Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Day 345) Pssst - secret ingredient for losing weight

Ok, I have to tell you right off the bat that I'm not making any of this up. Have a look at today's photos - bottom and top view. Now.

We found a number of these beauties - known as horseshoe crabs - lying on the beach when we went for a walk this afternoon. Apparently, technically speaking, these are not really crabs but are more related to spiders and scorpions. I know - pleasant thought. But would you have thought that a substance found in the shells of these animals, when added to food, can help you lose weight ?

Now don't rush out and start nibbling on your nearest supply of horseshoe crabs, and don't just take my word for it. There's a wealth of information about them here, especially under the heading "Commercial Importance of Horseshoe Crabs". See - we both learned something new today.

(both shots made with a 70-200mm lens at f10, ISO200 and shutter speeds of 1/400 and 1/500 sec)

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Scott said...

I know I need all the help I can get. I'll have to take a closer look at these. Very interesting creatures. I've heard of them, and seen their shells before, but don't remember seeing what is under the shell before.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Rick, it seems i've missed out on so much bright colorful days you're sending out here.

Hey guess what...??? I know another way to loose weight very quickly...trowing up and having a bad diariah.....not the nicest way thought...

I'm a little jealouse about your warm weather, although it's getting better again here too. All the snow is gone again (wich is nice for the boys because they need to ride there bikes to school for over an hour each day back and forth) but I loved it.

anyhow have a wonderful sunday and be happy today.
Lieve groetjes Dag.

AleR said...

Are you want to say - ther are eatable? Brrrr!!!

teca said...

I didn't know this crab, and also I need not lose weight... :))))
Therefore I'm only admiring your words and photos. Thank you by the explanation, I'll pass it on.
Many beijos of Sunday.

darlin said...

Well now, can ya bring me back some of these? LOL I don't think that the sauna pro is going to do what it's supposed to, as it sits off to the side and has only been used once. :-)

So that's what sand looks like, it's been so long since I've seen it I'd almost forgotten. Stunning photos as per your norm Rick, you're setting a pretty high standard but you give me inspiration all the time, thank you.

Happy Sunday!

Katherine said...

I see legs, I see a hard shell but where are it's eyes & mouth... Oooo Rick it looks a little creepy to me, almost like a 'face hugger' alien-like thing from the movie, Aliens. I don't think I would want to eat that, even it if did help me shed weight.
None the less thank you for the Biology lesson. Haven't been around for a while, I hope all is well in paradise! Cheers Kath

Leovi said...

This is the first time I see this type of crab, but for now I do not need to lose weight. After Christmas possibly need. Some very interesting photos.

imac said...

Gee, I wanna loose weight too.
They remind me of Stingrays.

M. Hassan said...

That is one strange looking crab and I can see why they call them horse-shoe crab.

Where they alive? Were you allowed to take some home?

Rick said...

Scott - I know what you mean ;-) I'm getting a real education down here.

Dag - that doesn't sound like an enjoyable way to lose weight ;-) 't weer is hier ook een beetje koeler geworden; 21C vandaag maar het wordt morgen ochtend maar 3C ! Fijne week !

Thanks for stopping by AleR; hope you won't eat these, literally - apparently something in the shell is extracted and used ;-)

LOL Teca - you can let someone else experiment with losing weight ;-) Have a fine week and many beijos to you !

Rick said...

Ha Darlene - if that sauna pro fails, you can fall back on these ;-) You should be seeing lots of sand there - don't they use it on the roads ? Have a great week !

Hi Katherine - apparently those little knobby things off to each side on top are eyes, and it has one front & centre (like cyclops). It DOES look a little alien, doesn't it ? Thanks for coming by and also have a wonderful week.

Leovi - maybe I should send you some shells for after Christmas, just in case :) Thank you.

I think I'd rather take up jogging mac ;-)

Hello M; no, they were quite dead - I 'prodded' them. I didn't try to take any home either - 't bestuur zou dat niet leuk vinden ;-)

Lisa RedWillow said...

They look intersting and love your photos.

Rick said...

Thank you Lisa - I too got a much better look at them via the photos.

M. Hassan said...

Haha, ik begrijp het ;) Trouwens ik ben sinds vorige week je nieuwe landgenoot. Ik ben vorige week nederlander geworden (na 11 jaar).

Rick said...

Gefeliciteerd M !!

M. Hassan said...

Thanks Rick! Now I have to explore my photography passion.

dragan valentina said...

Very interesting!!! I have never seen anything like.