Sunday, March 28, 2010

(Day86) Brass

Looking at brass tonight reminded me of death. Death is not something our culture likes to think about. Our culture is obsessed with youth and vigour and things new. Death, like brass, is hard and cold and unyielding. But beyond the hard reality of it also shines a wonderful glow - for those who grab hold of the Promise.

Our vigil continues. The time is near, although we do not know the hour nor the day. I appreciate the encouraging words I have received via your comments, and ask for your patience in visiting and commenting on your blogs - I will do so again in a few days.

(60mm  f5.6  3.2 sec  ISO400)


darlin said...

Rick I love your comparison of death to brass, it's so true.

God bless you and yours, take care... I'm sure that the blogs aren't going anywhere.

Kerri said...

A Superb image!

Death is hardest on those left behind ~ if the one dying knows the way home ~ there is nothing for them to fear. Very very hard on those left behind.

Kyria said...

Great photo. More reflection...sorry you are going through a hard time. Our blogs will all be waiting; don't worry.

imac said...

I like this shot.
You and your family and friends are in our hearts and minds.

M. Hassan said...

Sorry, can't read your blog today, but love the amazing DoF and gold contrast.

Rick said...

darlin, Kerri, Kyria, imac, M. - thank you each for your kind comments and support. It's truly appreciated. I'm hoping things get back to 'normal' shortly.