Friday, December 10, 2010

(Day 343) A salty dog

Thursday Dec. 9, 2010

I have to give the weather forecasters here some credit. We awoke this morning to steady rain and heavy skies. We had planned to go on a sunset dinner cruise with good friends but it looked like those plans would have to be rescheduled. The forecasters had 'promised' clearing skies by noon, but we doubted them and discussed an alternative date. Well, wouldn't you know it - right on noon hour the rain stopped, the skies lightened and by a quarter past noon, the sun was even shining !

Late this afternoon we made our way to the harbour near Sanibel Island to board our ship. It seems there were many more doubters because the ship originally had 50 places reserved, but we sailed with 10 ! That allowed plenty of time to chat with the experienced captain at the helm.

Oh, the sunset was wonderful, but you'll need to wait a few days to see it.

(10-22mm  f16  1/80 sec  ISO100)


Dawn said...

Glad you still had faith in the nice weather!
What fun it sounds like you're having down there. Even think you want to come back?;)

Love this shot ~ Water and sunsets are my favorite. This is beautiful.....

imac said...

Thats cruel Rick, getting my hopes up for a sunset(Iluv em) and keeping me waiting,lol.
This shot is a super one, really like the colour and shine within, neat work my friend.

I'll just sit and wait then haha.

Ruth said...

This image is beautiful,I can't wait to see the sunset ojne.

M. Hassan said...

The sky is awesome and the composition is amazing. Well done.

Soraia said...

Love it! :D
It's beautiful :D

jasmin said...

ha ha, voller Ungeduld, wartent auf den Sonnenuntergang Jasmin...schönes Foto, wie ein Ölgemälde, herzliche Grüße von Jasmin

Rick said...

Dawn - I have to admit that we did have a contingency plan - just in case, you know ;-) We're driving back a week tomorrow but hope to be back here again 3 weeks after that - can't have TOO much of a good thing in the snow !

Thank you mac - I thought I'd save a sunset for Sunday.

On Sunday for sure Ruth. Thank you.

Thank you M! Have a great weekend.

Rick said...

Obrigado Soraia !

Vielen dank Jasmin ! Come back on Sunday ;-) Und auch viele Grüße von Rick

lisa said...

What a beautiful shot Rick!

darlin said...

Wow, straight out of a brochure for the dream dinner date. What an amazing photo Rick, even after almost a year, you never cease to amaze me with your gift. And talk about being in the right place at the right time, that you were for this shot, thanks to the weatherman not lying. :-)

marty said...

c'est une très belle photo !
j'aimerais faire une croisière
sur un voilier, sur une mer chaude !!
bisous Rick

Leovi said...

It has a fantastic light, seems an oil painting.

M. Hassan said...

Hi Rick,

Are my updates showing in your blogger dashboard?

Darlin is not getting my updates and I'm starting to worry that nobody is getting any of my updates.

Rick said...

Thank you Lisa !

Ha ha Darlene - we are now believers in Florida forecasters (something I could NEVER say about the ones in Calgary ;-) Thank you for your kind comment. Enjoy your weekend.

Merci Marty ! It was a short - but fabulous - cruise (2 hours including a superb sunset !). May your wish come true, and in the meantime, many bisous for you.

Thank you Leovi; yes, I was pleasantly surprised at the texture in the photo.

I'll check again M - most times I just go directly to your blog.