Monday, December 20, 2010

(Day 354) Shape of things to come

The acclimatization process is underway - day 1 almost in the books. I kept the wood stove stoked all day. I even spent time outdoors this morning - I fired up the old David Brown and cleaned the 7 cm/3 in of snow off the driveway (not that it really needed it, but being outside helped with getting back into the swing of winter). Sasha was truly in her element and needed no acclimatization.

This afternoon I took the camera gear - which I remembered to also acclimatize - and went looking for some winter scenes, not far from home. Cold has a wonderful way of creating shapes that warmth just can't, and after just 30 minutes of trudging through bush and holding the camera barehanded, it certainly 'shaped' my hand. Here are a few shapes I found.

(70-200mm  f7.1  1/80 sec  ISO400)

(70-200mm  f11  1/25 sec  ISO200)

(70-200mm  f7.1  1/80 sec  ISO400)


Darlene said...

Wow, the water's not even frozen there. What's your temperature like? Are we the only ones here with 5' of snow and frigid temps? lol A wood stove is so beautiful, the smell, the heat the put out and just the sounds of them are all so therapeutic. Cooking on a wood stove is even better! Everything tasted so much better for some reason.

Cool photos, nature sure has some interesting shapes which no piece of artwork can ever replicate.

Farmchick said...

Nature is just beauty waiting to be noticed. Nice shots. The second picture is my favorite.

Dawn said...

You can certainly find beauty wherever you are:) Even if it means your hand gets a tad frozen in the process!
I like the 2nd one best.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

True cold pics my friend. Don't freeze your butt off...and keep working outdoors that'll keep you warm. I love to work outdoors now, it's just perfect here too...exept that holland isn't prepared for this kind of weather.

Het is min 16 graden hier en door de oosten wind is het gevoelsmatig wel min 25. Alles ligt stil zoals vluchthavens en met de auto (helaas heb ik geen winterbanden) is het glibberen en glijden...heerlijk surfen op de sneeuw....nee voor de oudjes hier is het super gevaarlijk en heb gister dan ook een oude dame helpen oversteken omdat haar rollator vast uit, helpen half uur verder en auto weer in....veel mensen zijn wel veel en veel geduldiger en dat is weer heerlijk.

Okay that turned out to be rather longer than expected. Now I've gotta go take Storm out and drive/glide to the hairsalon. Cu around my cold freezing friend.
Warmest hugs Dagmar

marty said...

j'adore ces trois photos de froid, Rick !
Finalement, tout est beau dans ce monde,
là où il fait chaud et là où il fait froid !!!
L'ambiance de Noël est surement plus jolie
au Canada, Non ?? je te souhaite une belle
journée de musculation en enlevant la neige
et la glace !!je t'envoie une luge qui glisse dans la neige jusque vers toi avec plein de bisous dessus !!!

ju-north said...

Wonderful pics - treasures in the snow!

Leovi said...

Estupendas composiciones, son como esculturas abstractas.

Leovi said...

Great compositions, are like abstract sculptures.

chasity said...

snow is good for a few things

hope you have a wonderful christmas rick.


CarreraCaballo said...


The wood stove is on, David Brown is back to life and Sasha needs no acclimatization - It seems things are exactly the way they were!

Welcome back home :-)



Ruth said...

WInter has a beauty all it's own.I love the second picture,with the reflection.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

You know I don't think you could pry me away from that wood would it look in macro? Beautiful post. I'm surprised the water isn't frozen.

Chad said...

I be you're excited to be back north.I like having the 4 seasons,but come this Febuary I may change my mind.Always enjoy pictures with a reflection,and with the snow & ice these are very nice indeed.

Soraia said...

Great photos :D

Thanks for the comments (:
My other blog has photos taken by me. If you want to see go there.

S. Etole said...

Each season carries its own beauty.

Rick said...

I guess it hasn't been cold per Alberta standards - only around -5C here so moving water isn't frozen over yet. I agree Darlene about the wood stove - I had envisioned having it on in Florida last week (it got down to 3C one night !).

Thanks Farmchick - I like that saying about nature - so true !

It's true - there's beauty to be found wherever we are ! Thanks for coming by Dawn - it's appreciated !

Rick said...

Dag - min 16 graden !! Dat is zeker koud ! Dan moet ik tegen jou zeggen "don't freeze YOUR butt off !" ;-) Nice to hear that it's having a positive effect on people - een beetje meer geduldig ! Blijf lekker warm.

Bonjour Marty, et merci. Yes, there is beauty in the cold too ;-) And I'm finding it easier to get into the spirit of Christmas now that I'm surrounded by snow (although not too much of it. yet). But I can still send many warm bisous to you !!

Thank you Julia - you've found some too ! ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you Leovi - yes, a myriad different shapes created in nature ! It was a very enjoyable and rewarding excursion.

Thanks Chas - I suppose you're right, after all, how could we make snowmen (or snowwomen ?). A Blessed Christmas also to you and yours Chas !

Ha ha Joseph - yep, like we never even left ! Enjoy your trip to Lithuania - hopefully the weather won't play havoc with your trip.

Rick said...

Ruth - yes, each season has its beauty and winter is no exception. Thanks Ruth - have a Blessed Christmas !

I didn't stray too far from the wood stove other than to go outside a couple of times. Thanks Cat. The weather hasn't been cold enough to freeze the moving water - it's only about 25F here.

Well, I'm not sure excited exactly captures the feeling, but, yes, it's good to be back. for a short while. in familiar surroundings. We're really looking forward to being with friends and family at Christmas. Thanks for your comments Chad - appreciated !

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia. I visited. Do you think you could add a 'Translate' widget ? Thank you.

So true Susan - up to us to 'see' it. Thanks for coming by. I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas !