Sunday, December 19, 2010

(Day 352) Just this once ?

Saturday Dec. 18, 2010

I have to break the project 365 cardinal rule, just this once (well, I may have once or twice before too, but who's counting). I was totally unable to get a shot this day. We left southwest Florida early in the morning and before long, we were in a downpour, torrential at times. I started the day out wearing shorts and sandals, but by our 2nd gas stop I exchanged them for jeans, socks, and boots. We completed over 1,500 km/950 mi day 1 and ended up in Richmond, VA late in the evening. The surroundings and timing were not conducive to making photos, so I begged the project 365 gods for forgiveness.

Instead I chose this shot from my walk around the canals last Wednesday evening.

(10-22mm  f8  1/4 sec  ISO400)


Carolyn Ford said...

Nice light...maybe the gods will be forgiving or NOT! HA!

darlin said...

This shot is so beautiful that this once you won't be penalized, I know the rule makers personally... after all I'm a second yearer! lol I'm trying to think if I've done this in two years, posted a previous days shot and yup I have. I had ONCE when I went to the farm and had no internet, I shot the photos on the dates but had to post them later. So ya, this once but don't let it happen again or I don't know just how forgiving they'll be. :-) (Oh ya and there were the moves, and hmmm ya, you just need a good excuse and you have one heck of a good one, not to worry.) lol

CarreraCaballo said...

Beautiful mansion :-)
The reflection and the warm colors add up to it's majestic feeling!



Soraia said...

Great photo :D

Tricia said...

I'm not a 365 god, but I command they forgive, especially w/ a shot like that!!! YoWzA! =)