Monday, December 6, 2010

(Day 340) iPod - where it all began

I've often wondered what it would be like to plunk someone from a century or so ago down into today's world. Take someone from 1849 who took many weeks to travel either overland, or by ship around Cape Horn, to California from Boston and tell them it can now be done in a few hours. Or take that person and walk them to the nearest switch in the house and have them flip it to turn on the lights. Or take a Thomas Edison and demonstrate an iPod for him. Can you imagine the utter disbelief and amazement they would experience ?

Today we visited the winter home of Thomas Edison, one of the world's greatest inventors. Among the many photos I made there, here are a couple of some ancestors of the iPod.

I wonder - if we could be transported 100 or so years into the future, what would cause us utter disbelief and amazement ?

(both shots made with a 10-22mm lens at f8, ISO800 and shutter speeds of 1/6 and 1/3 sec)


Ruth said...

I think I will stick with my ipod/ipad instead of these contraptions.

Scott said...

What we will see in 100 years from now is unimaginable. I do love these photos of this old equipment.

darlin said...

WOW! I absolutely LOVE these, the color in the first photo is astounding... I'm thinking that this would look fantastic in my living room!:-)

So Edison also migrated south for the winters, interesting history. I would love to be transported back in time not ahead if we had the option. I think that I was born a bit after my time, I love the simple life, today can be crazy making if I allow everything to bother me! Awesome post Rick.

Dawn said...

Oh How Awesome you got to visit here!!! My boys and I just finished a book on Thomas Edison! What a field trip this would be:)

Love the photos of those inventions.
Things may be easier today....but how neat would it be to have one of those contraptions to play with?

Hope said...

Everything they made back then always was a work of art.. built with care..and has personality..and what is even more astounding. is that most are still in good shape.. not like what we have now.. that is made by care or personality involved..

jasmin said...

lieber Rick, ja schöne Nostagie, ich lebe oft 100 Jahre zurück, und das ist ganz angenehm, ich liebe diese alte Zeit, aber 100 Jahre Zukunft ist mir Schrecklich, herzliche Grüße Jasmin

chasity said...

those are so pretty...

isn't technology amazing?
and sometimes annoying?!


i try to imagine bringing someone like laura ingalls to our time~
we have so many conveniences...
getting across the country in a few hours instead of months.
taking a bath in hot water that doesn't have to come from outside.

we really are blessed.

London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan said...

Absolutely loving the gramophones here Rick. Reminds us of how times used to be and kicks us in the butt to appreciate our life as we know it.

Thanks for sharing :O)



The Whimsical Gardener said...

Interesting point to consider...the artistry of the relics is beautiful!

Tricia said...

Ancestors of the iPod... heheheee!

"I wonder - if we could be transported 100 or so years into the future, what would cause us utter disbelief and amazement?" I was going to say that very thing... Can you imagine! I remember when I was a kid & we'd see Sci Fi movies of people talking miles away from each other but on a tv looking thing & now we can all do it! Technology amazes me & I love it... when it works correctly! I hate it when it doesn't!!! heheheee

Carolyn Ford said...

It's certainly easier to put an i-pod in our pockets! But, these are truly the beginnings of times to come!

CarreraCaballo said...

I think in 100 years people will go back to zero, I guess it would be interesting to see the technology in 15 years from now . . . Maybe the iPod and the iPhone will be implanted in our brains :-D



S. Etole said...

I wondered the same thing just this week ...

imac said...

Hi Rick, This is such a wonderful post my friend, and great shots too.

Yup, just think, what we would make of transprting to another world for a vacation?.

Yippee I'm back in the land of Blggers, my friend.

Photog Ave said...

Cool stuff! Will we be seeing more?

I can't imagine what we would be in disbelief of.
If you could, would you do it?

BTW- Just wanted to let you know that I wrote about "The Fisherman"!

Rick said...

LOL Ruth ! Pretty tough to fit one of these into a purse !

I agree Scott but it's fun to try. Thank you.

Thanks Darlene ! My dad had a huge cabinet record player with a big heavy arm and needle that played 78 RPM records - when I was quite young, of course ;-) I think each era has its challenges - the past may have been simpler but they couldn't blog ;-) - but the well-off could winter down here !

Thanks Dawn. Fascinating isn't it.

Rick said...

I agree Hope - today's stuff is built to last just long enough till the next version comes out. And we don't make anything ourselves anymore in N.A. Pity.

Hello Jasmin - the past may be pleasant because it's known - the future is somewhat scary since it's unknown. Viele Grüße aus Florida !

Yes Chasity - technology can be amazing - and frustrating ! Laura Ingalls would likely have felt she was blessed too - but we certainly are. Perhaps people 100 years from now will look back and think we were really 'roughing' it ;-)

Rick said...

Appreciate the visit and comments David ! Works of art, weren't they ? I hope your winter starts getting back to 'normal' ;-)

Thanks Cat - they don't make things like that anymore !

I've had that thought a few times Tricia - but we can only peer into the past, not really the future. About technology - yep, love it & hate it !

Hi Carolyn - would be a sight to see, lugging one of these babies around ! How small will they be 100 years from now - microchip ?

Rick said...

If Steve Jobs had his way, we might Joseph ! I hope to be here 15 years from now to see the technology, but I'm not counting on another 100 !

Susan - leads to interesting thoughts, doesn' it ?

Thank you mac ! Great to have you back - will be over shortly.

Thanks Avery - I have more photos but will save them for a while. Yep - if we could time travel I'd love a peek into the future. I'll be over soon to read about the fisherman.

Alexander DeLarge said...

A wonder that, of course, we've all had... I like very much the first one, it has some great colours and composition. As regards ehat you say, it is curious to wonder about those stuff... sometimes it's too difficult to understand, really.


marty said...

de belles inventions joliment décorées !
de nos IPod, il ne restera que la pollution !
big bises Rick !

Lisa RedWillow said...

These are stunning. My neighbours have one. I really was amazed and wanted to know all about it. Great find and photos.

Rick said...

Alex - yes, a common thought, no doubt. Thank you.

Marty - truly these were works of art; our current technology will last 2-3 years and then ... junk ! Bisous to last for a long time - never obsolete !

Lisa - thank you; your neighbours are fortunate to still have one.

Leovi said...

What pretty both. Fantastic light and color!

Rick said...

Thank you Leovi - works of art !

julia said...

¡¡Que preciosidad de colores y de fotografías!!
Me voy a las siguientes que me he perdido muchas entradas.
Un saludo.

Rick said...

Gracias Julia. Tiene un fin de semana maravilloso !

Kyria said...

I really love these! What great colors!