Friday, March 19, 2010

(Day 78) Spring sculptures

It's a magical time of the year - transformations are taking place as the sun warms up the earth. Brown is turning to green, plants are emerging from a deep sleep, snow and ice are disappearing ... Today's subject(s) fell victim to this transformation - they existed all winter but are no more.

(60mm  f16  1/60 sec  ISO100)

(60mm  f16  1/50 sec  ISO100)

(60mm  f4  1/800 sec  ISO100)


darlin said...

Awesome shots Rick! I'm going to ask you a question and I don't care how stupid I sound... so with 100 ISO, does that slow down the shutter speed? I'm going to learn yet, and if I see something you post and I love, I hope you don't mind me asking you questions.

Have a great night!

Photog Ave said...

These are just really awesome shots!!
They are just so great! All go together fantastically too.

['รด ] Avery

Krista said...

What a neat series of shots! the top one reminds me of lava... which is ironic... :o)

Rick said...

@darlin - thank you. ISO controls the sensitivity of your sensor to light - the lower the ISO, the less sensitive it is. All things being equal, if you set the ISO lower you would also set a slower shutter speed to get the same exposure. When you choose a high ISO e.g. 800 or 1600 in low light, you can set a higher shutter speed which will help prevent blur due to camera shake - up to a point of course (typically 1 divided by the focal length of the lens setting e.g. 1/60 sec for a 60mm lens - now that's getting a bit technical). There's great info at the Digital Photography School link under 'Favourite Links' at the right. And that was a good question to ask.

Rick said...

@Avery - thank you. I had to shoot fairly quickly because my subjects were disappearing before my eyes! :)

Rick said...

@Krista - thank you - and I agree, now that you mention it. I thought that one looked a bit like the top of a glacier with all the crevasses.

M. Hassan said...

For a while I thought I got rid of the cold feeling that has been troubling me for the past 4 months, but you brought it back ;), just kidding.

Love the idea and a quick question. Did you place them there?

Great capture!

Rick said...

@M - thank you. We have a pond beside the house and the sun has been melting the thick layer of ice causing it to break into pieces. I couldn't get close enough to them in the pond so I fished a few pieces out, put them on the sidewalk and took my pictures. By the afternoon there was nothing left of them (but these photos).