Thursday, March 25, 2010

(Day 84) Overflowing with spring ...

... runoff, that is. I was going to a little village near here with the intention of shooting one of the historical sites there. As I walked towards the site I heard a roaring sound that got louder and louder. I hadn't heard that sound before since this place is usually quite tranquil. I was surprised at what I saw - the normally shallow creek that meanders below a small power dam on the Rideau River had turned into a raging torrent. I had forgotten that spring runoff occurs much earlier in Ontario than in Alberta (June), and even earlier this year due to the mild weather and early spring.

If you've got a kayak, and a death wish, hurry on down.

(70-200mm  f16  1/250 sec  ISO400)

(70-200mm  f16  1/400 sec  ISO400)

(70-200mm  f16  1/500 sec  ISO400)


M. Hassan said...

Looks like the storm we're having here as I speak. I thought the winter was behind us, but I'm wrong.

Great capture!

imac said...

Great water captures.

Rick said...

@M - thank you. We're having sun but the temperature is more like winter - high: -2C, low: -14C !

@imac - thank you.