/20 sec  ISO200)

It was difficult to get a shot of his little feet because he kept them tucked in when he was just sitting.

(60mm  f9.0  1/50 sec  ISO200)

For their size they can leap quite a distance. I gave this one a little 'encouragement' and he leaped about 4' right into a nearby tree (they are called tree frogs after all).

(60mm  f14  1/30 sec  ISO200)


darlin said...

Are you sure you won? ;-)

Only you Rick can make a frog look so good! I absolutely love that second photo, the frog was just planning his next move, psyching you out, then he went for it! lol

I would have to agree that it's selective hearing, I guess a lot of us female species have that in common, or so it seems.

Marty said...

une star est née dans ton étang !
c'est peut-être un prince charmant comme dans les fairy tales !!
qui sait ??
c'est beau un frog vu de très près !
surtout avec une cape verte !
magnifique !
belle journée à toi Rick
et plein de bisous coassants !

magda said...

Beautiful and artistic photos Rick!!!!
I do not know why, but this gentleman scares me ...
a hug

Katherine said...

Howdy there Rick.. I love frogs & these little guys are so beautiful. I love how they tuck their little webbed feet underneath them, so cute!!! Once again you've done a fabulous job capturing them .. loved all the pics. Hope all is well in Ontario...things are rather chilly in Queensland at the moment, although not as cold as your winters that's for sure!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yikes! I shudder to think of a frog jumping onto me.No thanks.The pictures turned out great.

pumpkydine said...

Fantastic photos! It's amazing how much noise(I mean Music) can come from something so small. Ha Ha. Now that is one of God's creatures that is often heard but seldom seen.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Great shots, but I think I'd scream if he jumped on me!

Leslie said...

i love tree frogs, and he's a very handsome fellow. wonderful photos, especially that close-up of his feet.

Tricia said...

those lil feetsies are so cute! heheheee

Jennifer Thompson said...

Great captures!
Just came across your blog...FANTASTIC!

Jeanne Klaver said...

Selective hearing-definitely! They are so cute. I love the way they use their feet; curling up to rest, splayed out to jump, curled around the branch to hold on. I could sit and watch them for hours. Thanks for sharing.

becky said...

I love tree frogs! they are so cute! i don't see them very often. great shots, rick! love your new header, too. i've been off the blog for a while, so i'm off to catch up a bit!

Evanir said...

Hoje quero deixar muito carinho para você
,também agradecer por sempre estar presente
não só no meu blog mais na minha vida.
Cada visita que recebo é um balsamo
para refrigerar minha Alma.
Tenho sobrevivido a muitas tempestades
na ceteza que Deus sempre esta comigo.
Seu carinho não tem preço a cada
visita sua é benção sem medidas que recebo.
Um dia linda cheio de flores
perfumadas na sua
beijos e meu carinho sincéro ,Evanir.

Bitch said...

What a frog tale, dear Rick.
How big are their feet.
Very nice captured!!!

Soraia Brito said...

I love this photos! :D

lisa said...

Wow! He sure is a tiny little one!
These are wonderful photographs Rick.
Hope you got him out of your shirt!! :-)

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Fantastic photos. Focus very good

Michelle said...

Wonderful shots. Lol...about the staring contest and him jumping onto your shirt!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Great captures! Frogs are great, especially tree frogs. I love their feet!

Tammy said...

Frogs are so under appreciated :)

Great portraits, and thanks for telling your tail. Picturing him jumping on you gave me a smile to start the day.

teca said...

I loved the photos of the frog!
It seems to pose for your lens. :))

A big beijo, honey!

Su said...

Hi there!
What beautiful pictures here, so interesting and perfect those gray tree frogs. I loved the last one, the color, the trees... Actually I liked everything I have seen here...
For sure I will be back... Hugs from Brazil! Su...
I'm following your blog!

Lisa RedWillow said...

I take it you love this guy.. He is kind of cute from this distance and outstanding photography Rick. Keep him way out east.

Rick said...

Ha ha - I think I did, 'cause I got the shots and he jumped ;-) We have lots of these little froggies around (likely because we have an abundance of BUGS) but they're much more heard than seen. Thanks Darlene (I won't touch that selective hearing comment ... ;-)

LOL Marty - yes, a star, but I was not about to give it any bisous ;-) Thank you for the croaking bisous, and I send you bisous from the new 'prince charming' ! ;-)

Oh Magda, no need to be afraid - they are only 5cm long and like bugs a lot more than you or me !

Hi Katherine - thanks for dropping by and your kind words. We had a hot, sticky day today (29C) - perhaps I need to send some your way ! ;-)

Ha ha - he didn't sit on me long Ruth - he jumped down to the bridge where I managed to get a shot of his tiny feet.

Rick said...

Thank you Randy ! Yes, they're quite loud and tough to find - you have to creep up on them so they don't stop croaking or else you'll never spot them.

Ha ha - you'd really scare the little guy then, Elizabeth (as I told my wife - they don't have teeth. I think ;-)

Thank you Leslie (do they live in Florida too ?). I had to be quick to get his feet because he kept tucking them under.

LOL Tricia - I agree ;-)

Thanks for visiting Jennifer, and your nice comment. See you again, soon.

Rick said...

I agree Jeanne - amazing little feet they have to hang on to anything ! Thank you.

Thanks Becky - I hear them lots but don't see them often. Appreciate your visit !

Thank you for a very thoughtful comment, Evanir. I see visits here the same way you do - a very nice way to stay in touch and be touched by people around the world, and how they see our world. A peaceful weekend to you. Beijos !

Ha ha - thank you Monika ! Have a wonderful weekend !

Rick said...

Obrigado, Soraia !

Thanks Lisa - they are quite small and hard to spot. He jumped right onto the bridge after he wished me a very personal hello ;-)

Very kind words Fábio ! Thank you.

Yep - if you could have seen us 'facing off' Michelle; I think me pulling the camera out of his face after the shot made him jump.

Hi Karin - yes, tiny, perfectly-formed feet to offset that big grin ;-) Thanks.

Saz said...

Wow! What an absolutely glorious frog! I love the photo's, you've really captured him well!!

So sorry for not posting for a while, I got a new laptop, and have been so busy just sorting it out, as well as helping mum, and my laptop wouldn't accept my memory card, so had to get a USB adapter thing for it.. So yeah, fun life for me!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Wow, what cool frogs. They're beautiful--for frogs,

Rick said...

Thank you Saz ! (catching up on comments ;-) I hope your laptop is running very well now - I see you`re posting again !

Ha ha - thanks Laura (that`s what the princess thought too ;-)

Hillary said...

Very cute little guy! Great shots :). I hear so many frogs here at night..this inspires me even more to try and go find them lol