Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(Day 40) The invader

(this marks day 40 of my goal to complete a 365-day photo project. I'd like to thank the people who visit my site and continue to encourage me. 325 to go !)

It's difficult to do justice to today's subject with a single photo due to its massive size. We were certainly impressed when we 'discovered' a number of specimans on Gasparilla Island. It seems that not everyone is equally impressed since apparently this non-native, virtually indestructible, fast growing 'plant' is also very invasive and will grow in almost any type of medium in the climate zones where it flourishes. This tree is known as a Cuban laurel.

(18-55mm f5.6 1/8 sec ISO200)


lizzynash said...

I was pretty excited to reach "Day 40" as well! Way to go! :) I saw your post on DPS and checked this out, and I am very impressed! I really enjoy your photos and your comments on each! Love the incorporation of scripture as well.. Keep up the good work! Feel free to check out my attempt at photography at www.3-6-5photos.blogspot.com

Bull Rhino said...

That is a beautiful tree, though words like virtually indestructable, invasive, fast growing, can make a person a little nervous. Anyway, it looks like your well on your way for your 365 project. I wish you the very best of luck and I'll be checking back regularly to see how you're doing.


Rick de Zoete said...

Thanks for the encouragement Scott. I visited your site - wonderful photos to give me inspiration and opportunities to learn from someone who has loved photography for as long as you have.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice shot dad! Where did you get the information about that tree?