Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Day 349) Seconds

My 365 photo quest today was to find a canal that was lit up with coloured lights. I left just before dusk along a route where I knew I'd have a clear view of some canals from the road. Well, to keep a long story short I didn't find what I was looking for, so I settled for this.

(18-55mm  f8  1/5 sec  ISO800)

And I couldn't help slipping this one in either.

(18-55mm  f8  1/8 sec  ISO200)

And wouldn't you know it - I found what I was looking for on the way back but there was nowhere to stop. Maybe I'll try for that another day. But I was pretty happy with what I did find today.


Scott said...

You did make some pretty photos in spite of not finding what you were looking for. I hope you get back to the other one and share that with us.

darlin said...

Wow, these are amazing photos Rick. Lucky you to have to "settle" for these! Wait til you see what I "settled" for tonight! lol

I had to go back for yet another look, these are breathtaking photos, yup another piece of your paradise which I am extremely grateful to get a glimpse into. Now I know it's not all black and white, or brown from the sand on the roads.

Dawn said...

"SETTLED"? Those are great.
The color in that first one is magical...and I love the peacefulness of the water.
Love what you settle for:)

Leovi said...

I love this photo, you can breathe the atmosphere of the environment. A lovely light, very beautiful with the backlight of the bridge. In the second photograph the reflections in the water are exquisite, with a softness that invites you to relax.

imac said...

2 wonderful shots Rick, both have their own beauty.

CarreraCaballo said...

I think I'll book a ticket to Florida and stay there too :-D



julia said...

Una nocturna muy bonita con esas pasarelas a contraluz, y me gusta mucho el color de esas aguas en el puerto.
Felices Fiestas y buen año 2011.
Un saludo.

jasmin said...

lieber Rick, deine Foto Überraschungen, ja es ist sicher eine Reise wert in deine fotogene Gegend, du hast Freude und Wünsche auf der Suche nach einen schönen und interessanten Opjekt, herzlichst Jasmin

marty said...

comme elles sont belles ces photos ! les lumières et les couleurs sont fantastiques !
depuis une heure il neige encore ici et c'est déjà tout blanc dans la nuit noire !
flocons de bisous pour toi Rick !

chasity said...

i can't resist a good shot of boats in a marina.
so peaceful...
and filled with so many possibilities of adventure.

great photo.

{and i love how you guys spell colour}


The Whimsical Gardener said...

Yes, not bad at all for settling! I have a fondness for boat and water shots...what am I saying, I have a fondness for all shots! Nicely done!

Rick said...

Thanks Scott - given that tomorrow is our last day here for a few weeks I'm not sure I'll get it.

LOL Darlene - I saw what 'settled' on you ;-) Thank you !

Thanks Dawn - I guess I meant that I settled for these when I didn't get my primary shot (not that I didn't like these ;-)

Gracias Leovi - thank you for your kind comments !

Rick said...

Thank you mac !!

Joseph - best bring at least a sweater ;-)

Gracias Julia ! Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo a usted también !

Danke Jasmin - I've made it an objective in this project to try and find subjects of interest to photograph. Viele herzliche Grüße von Rick !

Rick said...

Merci Marty ! I'll be making 'snow shots' in a few days - back in Canada. Bisous des neiges !!

LOL Chas - so hard to break a good (spelling) habit - it's olde English yew know ;-) Thanks Chas !

Thanks Cat - I share that fondness for boats, especially when there are nice reflections ;-)

Leslie said...

Well, you came pretty close with that first shot! Nice the way you lined up the lights with the top rail of that dock.

Katherine said...

Maybe not what you planned Rick but they're damn good just the same! Very calming!

Soraia said...

Great photos!