Friday, February 26, 2010

(Day 57) Signs of spring

We saw the sun today for the first time in about a week, after a major blizzard last night. By noon it had gotten (relatively) mild too, so I went out for a photo shoot. I went down to the St. Lawrence River and saw an early sign of spring - the river ice was already broken up and on its way out to sea. Perhaps that's a harbinger of an early spring ? One can only hope.

(70-200mm  f4  1/4000 sec  ISO200)

looking upriver

(70-200mm  f4  1/4000 sec  ISO200)
ice breakup

(18-55mm  f22  1/50 sec  ISO100)

looking downriver


M. Hassan said...

Thanks God the ice is melting.

Love all the photos and the composition is very good.

Just a little tip.. Try all you can not to place the horizon in the center 1/3 or 3/3 is the ideal place for the horizon, but breaking the rules can sometime be a very good thing to do.

Rick de Zoete said...

@M.Hassan - thanks for the comments. Yes - I'm aware of the horizon 'rule' but couldn't avoid it in either of the 2 photos - the gazebo breaks up the horizon in the first and I used the pine tree in the second to frame the scene and detract from the horizon. I appreciate the constructive criticism.

Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) said...

That looks like a great place to visit - in the summer. I'll bet that gazebo is a popular place from May through September.

Rick de Zoete said...

@Scott - you're absolutely right; the waterfront is usually quite busy then. Had the place all to myself today.