Thursday, March 4, 2010

(Day 63) No longer needed ??

The land around here was 'settled' over 200 years ago. Back then, British Empire Loyalists who sided with their mother country when the US wanted independence, arrived here and hacked productive farms out of the bush, and established towns and villages. They also quickly erected places of worship for by and large they had a strong faith. They looked to God for sustenance in the difficult times.

How times have changed. While there are still 'poorer' people (a relative term), affluence abounds, and with it comes apathy especially in spiritual matters. People don't feel the need to turn to God it seems.

Today's photos show one of the early churches built in the area which once saw a community come to thank and praise their Sustainer - now it sits forlorn and neglected, a symbol of people's spiritual lives. Seems to me that the Old Testament is full of similar stories.

(70-200mm  f14  1/200 sec  ISO200)

(18-55mm  f14  1/100 sec  ISO200)

(18-55mm  f14  1/80 sec  ISO200)


M. Hassan said...

Sorry, I didn't read the blog because I had little time today, but I love all 3 shots, but the second and third speak to me the most.

Anonymous said...

not sure what to say....speak to me...about the old testment?

Rick said...

@M.Hassan - thank you.

@Anonymous - re: Old Testament - whenever the Israelites experienced prosperity they eventually turned away from God and started thinking of themselves as quite self-sufficient. It took a major (and painful) crisis to get them back on track. Is our western world any different ?